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Chirijiraden is a recurring weapon type that is only found on the Ivalice series.



Final Fantasy XII

In the International Version of the game, one of Reddas' dual swords is named Chirijiaden.


Final Fantasy Tactics

" Chirijiraden ornamental sword, made with delicate work."
—In-game Description

Chirijiraden first appears in this game as the strongest katana and could be the game's strongest weapon, the weapon can only be obtained in the Midlight's Deep, or in War of the Lions, in the Multiplayer Mode.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

"This sword was buried for fear of its power."
—In-game Description

Chirijiaden appears as the most powerful Sword in this game, it can only be equipped by the Soldier, Warrior, and Dragoon Job classes.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

"Deemed too powerful, this sword was buried for centuries in a remote corner of the world."
—In-game Description

Chirijiraden appears as the most powerful sword in this game, and teaches Heritors Hilo. It can also be equipped by Soldiers, Warriors, and Spellblades.


The name Chirijiraden is actually the shortened version of its actual name, Chiriji Raden Kazari Tsurugi (塵地螺鈿飾剣).

Chiriji was a type of lacquering method used in the Heian period in Japan, which mixed precious metal dust with lacquer and created a dusty grainy like texture when dried, allowing the work to have the illusion of actually made of precious metal (which was very scarce in that time).

Raden is Japanese for mother-of-pearl, which is part of the process that makes pearls in shellfish, and is widely used for decorating various works, from accessories and weapons to jewelry, furniture, and architecture. Kazari is a verb that donates "made of-".

With the mention of Tsurugi (Japanese for sword), and the immense skill it takes to utilize into the weapon, the words clearly state that all methods mentioned are used into this sword.

However, the Chirijiraden found in the Advance series are more closely related to the Sword of Goujian, an ancient sword that once belonged to King Goujian, found in a flooded underground tomb, fitted with an air-tight lacquer sheath, and still maintained its cutting power, and Reddas' Chirijiraden is known as a Kora.

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