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Zidane and Choco outside of Chocobo's Paradise.

Chocobo's Paradise is a location in Final Fantasy IX.

Chocobo's Paradise is, as its name suggests, a realm where chocobos can live free, under the rule of the Fat Chocobo. It can only be found by using a Dead Pepper near the mountainside of an unmarked island in the northwest corner of the world map.

Pilot your gold chocobo to the most northwestern part of the World Map, where you'll find a hidden island. There's a forest for Choco to land in and a small mountain nearby. Look for a large crack on the side of the mountain. Move Choco across the ground to the crack, and use a Dead Pepper. Choco will dig open the entrance to Chocobo's Paradise.

The chocobo seated to the left of Fat Chocobo will give you 99 Dead Peppers. All the rest of the chocobos, including the two near the entrance, provide clues as to the whereabouts of treasures hidden in the world that you can find by using Dead Peppers.

When the player collects all treasures in the world with the help of Chocographs, Zidane's chocobo Choco is asked to stay here. However, Choco stays with Zidane until his task has been completed.

Return here when you have all the chocograph treasures and have gotten the treasure from every bubble and crack, including the Ultima Weapon. Talk to Fat Chocobo to get his card. Talk to him again pushing the Square button. He'll tell you to go to every beach. Visit each beach in the world, dismount and press the Circle button. Repeat on every beach, you'll hear a chime each time. On the last time, your HP/MP will be restored. You can now do this at any time: go to a beach to be instantly healed.


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