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Chocolate was a form of confectionery enjoyed by Humans.

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Chocolate is an edible foodstuff with a rich flavor. Besides the domestic chocolate made from cocoa native to Earth, different varieties of chocolate have been known to be cultivated in otherworldly forms. (ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

Geordi La Forge had an exceptional chocolate ice cream sundae while at Farpoint Station's soda fountain. Eerily, it was exactly accurate to a sundae from his childhood. (TNG novelization: Encounter at Farpoint)

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  • sweet dark chocolate
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Chocolate (help·info) (see below for etymology) describes a number of raw and processed foods that originate from the tropical cacao tree. It is a common ingredient in many kinds of sweets, chocolate candy, ice creams, cookies, cakes, pies, and desserts. It is one of the most popular flavours in the world.

Chocolate is made from the fermented, roasted, and toasted beans taken from the pod of the tropical cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, which was native to South America, but is now cultivated throughout the tropics. The beans have an intensely flavoured bitter taste. The resulting products are known as "chocolate" or, in some parts of the world, cocoa.

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Chocolate bar

A Chocolate bar is a food that heals 3 hitpoints when consumed[1]. However, it is mainly used as an ingredient in Cooking and as a secondary ingredient for potions in Herblore.

Interestingly, chocolate bars are inconsistent with RuneScape's usual historical setting in the medieval or renaissance periods. Solid chocolate bars for eating did not appear until the 19th century - the first modern chocolate bar was available from 1847[2][3].



Players can mix the chocolate bar with milk, producing chocolatey milk which is drinkable, heals 4 hitpoints, and has a level 4 Cooking requirement. It gives no Cooking experience[4].

The chocolatey milk can further be mixed into hangover cure, by using a snape grass with it, but doing so gives no Cooking experience. The hangover cure is a quest item for the Plague City quest and the Mudskipper point Mogre miniquest.

Further, a chocolate bar may be added to a cake to produce a chocolate cake, giving 30 cooking experience. It is also an ingredient in the Chocchip crunchies.

Chocolate bars are also a good way to acquire money for free-to-play players.

As chocolate dust

Main article: Chocolate dust

Players can turn a chocolate bar into chocolate dust by grinding with in a pestle and mortar (Members) or knife. They can then add the chocolate dust (or a chocolate bar) to a cake to make a chocolate cake. This is also a slow, yet effective way of making money via the Grand Exchange.[5]. Members can make an energy potion by combining harralander in a vial of water and then adding chocolate dust[6].

Obtaining chocolate bars

Players cannot make chocolate bars by any method. They spawn in the Cooks' Guild and in Zanaris. Alternatively, players can buy them from Heckel Funch's Fine Groceries in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, from the Culinaromancer's Chest (which contains a bank in the same chest), from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim, from the Ardougne Bakery Stalls in East Ardougne or from Rok's Chocs Box in Nardah (which is also very close to a bank). It can also be obtained in the Sandwich Lady random event


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Chocolate or chokolate was a sweet food. It could be eaten on its own, or used as an ingredient in beverages such as hot chocolate, or in desserts such as cake, ladybabies and white-chocolate bread pudding.

Sometimes, the word "chocolate" used alone actually referred to the spice drink hot chocolate.

Variations included Trammistan chocolate.

After the Yuuzhan Vong War, chocolate became a rarity, because the Yuuzhan Vong had re-shaped seven of the eight planets that were home to the plant that produced the pods that were used to make it.


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