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"Enormous bird. Cannot fly since its wings have degenerated. Bred for transportation due to its high running power."

Chocobos are a race of bird in Final Fantasy Tactics. Like in previous games, they are a major mode of transportation and are some of the most commonly recognized species in Ivalice. Player units are able to mount and ride Chocobos by moving onto the square inhabited by an ally Chocobo. This action prevents the Chocobo from taking action but provides the human unit with high movement and jump abilities.


  • Rank I: Chocobo

Normal yellow Chocobos are among the first enemies encountered in the game. Despite their early occurence, their excellent movement range and speed can be dangerous to an inexperienced player. They have the most balanced status of all Chocobos, including the Choco Cure, that works similar as the Monk ability, Chakra (but recovers only HP). They also have the highest HP of all types.

  • Rank II: Black Chocobo

Black Chocobos are the only Chocobos that can fly. They are considered the "Berserkers" of their kind, possessing the highest attack and speed, accompanied by the lowest HP of any other chocobo in the game. Their ranged move, Choco Pellets/Ball, makes them even more dangerous than their yellow counterparts.

  • Rank III: Red Chocobo

The Red Chocobo's rather cute appearance is belied by its powerful Choco Meteor attack, which deals a huge amount of damage from long range. However, they tend to have the second lowest HP and lowest evasion of all other Chocobos (In the PSP Remake they have the highest HP of the family, but still have the lowest evasion of that family). Red Chocobos are the best breed to use in battle, considering their high speed and stout stats. They are fearsome birds to fight in numbers.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Move in Water? Fly? Common Poach Rare Poach
Chocobo 6 5 15 Yes No Phoenix Down Hi-Potion
Black Chocobo 6 5 25 Yes Yes Eye Drops X-Potion
Red Chocobo 6 5 10 Yes No* Remedy Barette
  • The Red Chocobo cannot fly, but its movements ignore height.


Ability Description Chocobo Black Chocobo Red Chocobo Range Effect Vertical
Choco Beak Attacks enemies with giant beak. Yes Yes Yes 1 1 2
Choco Cure Recover HP by flapping wings. Yes No No* Auto 2 2
Choco Esuna Heals abnormal status with purifying wings. No* Yes No Auto 2 2
Choco Pellets Attacks by throwing a hidden ball. No Yes Yes 4 1 Infinite
Choco Meteor Attacks enemy with small meteor. No No* Yes 5 1 Infinite

* Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Monster Skill" Support Ability is nearby.

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