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The chronometer of a Constitution class starship

A chronometer is a devise used to track the passage of time.

Starships use chronometers to keep records of time passing, this can often be useful when something happens to the crew of a ship that causes them to lose track of time. When the USS Enterprise was attacked by the Ngultor consulting the chronometer informed the crew they had been incapacitated for forty-nine minutes. (EV comic: Flesh of My Flesh)

Chronometers of Constitution class starships in the 23rd century featured a bridge readout which displayed the time as a stardate and on a shipboard twenty-four hour clock. (TOS episode: "The Naked Time")

Data had an internal chronometer. While experimenting with non-androids' experiences of passing time, William T. Riker advised Data to turn off his internal chronometer in order to make the simulation more real. (TNG episode: "Timescape")


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This article is about the time-keeping device. You may be looking for the periodical called Chrono.
Chronometers being synchronized
"We'll monitor your progress on these chronometers. Synchronize on my mark. 3…2…1…mark."
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A chronometer, or chrono for short (also referred to as a clock), was a device that measured and kept linear time. They could be found included in most electrical devices, or stand alone versions on walls or desktops and inside starships or vehicles. In ancient times, they existed in the form of pendulum clocks.

Many beings would also carry personal versions for both practical and fashionable reasons: often wrist-worn, these were sometimes described as watches.

Chronos were also frequently integrated into comlinks, life-support systems, computer consoles, and even some weapons.

Chronos could often be set to follow more then one time standard. Military chronos worn by soldiers and officers were often tuned to local time, ships' time (in the case of naval officers and starship crewers) and Galactic Standard Time, which was based on the Coruscant day and hour.

Chronos were a popular target for low-level criminals trying to earn some easy credits. Chronos could be sold at pawn shops for around 60-1000 credits depending on the quality of it.

In his youth Jacen Solo was known for telling several jokes involving a broken chronometer.


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A chronometer is the Star Wars equivalent of clocks and watches.



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This article uses material from the "Chronometer" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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