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The entrance to the Ranch, the former location of the Monster Arena.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Clasko attempts to find his calling by opening a Chocobo Ranch at the site of the former Monster Arena in the Calm Lands. However, Clasko is horrified to discover that the site is infested with Fiends, he soon asks the Gullwings to clear out the Ranch for him. However, Clasko soon realises that he cannot have a Ranch without any Chocobos.

To begin raising Chocobos on the Ranch the player must first complete the "Clean Sweep" optional mission in the Calm Lands. Clasko will then explain how to catch Chocobos and give the player 21 Gysahl Greens and 31 Pahsana Greens, when used on a lone Chocobo in battle they can be sent to the Ranch. Chocobos appear in random locations throughout Spira, with the exception of Luca, Mi'ihen Highroad, Bevelle, Mushroom Rock, Mt. Gagazet, Macalania and Zanarkand. The player must defeat all othe fiends in battle to capture a Chocobo, they are often timid and prone to running away, greens are used to prolong their time in battle. It is possible for the birds to attack the player.

Clasko will only have room for fourteen Chocobos and any extra ones caught will be realeased. Of the fourteen Chocobos four are Choco-Runners and ten are Choco-Reserves. Each animal has different attributes:

  • Level - detirmines the type of items the bird will bring back.
  • Nature - There are timid, bold and normal Chocobos.
  • Heart - Influences the chance the bird will flee and the number of items it will return with.
  • Max Level - Diplayed from Chapter five onwards by talking to the Chocobo directly. The number indicates to what extent you can develope the bird by feeding it greens.

After dispatching the chocobo to a certain location YRP must participate in seven battles away from the Clam Lands before it will return. By dispatching a level four or five Chocobo the the Mi'ihen Highroad it is possible to gain access to the Fiend Colony.

In the Cave Ruins it is possible to catch the Amazing Chocobo which can find better items, won't run away and returns after twenty two battles. The Cave Ruins can only be accessed after three successful hunts with a Chocobo of each level and all Choco-Runners must be level five.

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