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Skin color


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  • Water-breathing humanoids
  • Four-fingered hands
Famous members


The Chuhkyvi were a water-breathing species indigenous to Aquaris. Due to a natural disaster, a benevolent species relocated them to Iskalon, where they became part of the Iskalonian school. Although they adopted the common Iskalonian tongue, they also kept their own language.

In physical appearance, they were similar to the Inleshat, but more Human-like, being the most humanoid Iskalonian species. They had tan skin and four fingers rather than the Inleshat's three. Their eyes were yellow and their noses more pronounced than those of the Inleshat, giving them a keen sense of smell. Like the Inleshat, their vision out of water was poor, but they had excellent hearing due to long, pointed ears. They could not survive out of water for over an hour without a rebreather suit. Their bodies were short but thickly muscled. Of the members of the School, only the Chuhkyvi had the desire to leave their world and explore. They were a spiritual and principled people, ready to defend a cause they knew to be upright.

A prominent Chuhkyvi was Kiro, the hero of Iskalon and the early Alliance of Free Planets. He also studied to be a Jedi at one point.


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