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Cid Randell
Sprite(s) Japanese version of Cid's in-game St. Ivalice sprite Cid's in-game portrait in St. Ivalice Cid's in-game portrait as Judgemaster Cid's in-game St. Ivalice sprite Judgemaster Cid's in-game sprite Judgemaster Cid's in-game sprite, riding a Chocobo
Japanese Shido Randeru
Romaji シド・ランデル
Age n/a
Race Human
Job class Judgemaster
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Yasuyuki Kase
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character
"Judges have absolute power, and that power must not be abused."
—Judgemaster Cid Randell

Judgemaster Cid is Mewt Randell's father from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and in the fantasy world of Ivalice, he is the Judgemaster, leader of the Judges that enforce Ivalice's laws. While he can perform all of the duties of a normal judge, he also has the power to issue Advanced Laws, which can result in a Red Card for a character that takes any action forbidden by the Advanced Law.


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In this artwork Cid is with his wife Remedi and his son Mewt.

In real life, the death of Remedi Randell caused Cid to fall into a drunk stupor. His depression was downplayed in the U.S. version of the game, where Mewt and his friends catch him cringing before his superiors at work. Cid was remade into the Judgemaster because Mewt didn't want him to be a slob. Initially, Cid is hostile toward Marche Radiuju's attempts to revert the world to normal, but upon seeing a vision of the real world following the defeat of Exodus, Cid realizes that his actions are not in Mewt's best interests and resigns from the palace. Cid then helps Marche deal with Llednar Twem, a dark version of Mewt created by Queen Remedi, finally defeating him by wielding one of Ezel Berbier's Anti-Laws against him to enable Marche to harm him.

Although Cid is quite powerful, he has several limits. Despite his ability to use Advanced Laws, he is unable to prevent Ezel Berbier from nullifying those laws with an Anti-Law. In addition, Cid cannot intervene in a battle except to enforce the law, as is made clear when Marche destroys the Exodus Fruit while Cid can only stand aside and wait in case Marche were to break a law doing so, with Babus as his only competition. Finally, Cid cannot stop the characters from changing the laws with Law Cards, or in the case of the Li-Grim by using its Lawshift ability.

As a playable character

When all 300 missions are completed, the first of the Corrupt Judges bonus missions will appear at the pub, Cleanup Time. Before the engagement in Cadoan ensues, Judgemaster Cid will arrive and take the player's side in battle. After completion of the mission, Cid will request to join Clan Nutsy. If dismissed, he can be re-recruited by the mission Cid's Mission. Judgemaster Cid is a Judgemaster, as his name implies. He equips heavy armor and shields, and his weapon of choice is a Knightsword. The Judgemaster's ability set, Advanced Law, surpasses the power of normal Judges. One weakness of Cid is that he does not have any Secondary Action, Reaction, Support, or Combo abilities, and he cannot learn any from any items, Also, he can't be affected with "Haste".


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