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A standard gameplay of Chocobo Hot and Cold.

Chocobo Hot and Cold is the biggest sidequest in Final Fantasy IX. It involves a mini-game part and a treasure hunt part.


Chocobo Hot and Cold

To start the sidequest, the player must use Gysahl Greens in an area with Chocobo tracks. Choco will then come. If the player rides into Chocobo Forest on the Mist Continent, a Moogle named Mene will allow Zidane to use Choco to dig in the ground, to find items, and Chocographs, both of which will earn the player points, which the player can spend on various items. It normally costs 60 gil to play the game and you get 60 seconds to search for items; the exception is playing at Chocobo's Lagoon before obtaining the Sea abilty; then only half of the area will be available, and you can spend 30 gil for 30 seconds of searching.


Whenever the player digs up a Chocograph, the player can use it to find treasures on the world map, with the aid of three things: the picture on the Chocograph, the name of the Chocograph, and a hint is also given away by the Help-Moogle by pressing Select. The first chocograph you get will always be "Streamside" and will be called "Stone with Patterns", then Mene will explain what it is. Each following chocograph will be called a chocograph. Certain treasures require certain skills to obtain.


Chocograph Pieces

Chocograph Pieces are stones that gives the player a hint as to the various places where Chocobo's Air Garden floats on the world map.

List of Chocographs, along with when and where they can be found:

  • Streamside - Forest Disc 1. Will always be your first chocograph.
  • Between Mountains - Forest Disc 1
  • Uncultivated Land - Forest Disc 1.
  • Healing Shore - Forest Disc 1
  • Abandoned Beach - Forest Disc 1
  • Cold Field - Forest Disc 1
  • Forgotten Lagoon - Lagoon after Blue Narciss obtained
  • Faraway Lagoon - Forest Disc 1
  • Abandoned Lagoon - Lagoon after Blue Narciss Obtained
  • Bird's eye lagoon - Forest Disc 1
  • Small Beach - Forest Disc 1
  • Dawn Lagoon - Lagoon after Blue Narciss Obtained
  • Forbidden Forest - Forest Disc 2 after getting Reef Chocobo
  • Green Plains - Forest Disc 2 after getting Mountain Chocobo
  • Dusk Plains - Lagoon after Blue Narciss Obtained
  • Forgotten Plains - Forest after Blue Narciss obtained
  • Sea At Dusk - Lagoon after Sea Chocobo obtained
  • Ocean - Lagoon after Sea Chocobo obtained
  • Cold Lagoon - Forest after Blue Narciss obtained
  • Mist Ocean - obtained with all 6 chocograph pieces
  • Outer Island - Aerial Garden
  • Outer Island 2 - Lagoon after Sea Chocobo obtained
  • Fairy Island - Aerial Garden
  • Forgotten Island - Aerial Garden
  • Chocograph Piece 1 - Forest Disc 1
  • Chocograph Piece 2 - Forest Disc 2
  • Chocograph Piece 3 - Forest OR Lagoon after Blue Narciss obtained (note - will only be in one or the other)
  • Chocograph Piece 4 - Lagoon after Blue Narciss obtained
  • Chocograph Piece 5 - Lagoon after Hilda Garde 3 + Sea Chocobo obtained
  • Chocograph Piece 6 - Lagoon after Hilda Garde 3 + Sea Chocobo obtained

Hidden Treasures

There are also hidden treasures on the world map, that have to be found to complete the sidequest. The player has to use Dead Peppers to uncover these, which are found beneath foaming water and in cracked mountain walls. There is also one hidden treasure that only appears after the completion of disc 3, which contains Zidane's Ultima Weapon.


Choco can gain Beak levels while playing Chocobo Hot and Cold, which makes it easier to dig. The formula for the depth that is subtracted is:

Forest: Beak Level + 6

Lagoon: math

Air Garden: math

Also, some Chocograph treasures may contain gas that sends Choco into Chocobo's Dream World, where can change his color, and learn a new ability (example, Red Choco can cross Mountains, Blue Choco can cross shallow waters). Choco is told that he can go to Chocobo's Paradise if he helps Zidane uncover all treasures.

Dead Pepper

After unlocking the second dig spot, Chocobo's Lagoon, the player can obtain Dead Peppers, an exotic pepper plant that Chocobos are fond of. These all have an effect when used in the field. When used when Choco is on land, Choco pecks furiously and can uncover hidden caves. When used in water, Choco can dive. When used in air, Choco can fly up to Chocobo's Air Garden.


You can dig up other treasures as well as chocographs which give points which can be used to buy other equipment:

Item Points
Gysahl Greens 1
Chocograph 10 + 5
Stone with patterns (chocograph) 25
Chocograph piece 15 + 5
Antidote 1
Potion 1
Hi Potion 4
Ore 2
Echo Screen 1
Remedy 4
Annoyntment 1
Soft 1
Eye Drops 1
Phoenix Pinion 2
Pinwheel 15
Ether 8
Elixir 12
50 gil 1
200 gil 2
500 gil 4
1000 gil 8
10000 gil 16
Wing Edge 16
Extension 32
Reflect Ring 32

These values change depending on where you dig. These values are from Chocobo's Forest. Item point values are doubled in Chocobo's Lagoon and tripled in Chocobo's Air Garden. The +5s for chocographs and chocograph pieces are not affected by this, however.

Note that Wing Edges, Extensions and Reflect Rings are extremely rare. There are probably many other ultra-rare loot items that are not contained in this list. Dead Peppers cannot be obtained until you obtain a mountain chocobo. Reflect ring may not be obtainable at first either.

Extra Points

If you manage to find four items within the time limit, Mene will reward you with an additional ten seconds on the clock and all subsequent points will be doubled. An exception exists for Chocobo's Lagoon before the Sea ability is obtained; in that case, the game will end after four items.

A further five points are available for finding an item within 5 seconds of finding the previous one. This bonus may also be subjected to the time and area multipliers.

It is not permitted to find more than eight items (four at the Lagoon before Sea); if you reach this limit within the time limit, Mene will complain that you're driving him out of business and your remaining time will be exchanged for bonus points according to the following formulas.

Forest: math

Lagoon: math

Air Garden: math

(These formulas may vary with Choco color; these were all determined from a Gold Chocobo.)

How to spend your points

Points can be exchanged for items according to this list:

Item Points required
Robe of Lords 10,000
Protect Ring 8,500
Wing Edge 3,500
Viltgance card 1,800
Ether 450
Ore 250
Phoenix Down 150
Gysahl Greens 10


  • The treasure always appears somewhere at random after you've dug once, so if you have any way of quicksaving right after the first peck, you can quickload and find the treasure easily within 5 seconds with a few tries.
  • If you are playing Final Fantasy IX on an emulator such as ePSXe, there is a way to cheat at the game. Right after you have control of Choco, peck and save the state, then spend your time looking for the treasure. Once you found it, load state and it'll be in the same place. After receiving the item, peck again, save state, find the treasure, and load state once you've found it. This is the only way to guarantee where treasure will be found.

Advanced Tactics

This is a set of strategies for players who already know how to play chocobo hot and cold, and want to boost their limit bonuses by a second or two every few games.

But first off; Where is best for getting good points?

  • The best place is in Chocobo's forest with a level 99 plain or reef chocobo. With this, you should be able to get limit bonus in most games (about 65-70%). As the limit bonus in the forest is double that of the lagoon, this makes this the quickest method of accumulating points.
  • If you have got a mountain chocobo then it is recommended that you upgrade it to a sea chocobo as fast as possible. This is done using the Green Plains chocograph, which is found in Chocobo's forest. This is because when you get a mountain chocobo, two new areas are unlocked in the Chocobo's forest. These take 0.8 seconds to climb up to AND to climb down from. If you are digging around their base you can accidentally climb up one, as you climb them using X or Square. Furthermore, you cannot detect items that are at the top from underneath, or vice versa. Also, it is almost impossible to get a limit bonus in the lagoon with a mountain chocobo - you have to find an item every 5 seconds in order to do so!
  • When you get a Sea chocobo, the lagoon becomes a good source of points as you finally get the full 60 seconds, and at only a slight increase in time to search the area. This makes this better than the forest. You should get a limit bonus about 85% of the time.
  • Tempting though the 200 points limit bonus may look, do NOT switch to the Aerial garden when you get a sky chocobo. This is ONLY useful for getting the 3 chocographs there. It takes a huge amount of luck to get limit bonus there - roughly 2% of your games will give you one.

Advanced Tactics:


  • Start off by stepping slightly forward. Don't go too far, though. This increases the area you can detect an item from with your first dig.


  • Start off by digging right where you are, then if nothing is spotted head into the main area. Bear in mind that it is just about possible for an item to be just outside the area you can detect along the entrance path. However, this is rare enough to make it worth the risk rather than losing a second or two if it isn't there.

Aerial Garden:

  • Only travel across if you are CERTAIN that the item is not in the island you are on. Bear in mind that the path on the second island does branch. It takes 7-8 seconds to travel from one island to the other at max speed.
  • There is never anything hidden in Ozma's corner of the island, so there is no need to waste time searching there. Likewise, it is extremely rare to find anything on the thin bridge between the left and right sides of the front island.

All Areas:

  • When searching for hints of an item, travel as far as possible without you being able to miss it. Digging takes quite a long time (about 0.7 seconds), so you want to minimise the number of digs you make to find the right area. The Lagoon can be covered in 4 digs; the Lagoon in 5 and the Garden in 11 (if you are unlucky) - 5 for the front island and 6 for the back one.
  • If you are forced to backtrack (for example if your last item was in the middle of the lagoon or forest and you went the wrong way), do NOT dig in an area you have already dug. Some people waste around 4-5 seconds from doing this, and very often.
  • When digging around looking for an item, try to dig in a new place every time. This sounds obvious, but it isn't always easy.
  • If you are up against the wall in the lagoon or forest, take a step out before digging. Otherwise dig where you are after finding an item.
  • Pause briefly on the final message coming up from an item. Look at the time and then double tap Square. This should save about 0.1 seconds from every item - that's nearly a second for a game where you find 8 items.
  • Take full advantage of luck. Most people are so surprised when they dig up an item without any hint beforehand that there is an item there that they pause for a bit. Do not do this - dig as fast as you can. There is a good chance that you will get the 5 second bonus - which pausing may well throw away!

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