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Also known as:
Race: Clone
Home Planet:
Home Era: 5 billion
Appearances: DW New Earth
Actor: Sean Gallagher

Chip was a force-grown clone created by the Lady Cassandra O'Brien. He appeared to be almost Human but with distinctive markings across his skin. Cassandra claimed that she modelled him on her favourite pattern, a pattern she saw on the skin of the last man who ever told her she was beautiful. Chip began travelling with Cassandra and was onboard her ship on the day the Earth was destroyed in the year 5,000,000,000.

Following her apparent death he travelled aboard Platform One and rescued her brain connecting it to the skin taken from her back. Chip then travelled with Cassandra before finding the recently established colony of New Earth on which the Sisters of Plenitude were engaging in experimentation which was leading to the rapid development of medical treatment. He was able to hide Cassandra in an abandoned section of their hospital in the city of New New York and allowed her to rest there while he stole advanced medicines. His devotion occassionally irritated her. (DW: New Earth) He had an Irish accent. He is reffered to by Cassandra as "A walking doodle" when she enters his body before dying.

Encounter with the Doctor

When the Doctor and Rose arrived on New Earth he assisted in Cassandra's plans to kidnap Rose and use a psychograft to take control of her body. Despite the fact that she abandons him, to what she believes is a certain death at the hands of the human experiments who have been released, Chip was not able to stop worshipping his creator.

When the Doctor forced her to leave Rose he acted as a willing host even though the transfer of Cassandra's consciousness would inevitably put a strain on his hearts and lead to both of their deaths.

The Doctor then took Cassandra (in Chip's body) back to a party hosted by The Ambassador of Thrace. She told her younger self that she was beautiful before dying in her own arms. This incident created a Predestination paradox that would eventually lead to Chip's own creation in his current form. (DW: New Earth)

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Design Team:
Tim Miller • (builder)

Chip was a nerdy technician who worked for Gorilla Television, the pirate broadcasting operation on The Jim Henson Hour. The Gorilla crew despised popular television entertainment, including that of the Muppets, so they tried to seize control of the show and broadcast their own material instead. Chip's Gorilla Television cohorts were Zondra and Ubu.

Chip had an egg-shaped head, a protruding set of upper teeth and large eyes with shutter-style blinking pupils.

In addition to The Jim Henson Hour, Chip appeared in the background in Muppets Tonight, Muppets from Space, It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, and The Muppets Wizard of Oz.

The original sketch for Chip came from Michael Frith. He is a caricature of Muppet writer (and Frith colleague) Bill Prady, a nod to Prady's earlier career as a computer programmer.[1]

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  1. E-mail correspondence with Bill Prady via Scott Hanson

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race: Human
affiliation: Tanker vagrants
role: Likeable guy
location: PMV Valdez in San Francisco
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Get Chip's spleen
dialogue file: Fcchip.msg

Chip is the bald, generally likeable fellow that lives on the PMV Valdez among other vagrants of his kind. He is very sociable and likes drinking and gambling, to the point of getting drunk and betting his spleen in a game with Lao Chou, who promptly took his winnings and sold them to Dr Wong Yi Tze. Chip has since been in constant pain, as his organism cannot cope with infections and he can't get his spleen back.

San Francisco

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Final Fantasy

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Chip the hamster is a recurring character in the Chocobo series.


Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2

Chip is encountered when taking Chubby Chocobo's shortcut for the first time. If Chip is given a Teleport Tag, Gamedon will double Chocobo's storage space and offer to repair his equipment for a price. Chip will then offer Chocobo to increase the amount of his storage space anytime for increasing amounts of Gil.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Chip is an adventurous hamster first found living on the Chocobo Farm with Granny Belle. He wishes to become stronger to help save the farm and his trip across the islands is chronicled in three seperate microgames - Cheese Chase, Boggling Bridges (to help him overcome his fear of water), and Wacky Wall Climb (dealing with his fear of electricity). He also makes an appearance in the storybook Unicorn and the Town Musicians as the cymbal player of the band. Chip speaks with a noticeable lisp, replacing the letter "s" with "sh" and the word "you" with "chu". This tends to undermine his confident statements about being able to smite his adversaries.

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Production information

Yavin 4

Date created


Technical specifications

Masculine programming

Chronological and political information

New Republic era


Lost City of the Jedi

"Master Ken, you know very well that I don't think."

Chip, also known as Microchip, was a droid the size and shape of a twelve-year-old boy. Microchip belonged to the Jedi Prince Ken. He was Ken's caretaker, since Ken was the only Human in the Lost City of the Jedi.

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