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A player operating his Chocatrice cape.

The Chocatrice cape is the reward for completing the 2008 Easter event. When operated, the player performs an emote in which a giant Easter egg forms around the player then followed by the player bursting out from the top.

If a player loses their chocatrice cape, it can be reclaimed from Diango in Draynor Village for free. Note that after players earned their cape, they could collect another 10 chocolate chunks and earned the bunny hop emote if they did. It can be stored in the Toy Box in the Costume room of a Player-owned house. This is the only cape in free-to-play that allows players to perform a cape emote. The Chocatrice cape is now a discontinued item

Though casting Low Level Alchemy can be attempted on the cape any number of times, whether using the Explorer's ring or a normal spell, it is impossible to turn it into gold. Should the player try, a message saying: "You doubt the Easter bunny would be impressed if you turned that to gold."


Invisibility Glitch: Occurs when a player performing the cape emote is hit with a snowball. The player will disappear off the screen until the emote has finished. This may also appear if a maging enemy's spell splashes on the user.

Transport Glitch: On RuneScape HD, activating the Chocatrice cape whilst walking may cause the egg to appear in front of the player. When the egg is done forming, the player will disappear temporarily, and then reappear when the egg breaks, as if the egg had actually formed around the player.

Another glitch occurs while operating the cape and then clicking on an item to pick it up, the player will walk out of the egg while it continues forming and when the egg breaks. This also causes the egg not to make any sound while it breaks.

Out of Egg Break Glitch: When you operate the cape while walking the egg would appear infront of you and anyone in that area(whether it is a NPC or a real runescape player) will appear to be trapped inside the egg while you turn invisible on the space you are in. After that when the egg breaks you suddenly become visible beside it and seem to be breaking out of the air, while a random easter egg suddenly breaks for no reason beside you.

Give Thanks glitch: When you use the "Give Thanks" emote, just as you turn back into a human, operate the Chocatrice cape and an egg will form around you and break without you moving.

See through wall Glitch: If you use the emote, then face the screen so that there is a wall between your eyesight and the player, part of the wall will dissapear, revieling your character


  • Originally the bow on the egg would face wherever the player was facing. Now the bow will always face south.

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