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Chocobo riding in Final Fantasy VIII
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"They live in the 7 Chocobo forests around the World. Adults and children are called Chocobos and Chicobos respectively. Chicobos are spotted often, whereas Chocobos are rarely seen. Loved for their gentle nature, Chocobos respond quickly to Chicobos in danger."
FFVIII Info Corner

Chocobos in Final Fantasy VIII are obtained through Chocobo Forests where, with the help of Chocoboy, Squall can capture a mother chocobo to ride around the country. Chocobos are generally shy until you earn their trust. When Squall and his party first enter the forest, Chocoboy tells them that they'll scare away the chocobo if they all come in. Squall nods at his fellow party members and they leave the forest.

"I don't want any small ones. I need to be able to ride it."
Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy VIII is the first game to feature a different name for baby chocobos; known as a Chicobo. When riding a chocobo a chicobo can be seen chasing after its mother a few steps behind. The very first instance of a baby chocobo is in Final Fantasy V.



See the Summon sequence here

During his adventures Squall and his partners can summon Boco into battle using Gysahl Greens. Here Boco has 4 different attacks; ChocoFire, ChocoFlare, ChocoMeteor and ChocoBocle, each attack more powerful then the previous. However to get the different attacks Boco must reach a certain level and trigger an event in Chocobo World, or use a cheat device.


Chubby Chocobo

Chubby Chocobo

Boco, when summoned, can call Chubby Chocobo to attack enemies as his ultimate attack ChocoBocle.


Main article: Chocobo World
Boco's concept artwork

The minigame Chocobo World, which can be played on a PocketStation, a device sold exclusively in Japan, unlocks certain items in the game. The protagonist of Chocobo World is a chocobo called Boco. The game is also included in the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII.

Boco, along with friends Cactuar and Moomba, must rescue their friend Mog (a moogle) from the evil Demon King in Scary Mountain. During his adventures Boco must fight other monsters and overcome many perils, as well as fighting the urge to watch his television set and go fishing.
From when he reaches level 20 Boco meets a female chocobo named Choco who kisses him each time they meet. After each kiss his powers will increase allowing for much stronger attacks when summoned by Squall. When Boco reaches level 100 Demon King will capture Choco and Boco must fight him for her freedom.

Size and Types

Bokos 3D Render

In this game a full sized chocobo stands at about 275 cm in height while a chicobo, depending on age, can be seen to be about 17 cm in height on up.

Only the yellow breed of chocobo have been shown to exist in this world but they possess a few abilities not normally associated with their kind. Most notably they possess the ability to cross small rivers and shallow water, a trait usually associated with Blue Chocobos. This ability comes in useful on the game's fourth and final disc. Upon returning to the Chocobo Holy Forest (or visiting it for the first time), the player can gain access to a chocobo and use it to travel all the way back to the desert where game's airship, Ragnarok is waiting. If the player chooses to disembark from a chocobo in this game, it will depart, and they will have to reenter a chocobo forest if they wish to ride another. Therefore, it is imperative for the player to only disembark from a chocobo if it is possible for Squall to reach a Chocobo Forest or a vehicle by foot, otherwise, the party will have become effectively stranded, glitching the game and rendering it impossible to continue with the plotline.

Final Fantasy VIII also sheds some light upon the 'family life' of the chocobo, revealing that the chicobo (baby chocobo) is raised by the female chocobo and is also protected by her in the Chocobo Forests of this world. Chicobos are attracted to the sound of the ChocoZiner and will appear when called by it but usually they will stay with their mother throughout infancy. Following along behind if the mother goes wandering. One notable exception to this rule is Boco, although it is not known whether his mother is alive, lost, or whether he was abandoned upon hatching. The Chocobo also have a sacred dance that they offer to perform for those who they deem worthy. When Squall and crew discovered the Sacred Meadow they held such a dance in his honor.

Music Themes

Chocobos sighted in Galbadia

There are two Chocobo themes in Final Fantasy VIII. The first is featured when riding a chocobo on the field, called "Mods de Chocobo". The second is featured in the town of Winhill next to a Chocobo crossing, it is called "ODEKA ke Chocobo". ODEKA ke Chocobo is also the featured theme in Chocobo World.

Triple Triad

Image:TTChocobo.png Level 8 (GF Card) Element none
Refine 1 refines into 100 Gysahl Greens
Drop Chicobo gives it to you after witnessing the Chocobo Dance.
Card n/a
Win n/a
Chubby Chocobo
Image:TTChubbyChocobo.png Level 8 (GF Card) Element none
Refine 1 refines into 100 LuvLuvGs
Drop n/a
Card n/a
Win Male student outside the Balamb Garden Library.


  • The image of the Chocobo appears as hood ornaments of some of the cars seen in the game's FMVs. One such car is the Tempest.

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