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Real Name
Current Alias

Mitchell Black





Wolfgang Schmidt (father, deceased); Elizabeth Lewis Smith (Schmidt) (mother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
El Paso Formerly: Geneva, Switzerland


6' 2"

205 lbs (93 kg)


Black, Bleached Blonde

Unusual Features
Neck and left arm are tattooed with red flames. Right arm tattooed with the word "Peacemaker" over the whole arm. A red dove is tattooed on the back of his head.


Marital Status

Formerly: Industrialist and philanthropist; President/Chairman of the board, Smith Enterprises Ltd. and Pax Institute; Anti-terrorist troubleshooter


Original Publisher
Charlton Comics

First appearance

Image:Quote1.png I Love Peace. Enough to kill for it. Image:Quote2.png
-- Peacemaker



Christopher Schmidt was born to an Austrian industrialist, Wolfgang Schmidt, and American children's author Elizabeth Lewis in New York City. Though an American citizen, Christopher was raised in his father's homeland of Austria. In 1955 it was revealed that the respected businessman had commanded a Nazi concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Shattered by the ensuing scandal, Wolfgang Schmidt took his own life on Christopher's fifth birthday. Christopher never told anyone how he witnessed his father's suicide, but the incident scarred him deeply for life.

Fleeing from the scandal and sorrow, Elizabeth returned Christopher to America, changing their surname to "Smith" and settling in her native Baltimore. Christopher seemed to accept his father's death, but internally, was a turmoil of fragile emotions. When he eventually broke, Christopher began to have delusions of his father, clad in a jet black SS uniform. This led to aggressive and rebellious behavior, though in spite of this, he was driven into academic and athletic achievement, a troubling paradox to his mother and teachers. His drive came from the idealized fantasy of his father, who, dressed in Nazi regalia, would appear to him in the dark of night to harangue and push him to work harder to be worthy of the Nazi legacy.


Vietnam War

The private conversations never left the boy, and Christopher took his secret companion with him the day he turned 18, presenting himself at the army recruiting station and volunteering for duty in the latter days of the Vietnam conflict. He breezed through basic training, was quickly promoted to sergeant, and was assigned to a tour of duty in Vietnam. Several months into his tour, Smith was involved in an attack on small village thought to harbor enemy guerrillas. When the smoke cleared and the incident was investigated, it was discovered that military intelligence had erred (although Smith was urged by the "voice" of his father) and the village had been full of innocent peasants. Smith, the sergeant of the platoon, was made the scapegoat for the incident and was court-martialed and sentenced to 20 years to life in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

Project: Peacemaker

During her son's internment, Elizabeth Smith died, leaving the entire family fortune to young Christopher. Most of the holdings were in European nations, and Christopher Smith was granted an early release in exchange for his participation in the Pentagon program, Project: Peacemaker, an anti-terrorist operation designed to create a secret military elite to combat terrorism. Christopher eagerly took to the rigorous training in arms, infiltration, demolition, hand-to-hand combat and the piloting of modern military aircraft, all while being pushed by the voice in his head. He excelled in training for the program, but Project: Peacemaker's funding was cut before it was completed. Its New Mexico facilities were deactivated, but through a bureaucratic snafu, Christopher was given his freedom.

With his mother dead, Christopher saw no need to return to America, and headed to Austria to assume control of his father's business empire. He next surfaced in Switzerland as the young millionaire playboy. Feeling that warfare had ruined his life, he dissolved Schmidt Munitions and converted the business to manufacturing household appliances. Christopher also founded the Pax Institute, a Geneva, Switzerland organization dedicated to the pursuit of peace and caring for the victims of warfare, himself becoming chairman. From this, he moved to idealizing the Peacemaker concept, starting his own Project: Peacemaker, with himself as the self-appointed peacekeeper. As Christopher Smith he would combat war as an international ambassador for negotiation. He could also wage war against war under the mask of Peacemaker, a high-tech warrior.

Thus was born the one-man peace force. As Peacemaker he was urged on by his "father" to wage an unrelenting war on those who threatened the world's security. He loved peace so much, he was willing to kill for it.

Though he proved a relentless and efficient weapon, the man behind the Peacemaker's helmet was still very disturbed, seeing visions of his father's ghost. As time passed, he began to believe that the souls of those who died around him during acts of terrorism were taking up residence in his helmet, where they would speak to him, demanding justice!

He teamed up with the original Blue Beetle on at least one occasion fighting robots.

Agent of the State

Eventually, a top-secret U.S. intelligence agency run by Col. Valentina Vostok (Negative Woman) discovered Smith's alter ego and recruited him to work for her Agency. She threatened to make him serve the rest of his prison sentence unless he joined the Agency. He consented and Peacemaker was absorbed into the Agency, with Vostok assigning him a full-time "keeper", psychiatrist Dr. Bridgette D'Abo, to help resolve his obvious psychological problems. Though he deeply confides in D'Abo, he has never revealed to her the existence of Wolfgang's voice, or the voices of those he's killed residing in his helmet.

Vostok's alliance proved short lived as Peacemaker's fragile mental state shattered and he turned renegade. After several encounters with the second Vigilante, Peacemaker's insane rampage was halted and he was taken into custody by Vostok's Agency.

Peacemaker then concentrated more on fighting terrorism mainly in Europe. The Agency disbanded and then became Checkmate. Peacemaker worked for them yet again, only this time under the command of Harry Stein. Finally, he was recruited to join the Shadow Fighters, put together by Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad. The mission was to attack Parador, a South American country taken over by Eclipso, and rescue a little girl. The mission was a failure. The girl died and all of the Shadow Fighters (including Chistopher) were confirmed to be Killed In Action.

What became of Christopher Smith at this point is unrevealed. Some say Christopher led a team of villains called the League Busters to stop the Justice League's attack on the Overmaster wearing a new helmet and costume.

One Year Later

Peacemaker's new look
Christopher stumbled at Kha-Ef-Re's tomb when he was fighting Intergang.

He discovered some alien tech belonging to the Reach. He courageously downloaded the Reach's infiltrator program into his mind. After seeing the horrible images of what an infiltrator could do, he set out to El Paso to see the person the programming was meant for Jaime Reyes.


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Peacemaker, Checkmate, Suicide Squad

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