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Chinese Jumpsuit
Chinese Jumpsuit
DR: 6
item HP: 100
50 (dirty)
weight: 2
value: 10
6 (dirty)
effects: Small Guns +5
repair: (Dirty) Chinese Jumpsuit
variants: Winterized Chinese Jumpsuit
General Jingwei's Uniform
base id: 340D2
340D3, CB603 (dirty)
Chinese Commando Hat
DR: 1
item HP: 15
weight: 1
value: 6
effects: PE +1
repair: Chinese Commando Hat
variants: Hat of the People
Winterized Chinese Commando Hat
Chinese General Hat
base id: 78646

The Chinese Jumpsuit and the Chinese Commando Hat are pieces of clothing in Fallout 3. They are a military uniform worn by Chinese armed and special forces during the infiltration of the Columbia Commonwealth, as well as other conflicts with the United States.


Variants (Jumpsuit)


Chinese Jumpsuit

The Chinese Jumpsuit is worn by Chinese Commandos when the Failsafe Terminal is activated during the Tranquility Lane quest. It can not be looted from their bodies, as they will merely get rendered unconscious when killed.

Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit

Its counterpart, the Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit can be purchased at Potomac Attire in Rivet City, found in the Taft Tunnels under the Jefferson Memorial, and found on Chinese Remnants at Mama Dolce's.

One of these can also be gained from a Dead Chinese Commando in a random encounter. A radio signal from a Chinese Radio Beacon guides you to the Commando's corpse.

Winterized Chinese Jumpsuit

Unique variants

Variants (Hat)

Chinese Commando Hat

Also called the "Ushanka" in Russian, this hat provides the wearer with phenomenal cheek and ear protection, and is often made from animal furs and hides (such as rabbit or sheep).

It can be found in five locations, the first being the Taft Tunnels under Jefferson Memorial where you encounter the Very Hard Terminal that Doctor Li will hack. If you have already completed this part of the Main Quest, do not fear. The Taft Tunnels can be reached via a secret manhole in front of The Citadel.

The second location is inside the drainage chamber near Broadcast Tower KT8. It is in the same sealed room with two long-dead Chinese Remnant Spies. It is assumed they committed suicide. The room can be accessed by locating a key card on a nearby table and using the password on the working terminal. Access the terminal and open the secret underground chamber to claim your Chinese reward.

The third is located in the Operation: Anchorage DLC. It can only be used in the simulation without the exploit of glitches. Like all items in Operation: Anchorage it has unlimited durability but is not re-skinned. It is located on the sandbag wall encountered on the way to the Chinese Forward Base Delta. It is just before you see the American Soldier executing Chinese Soldiers.

The fourth one is located in the Cryo Lab in the Mothership Zeta DLC. It is in the south-westernmost corner room behind a door that must be activated with a switch. The hat is on a table on your right when you enter the room.

The final hat is found in the Engineering Core of Mothership Zeta. It is next to an Ammunition Box in a north-east hallway leading to a Teleportation Matrix to The Bridge.

Unique variants

Behind the scenes

The jumpsuit is based on the look of 1950's Korean War Chinese and North Korean Uniforms.


Armor of Fallout 3

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