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The Chocobo Sage with Cloud.

The Chocobo Sage is a character in Final Fantasy VII. He lives in a cabin hidden in the mountains of the Northern Continent that can only be reached by airship or a Green, Black, or Gold Chocobo. He keeps a Green Chocobo in a stable in his cabin which gives you the Enemy Skill Materia. Although when the character asks about it, he says he does not remember having it. He also sells a few nuts and greens to the character. Chocobo Sage's appearance is bizarre, with the same bulbous purple body, long white beard, purple hat, and purple tail as the ancients in the Temple of the Ancients. Chole seems to admire him.


The Chocobo Sage's House on the World Map.

Chocobo Sage gives advice on how to breed special Chocobos. He only tells the character one bit of advice at a time. He says the information once before he forgets it again, which makes it difficult to get the information in a reasonable amount of time. After he is done giving you all the advice, it is revealed how to breed the Mountain, River, Mountain-River, and Gold Chocobos.


The Sage runs a store that sells Chocobo merchandise.

General Store

Name Cost
Porov Nut 2,000 gil
Pram Nut 2,500 gil
Sylkis Green 5,000 gil
Reagan Greens 3,000 gil

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