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Christopher Mackenzie was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. He was most famed for commanding the USS Daedalus from 2376 to 2379, and later Pharos Station for much of the 2380s. (Star Trek: Daedalus)


Early life

Born on January 12 2335, Christopher Scott Mackenzie was the eldest son of business entrepreuner and freigher captain, Terrance Mackenzie and his engineer wife, Janette. Mackenzie's brother, David, was born three years later.

In the three years leading up to David's birth, baby Mackenzie spent most of his time aboard one of the family's six freighters were he was either cared for by his father or mother depending on the assignment. Following David's birth, Janette decided to take her children off of the freighters and decided to take a more managerial post at the Mackenzie Freighter Company's headquarters on Cestus III.

The move proved to be an excellent one, because Chris and David could enjoy the wide open spaces and fresh air that could be afforded on a planet's surface, rather than the stale environment of a freighter. As the two boys grew older, they both became keen sportsmen and developed an interest in the old Earth sport, baseball. Unfortunately, the sporting interest also brought out a rivalry between the Mackenzie brothers and inevitable fights ensued.

As he entered his teenage years, Mackenzie took an interest in the family business and would often lobby for his father to take him out on one of his cargo runs. Despite initial concern, Terrance bowed to his sons pressure and took him out on his first cargo run to Hraus VII. It was during this mission that Chris encountered his first ever Klingon, and the encounters scared him so much he didn't go out on another run with his father for three years. ("...Old Enemies", "Enlightenment", et al.)

Starfleet Academy

Although he was interested in the traveling into space and encountering wonderous sights and fascinating new aliens, he knew he wouldn't find wonder serving aboard one of his freighters. Therefore, at the age of 18 (2353), Mackenzie decided to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, Scott Mackenzie, and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. As time progressed at the Academy he began to show great progress in the areas of command and tactical training, and was tipped as being a potential "hot shot" by his instructors. However, he also had a small problem with discipline and seemed to show a lack of respect for the bulk of the teaching faculty.

The one instructor at the Academy that Mackenzie did develop a deep respect, and later deep friendship, for was, Doctor James Maxwell. Maxwell was one of the youngest instructors at the Academy who was teaching field medicine, and after some initial friction between Mackenzie and Maxwell, managed to connect to the student and took him under his wing. ("Enlightenment", "Class of '57")

Mackenzie finally graduated in the 98th percentile in 2357 and was assigned to the USS Republic as a junior tactical officer.



Early career


The Enterprise Years

Tactical advisor

The Daedalus


In mid-2389, Mackenzie was briefly captured and replaced by an android replica in Colonel Green's scheme to replace major Federation leaders. (Star Trek: Unity: "Double Jeopardy")

Personal interests


Mackenzie held a keen interest in studying history, both family history and Federation history. Mackenzie was working on a family tree which would hopefully track his family back for numerous generations, although by the early 2380s, he had only tracked it back ten generations. ("The Captain's Table: Living Legends")

His keen interest in all things historical led him to request the assignment of his old friend and mentor, Anthony Schama, to the USS Daedalus, shortly after he assumed command. ("Enlightenment")


Mackenzie was mostly interested history-related literature, most notably the works of Dandridge, or biographical texts. His interests in biographical texts came at an early age, when his grandfather brought him a copy of Best Destiny for his eighth birthday. ("Enlightenment", "Starman")

As a child though, Mackenzie was also a fan of adventure-type novels, such as the works of Itaka Sulu. In 2376, Mackenzie was reading Sulu's Fire in Frost for the "hundredth time". ("Enlightenment")


Mackenzie had a rather eclectic taste in music, and his musical choices would often depend on his mood. During his assignment aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the 2360s, Mackenzie developed an interest in Klingon opera thanks to his senior officer, Lieutenant Worf. ("War Stories")

When attempting to relax in his quarters, Mackenzie would often listen to easy going classical music or jazz, again, depending on his mood at the time. His favorite piece of music to listen to while working in his ready room was "The Flower Duet" from the opera, Lakmé. ("...Old Enemies", "Enlightenment")

Despite his varied taste in music, Mackenzie always professed that he couldn't play any type of musical instrument (including the triangle or spoons), which he continued to drop during music classes at school. ("You Can't Always Get What You Want")

Personal relationships


Montgomery Andoh


Siram Elbry

Mackenzie first met Betazoid counselor, Siram Elbry, in 2369 following the enquiry into the Madrid disaster at Starbase 375. Although Mackenzie had received some counseling from Deanna Troi aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Mackenzie failed to open up to her, so she contacted Elbry and asked her to counsel him. However, Mackenzie again refused to open up to Elbry during their standard counseling sessions and they both agreed that it was a waste of time.

Elbry refused to give up however and at the first opportunity whisked Mackenzie away to the station's bar where they played poker and traded stories over a few drinks. Over the next few sessions, they repeated the same exercises and she finally got Mackenzie to open up. It was shortly after, that Elbry advised Mackenzie to seek some time out from Starfleet.

When Mackenzie eventually returned to Starfleet completely and assumed command of the Daedalus in 2376, he stated that Elbry would be his one and only choice for counselor because she could: "drink me under the table, and has one hell of a poker face". ("New Frontiers..."; "Enlightenment")

Eugene Hall

James Maxwell


Anthony Schama

Service jacket


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