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Final Fantasy X-2 Boss
Chocobo Eater
Japanese チョコボイーター
Romaji Chokobo Ītā
Location Mi'ihen Highroad, Via Infinito 16 - 19 (only if defeated at Mi'ihen)
Chapter(s) 2, 5

Normal: "A fiend whose diet consists mainly of chocobo. It roams the highroads and plains of Spira in search of chocobo flocks, then ensnares them with its huge arms."
Oversoul: "A Fiend whose diet consists mainly of chocobo. Oversouling must have made it grumpy, because it now pounds repeatedly on one victim. Eat that."


The Chocobo Eater is a boss enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

The Chocobo Eater is an optional boss fought at Mi'ihen Highroad during Chapter 2. It is encountered at the end of the mission to catch a Chocobo for Calli. If defeated at Mi'ihen Highroad, it can also be found on floors 7 - 9 of Via Infinito.


Much like the Chocobo Eater in Final Fantasy X, this Chocobo Eater is vulnerable to the Fire element. Therefore, having a Black Mage in your party is virtually a given.

I recommend using a Black Mage, a Warrior, and either a White Mage or an Alchemist (depending on whether or not you have already completed the Chocobo Ranch mission). This is written assuming that you're using a White Mage.

Have the Warrior use Armor Break and Mental Break, followed by Flametongue. Considering the fairly low HP of this boss, however, you may wish to skip Armor Break and Mental Break completely. Use Fira or Firaga with the Black Mage, while the White Mage casts Protect and Cura on the party. If you use Floral Fallal, a few uses of Heat Whirl can also finish this boss in just a couple of turns.

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