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Chinese Stealth Armor
DR: 28
item HP: 400
999400 (sim version)
weight: 20
value: 500
effects: +15 Sneak
+5 Sneak (sim version)
+5 Stealth Field (when crouching)
repair: Recon Armor
base id: xx00c18f
xx003a02 (sim version)

The Hei Gui Chinese Stealth Armor is an armor suit originally worn by the elite Chinese Crimson Dragoon troops, as well as the Black Ghost counter-insurgency/terror units before and during the Great War.

The armor has active camouflage systems that, when the player is crouched, generate a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other, making a person much harder to notice (but not completely invisible). The technology was the basis for the unstable "Stealth Boy" wrist units developed in the U.S.



Chinese Stealth Armor was used during the Chinese invasion of Alaska and was the Chinese solution to invasion by U.S. forces in power armor.

Earlier Hei Gui models were also used during raids against the Hoover Dam secret laboratory and Limit-115 laboratory.


  • With 60+ (75) in Stealth the PC becomes completely invisible to NPCs while sneaking with the Chinese Stealth Armor equipped.
  • After you have equipped the head gear you may switch back to any other armor and the headgear will remain equipped.


  • The Hei Gui Stealth Armor, originally set to appear in Van Buren, appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.

Behind the scenes

  • In Chinese, Hei Gui (黑鬼) literally means "Black Ghost". Hei (黑) means black, and Gui (鬼) means ghost, apparition, etc.


  • This armor exhibits clipping issues, especially when equipping multiple headgear. Pieces of clothing, and even the player character's body parts may jut through each other or disappear entirely.
  • With the stealth suit on you can equip any amount of head gear that you want causing you to max out perception, and raise many stats substantially.
  • If you reverse pickpocket a stealth suit from a Crimson Dragoon the stealth field will not activate when crouching, and the suit's stats are identical to those of the recon armor. Additionally, it lists under effects on the Pipboy as "Initiate's Armor." (confirmed on PS3 & X360)
Armor of Fallout 3
Armor of Van Buren
Operation: Anchorage (add-on)

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