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Cid Raines
"My dream is but a fal'Cie's fancy now."
—Cid to Rygdea

Cid Raines is a character-turned antagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. He is voiced in Japanese by Yūichi Nakamura.


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Cid holding Lightning's Blaze Edge

Cid was a l'Cie of Cocoon, with the Focus to protect Cocoon. He began as an Air Force Brigadier under the command of the Sanctum in a division called the Sanctum Guardian Corps, which is based on the warship he commands, the Lindblum. It appears that when Oerba Yun Fang took Snow Villiers into captivity, she brought him to Cid, who unlike most of the Sanctum Officers, greets Snow with a hand in friendship.

Cid's final form during the boss battle

In the Fifth Ark, the party encounters Cid who reveals that he has become a l'Cie. However, Cid is unable to fulfill his focus and transforms into a Cie'th hybrid. He is then fought by the party in a boss battle, then he was crystallized and disintegrated. However, Galenth Dysley eventually revived him to make the catastrophe in Eden, the capital of Cocoon. Rygdea soon found that Cid became Galenth's puppet, and was behind the incident. After Cid tells him that he was now a slave of the fal'Cie, Rygdea shot his former superior.

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  • Although his age is unknown, Cid Raines looks among the youngest Cids to ever appear in the Final Fantasy series, unless one counts Cid from Final Fantasy: Unlimited, who appears to be younger.
  • Cid is 199 cm tall according to the Ultimania Guide. He is the tallest known human in the game after Snow.
  • Cid is one of the few Cids aligned with the antagonist forces, along with Cid Del Norte Marquez, Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, and Cid Randell.
  • Cid's airship is named after the city in Final Fantasy IX.
  • Cid's surname Raines is similar to that of the Final Fantasy VIII character Raine's given name. Raine is believed to be the mother of Squall Leonhart, the protagonist of the same game. Squall also carried a gunblade.
  • Developers have stated that Cid has doubts about the government like Yaag Rosch, and believes that Cocoon should be run by its people instead of the fal'Cie. It has also been said that because of his views of the Sanctum, Cid can be compared to the members of Team Nora, except he handles things in a mature manner while NORA tends to act rashly.

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