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Chromedome is an Autobot in the Generation One continuity family.
"You're such a coward Wally!"

(Note: Chromedome is one of those fun characters whose American and Japanese incarnations were very different. See individual fiction entries below for continuity specific profiles.)

Japanese name: Chrome (see below)
Italian name: Duobot
French name (Canada): Chromédome
Hungarian name: Krómpáncél ("Chrome Armor")



Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Chomedome is an academic at heart. He only joined the war effort after the Decepticons destroyed Cybertron's Institute for Higher Programming where he did his work. He's tried to use his skills as a programmer to bring an end to the war, but so far has only succeeded in instigating a programming "arms" race. Something of a classic computer programming nerd, he's often a frustration to his cool and very image-conscious Nebulan Headmaster partner, Stylor.

Chromedome was damaged during the battle with the Matrix-powered Thunderwing aboard the Ark at the end of the Matrix Quest. All Fall Down Afterwards, while being repaired by Fixit, he suggested going on a "Leg Quest" instead (since his own had been torn off). Funny, funny guy. Eye of the Storm!

He was last seen fleeing in terror from Unicron. Whatever happened to him, it couldn't have been worse than what happened to Brainstorm, Hardhead, and Highbrow in the ensuing battle.

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American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Frank Welker (US). Kunihiko Yasui (Japan)

After the Decepticons broke into the Plasma Energy Chamber, unleashing waves of powerful plasma energy, Chromedome was amongst the group of Autobots flung halfway across the galaxy to Nebulos. After a misunderstanding—namely, the Nebulans threatening to detonate magnetic bombs they had attached to the Autobots after their capture—Chromedome willingly became a Headmaster. He presumably joined the rest of the Autobots in celebration after Scorponok was flung into space and a new Golden Age began on Cybertron.

Japanese G1 continuity

Voice actor: Hideyuki Hori

Note: "Chromedome" is the name of the combined small Master robot and the larger transtector vehicle/robot body. When separated from his transtector, Chromedome is called Chrome.

The Headmasters anime

A small, human-sized Transformer from the colony planet Master, Chromedome proved himself enough to be granted a large transtector body, becoming one of the planet's elite Headmaster warriors. Fortress Maximus's second-in-command and field commander, he was charged with leading a crack troop of Headmaster soldiers with about one personality between the four of them. Chromedome was notable for often being the guy in charge and being slightly brasher than the rest of this brash lot. Brasher than Armada's Hot Shot. That's pretty darn brash. Brash. He also picked up romancing Arcee when Rodimus was on walkabout for a new planet and Springer was apparently otherwise occupied.

Chromedome had a long history of animosity with Sixshot, dating back to when Sixshot killed his friend Abel before Chromedome became a Headmaster. Things got worse when Sixshot killed Ultra Magnus. The final straw came when Chromedome was forced to shoot his friend Jack after Sixshot planted a bomb in Jack and reprogrammed him to blow up the Battleship Maximus. He was finally challenged to a one-on-one fight to the death with Sixshot, but they were stopped by Daniel Witwicky, who had managed to open up Sixshot to the idea of aiding the Autobots.

The Headmasters manga

His role is similar to that in the Headmasters animated series. He is portrayed as being more of a leader and inspiration to his troops then his computer nerd counterpart in US comics. His head is a small robot, not an organic Nebulan.

Masterforce anime

Chromedome once relayed information to the Autobot Pretenders on Earth, updating them on his battles in space with Decepticon forces, namely those of MegaZarak, who would become BlackZarak. Birth! Headmaster Jrs

Masterforce manga

Chromedome designs the Transtectors and the Master Suits for the Autobot Headmaster Jrs. Headmaster Jrs Are Born

He shows up and fights along with other Autobots, but both he and Raiden end up getting beaten by Scramble 7. The Battle Begins! The United Troops of Earth and Space He gets beaten again with Brainstorm and several later by BlackZarak. God Ginrai's Amazing Super-God Combination!


Generation One

  • Chromedome w/ Stylor (1987)
Japanese ID number: C-101

Chromedome transforms into a Cybertronic sports coupe of vague origin, though it may be based on the Lamborghini Silhouette due to the similar rear styling. Chromedome is equipped with two non-firing laser rifles which can be mounted in both modes (either in the robot-mode fists or on the rear of the vehicle), and a hood-mounted 'infrared red range-finder' which is the socket for Stylor.

  • Chromedome (Transformers Juniors, 1987?)



  • In The Headmasters anime, Chromedome seems to have a bad habit of making promises to humans that he wounds up unable to keep. During the launch of a sattellite, he promised to keep it safe from the Decepticons. They stole it, then he promised Daniel he would get it back safely. He blew it up. He THEN promised Daniel he would stop the Decepticons from blowing up Mars. By stories end there were suddenly only EIGHT planets in the cosmos. It got the point where his "promise" to do something was a kiss of death, suggesting he was either highly incompetent or just enjoyed screwing around with peoples hopes and dreams.

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