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Little Chrissy singing "You're Alive."
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Little Chrissy is the lead singer and piano player for Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats. His voice is performed by Christopher Cerf, and was named after him, who wrote most of the character's songs. Jim Henson usually performed the actual puppet until his death in 1990.[1] Another performer performed the puppet afterwards.

Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats first appeared on Sesame Street in 1973, performing the song "Count it Higher." Other songs featuring Little Chrissy include "Exit," "The Opposite Song," "Raise Your Hand," "You're Alive," "Rock 'N Roll Readers," "Eight Balls of Fur," and "Go, Baby, Go!" His most recent appearance occurred in Season 30, acting as piano accompanist to Patti LaBelle's rendition of "Gospel Alphabet."

Little Chrissy has occasionally performed without the Alphabeats, in songs such as "Eight Balls of Fur" and "Raise Your Hand," and he is seen in the audience of The Amazing Mumford's magic act in the storybook, The Amazing Mumford Presents the Magic Weather Show.


Little Chrissy has also been called Chris and Chrissy. Times when he has been called Little Chrissy include the following:

Times when he has been called Chris include the following:

  • Born to Add: the album credits on the original release.
  • Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street: in the Count's introduction to the song "Count it Higher."

Times when he has been called Chrissy include the following:

  • Born to Add: credits for the re-release.
  • Rock & Roll: mentioned by Gina, and also referred to by this name in the video description on the back of the box.
  • "Gospel Alphabet": Patti LaBelle called him Chrissy.

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  1. Cerf, Christopher Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music booklet, p. 12

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From The Vault

Fallout 1 and 2 characters project
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race: Human
affiliation: Squatters (Fallout 2)
New California Republic (Van Buren)
role: Squatter (Fallout 2)
Soldier (Van Buren)
location: Vault 15
family: Rebecca Mom
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Rescue Chrissy
derived stats: 25 Hit Points
dialogue file: Bccrissy.msg
actor: None

Christina "Chrissy" Royce is, in 2241, a young girl living in the squat above Vault 15 with her mother, Rebecca. She is nosy and a bit of a tomboy, extremely hot-headed, and always ready to shoot off a good swift kick at anyone who tries to take advantage of her. She is a pretty young woman looking confident and able to handle herself in a fight.

Shortly before the Chosen One comes by the squat on a quest for the NCR, Chrissy is kidnapped by the New Khans raiders currently occupying the Vault when she sees some things she isn't supposed to see.

The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Christina Royce later becomes a Corporal in the NCR military and can join the Prisoner's party[1].

Appearance in games

  • Chrissy shows up in Fallout 2 as young girl. In Van Buren she was planned to be a follower.

Behind the scenes

She was also named after an Uzi-toting mercenary from Wasteland.


  1. Refered as some example for Denver at Blackfoot design document, but absent at design documents for Hoover Dam, Denver and other van Buren locations (it is unknown for Fort Abandon design document, not present or mentioned at the Grand Canyon dialogue files also)
Vault 15

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From Lostpedia

Portrayed by
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Oceanic Airlines ticket agent
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Chrissy was an Oceanic Airlines Ticket Agent at the airport in Sydney.

Jack had an argument with her at the ticket gate. He wanted to bring his deceased father and his coffin on plane but she would not allow him to do so without the proper documentation. Eventually she allowed Jack to have the coffin on the flight. ("White Rabbit")

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