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Christian is Jacob's nemesis

Jacob's nemesis took Christian's appearance and memories as he did with John Locke's. He used Christian as a means to further his ultimate goal of killing Jacob. That is why he told John Locke he must die, because that was the only way he could become him.

  • It is impossible to ignore the fact that Christian's body came to island in a coffin, in the exact same way John Locke's body did (wearing Christian's shoes, no less).
  • However, Christian's body was missing from the coffin. John Locke's body is still present physically. If we assume Yemi's appearances to Eko were manifestations of the smoke monster/Jacob's nemesis, it is worthwhile to note that Yemi's body was still in the small plane that he crashed on the island in.
  • When Jack is visited by Christian, he is drawn out of his office by a beeping smoke detector in the lobby where he hears his father call his name (Something Nice Back Home). This may be a clue that Christian is linked to the Smoke Monster, who is also believed to be linked to Jacob's nemesis.
    • How are Jacob's nemesis's purposes served by Christian's actions? From the little that we've seen, Jacob's nemesis is only interested in one thing - killing Jacob as fast as he can, as evidenced by how "John Locke" pushed Richard to show him where Jacob lives. Christian, on the other hand, has shown interest and concern for other people, like Sun (otherwise why would he show her what had happened to her husband) or Michael (whom he released from his debt).
      • Christian, like Jacob's nemesis as Locke, made Sun believe that he wanted to help Sun find Jin. As with Locke, this is most likely not the case. Christian, who is Jacob's nemesis, needs Sun for part of his overall plan. This is why Christian told Sun and Frank to wait for "Locke." Why would Christian have the two meet an impostor who wants to kill Jacob if he is speaking on Jacob's behalf? Wouldn't he at least warn them, since Jacob could tell the impostor from the real Locke? Additionally, Christian confirmed to Locke that he had to die in "This Place is Death." This was so he could take Locke's form after setting him up as a faux leader of the Others through time travel, which only occurred because Christian told Locke to move the Island. Christian/Jacob's nemesis knew that Ben would turn the wheel, causing the Island to skip through time and this allowed Locke to make himself important and find out he "had" to die from Richard and Christian.
  • Maybe only some of Christian's appearances are as Jacob's nemesis in his form, while others are his actual spirit. There is evidence of this. One Christian leads Locke to his death by making him leave the Island, meaning that this is likely Jacob's nemesis. However, dead Charlie relays a message through Hurley to Jack that he will receive a visitor who turns out to be Christian. This is likely the real Christian as Jacob described Hurley as blessed.
  • Christian may have already died long before his body was discovered, and Jacob's nemesis had already taken on his form when he met both Ana Lucia and Sawyer.
    • Counter-evidence: The mobisode So It Begins is canon to LOST, and if Christian was Jacob's nemesis why would he say to Vincent "I need you to go find my son"? Also, he said to Locke before he turned the wheel back on track, "Say hello to my son." Christian is a manifestation of himself. No one is taking over Christian's image but Christian himself. He is a "ghost" with limited physical contact with objects. Ghosts in theory need some form of energy to manifest in order to move objects or to visually appear. This energy can be thermal, electrical, or audible. Since the Island has a huge amount of electromagnetism, unlike any other place on Earth, then it would be easier for a ghost (Christian) to manifest into himself from spirit into the apparitions we see.
      • Jacob's nemesis can take the memories and the personalities of those forms he takes (as shown with Locke). With Yemi, who was likely also Jacob's nemesis, he was somewhat friendly and brotherly to Eko until he was to confess his sins. When Eko failed his Island test (and chance to be manipulated by Jacob's nemesis), "Yemi" dropped the act and scolded Eko for addressing him as his brother. Asking Vincent to go to "his son" is merely a merging of the personality that Jacob's nemesis had stolen and his own plans. Telling Locke to say "Hello to my son" was a key component of Jack losing it and going on planes hoping to return to the Island, as he had been seeing visions of his father at the time too.
  • The Nemesis is repelled by the circles of ash. Christian appears in the cabin. Ilana's team discovers that the circle of ash around the cabin is broken, i.e. to enable the Nemesis to enter.
    • It's the other way around. The Nemesis cannot cross the ash, which means that if The Nemesis is inside a circle of ash, it prevents him from leaving, and if he is outside of the ash it prevents him from entering. Bram employs this tactic when he is confronted by the Nemesis, as do the denizens of the Temple. Additionally, Jacob himself never appeared inside the cabin (even though Ben claimed that he did, he later confided that he had never met Jacob to fake Locke). Jacob has never appeared as anyone but himself, whereas The Nemesis has clearly assumed the identity of others (especially those who are already dead when they arrive at the island). Thus, the cabin was actually the home of the Nemesis, and the broken line of ash is what allowed him to escape.
      • But that doesn't fit with the fact that we've been constantly seeing the Nemesis in the form of the smoke monster for the whole series, including in 1988 or 89 with Rousseau's team. One would think that it would be no surprise that the circle was broken if the monster was loose for so long before Ilana got there and it was really being contained in the cabin.

Jacob can also take the form of dead people, Christian Shepard. The circle of ash around the cabin is to keep the Nemesis out of the cabin.

Three Christians

There are three different Christians;
(1) Christian: the dead one from Sydney
(2) "Christian": the apparition on the Island
(3) Jack's hallucination of the former out of guilt over not intervening to help his father before he died.

Evidence for Christians 1, 2 and 3:

  • 1), 2) & 3) According to the producers, there is no literal resurrection of the dead on the island.
  • 1) We know Christian is dead, he was in the morgue in Sydney.
  • 2) When "Christian" is seen on the island by people who did not know Christian Shephard in life (e.g. Locke, Hurley, Miles), this is evidence that "Christian" is somehow an apparition that exists independent of the memories that anyone has of him.
    • Counter-evidence for 2) Unlike the Yemi-apparition that admitted not to be Yemi, Christian asked Locke to "say hi to his son" at the end of "This Place is Death" which means that he actually is Christian Shephard. Otherwise Christian's request would have no relevance to the storyline at all since Locke doesn't even know who he is talking about.
  • One of the "Christians" we have seen is Jacob's agent or Jacob himself. It may yet be shown that Jacob either possesses the power to actually resurrect humans from death (his encounter with Locke after his fall in "The Incident" hints at this possibility), or to a lesser degree, can also create his own apparitions like the Smoke Monster (Jacob's nemesis?). This can also be denoted further in accounting for Christian's appearance when dressed in the suit and shoes he was to be buried in, it was either a Smoke Monster apparition or Jack hallucinating, assuming that the "look" and "physical substance" of the Smoke Monster apparitions are limited by the amount of information it can casually observe or "download" from a living person's memories (See more about this in Smoke Monster Theories). Whereas, when we see Christian dressed more casually (dress shirt and slacks), it is an apparition created by an entity which had greater contact with the eventual host. This will be further substantiated if we find that Jacob had some sort of contact with Christian Shephard, off-Island, before Christian's death.
  • Christian in suit doesn't physically interact with people unlike Christian in jumpsuit(interation with Sun and Frank) or black dress shirt(holding Aaron). So there is a split in apparitions, the physical apparition is Nemisis and the spirit apparition is either Jacob or actual spirit of Christian.
    • The apparition of Christian is not Jacob, but Jacob's nemesis. Note that, for example, "resurrected" Locke and Christian never appear together.
  • 1) / 3) He's dead and the fact that Jack mentions him being alive more than once is a plot element used by the writers to convince you it is indeed a flashback instead of revealing too early that it is a flashforward in Through the looking glass. Jack was obviously drunk in the scenes where he mentions his father Through the looking Glass, and so would not be in his right mind.
    • The writers make this aspect of the show confusing on purpose, mixing dreams, visions, and hallucinations of the same characters. However, if you watch carefully, characters will often specify a reason for why they see apparitions (e.g. stress, dehydration, lack of sleep). The only way to be sure an apparition is "real" in any sense is if that character is confirmed by another character who does not have a history with the person appearing as the apparition (e.g. when Sawyer confirms that Kate's vision of the black horse is real, or when Locke sees Christian in Cabin Fever).

Christian's Body

  • Polar bears came and took the body.
    • A polar bear couldn't have opened the coffin without damaging it, nor would it have moved the cover rock back over the plane's hatch.
      • We've learned that the polar bears on the Island are incredibly intelligent. Most suspect that the polar bears turn the donkey wheel, and also Tom tells Sawyer that the bears figured out the cage trick to get food.
  • The Others stole the body.
  • The body was taken by the Smoke Monster so that it could be used against Jack and other people.
  • Jacob is an disembodied consciousness that needs a body to inhabit in order to appear to the survivors. Having been encased in the coffin, Christian's already embalmed corpse would be a good choice. When Christian says that he speaks on Jacob's behalf, he means this because he IS Jacob, but living within the body of Christian Shephard.
    • Interesting, but then why does he need to appear in the form we think of as 'Jacob' in addition to appearing as Christian?
    • If that's the case then that means Jacob can teleport - from the Island to Kahana, from the Island to underground (frozen tunnels, time when there wasn't Orchid station nor the well). And also: why did he lied that he's not Jacob? It was said very clearly in "Cabin Fever" - Locke asked "are you Jacob?" and Christian answered "no, but I can speak on his behalf".

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