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"But you know that the first concern was to make sure there was never another Palpatine--to prevent any single person from acquiring too much power. Mon Mothma told me that the Senate worries more about success than failure. They'll tolerate ineffective leadership forever, but effective leadership frightens them."
Princess Leia Organa Solo on the position of Chief of State and its relationship to the New Republic Senate.

Chief of State was the title given to the Head of State/Government of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the Alliance of Free Planets, the New Republic, and the Galactic Alliance (though the duties of the position varied by each governmental chance). Due to Emperor Palpatine's controversial history and legacy, the title of Supreme Chancellor was not revived by the New Republic.


Powers and abilities

Officially, the Chief of State was the President of the Senate and civilian Commander-in-Chief of the Alliance Military (later the New Republic/Galactic Alliance Defense Force). The position was referred to by a number of titles: "President" by the media, "Chief of State" by government offices, and multiple variations based on translations from Basic. When addressing the Chief of State, they were usually referred to as Chief, as in Chief Fey'lya and Chief Omas. The Chief acted as Chief Councilor of the New Republic Provisional Council.

Mon Mothma, Chief of State of the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.

A Chief of State was elected by a "fifty percent plus one" majority vote of the New Republic Senate. If the Chief of state was incapacitated, incommunicado, or dead, the chairman of the Ministry Council selected an acting Chief of State from among the following: any former Chief of State, the current Minister of State, or any former Minister of State. This person would then act as an interim Chief of State until the proper Chief of State returned or the Senate could elect a new Chief of State.

The Chief of State could be recalled by a majority vote of the Senate on presentation of a petition of no-confidence by a majority of the Ruling, or Inner, Council, or by a quarter of the primary members of the Senate. The election of a President could be blocked by the Ruling Council on a unanimous vote. In practice, the power of the Ruling Council to void an election and initiate the recall of a sitting Chief of State meant any candidate proposed by or approved by the Ruling Council was likely to be elected by the Senate. The Ruling Council consisted of the chairmen of the Senate councils and the President of the Senate. The Chief of State had the power to select any member of the Ruling Council to conduct the business of the Senate in their absence from that body.

Unlike the Old Republic, the New Republic and Galactic Alliance Chiefs of State did not have enforced term limits: Mon Mothma served for fourteen years, Leia Organa Solo for twelve and Cal Omas for twelve.

List of Chiefs of State


Rebel Alliance

New Republic

Galactic Alliance




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Chief of State
Basic information
First appointed

19 ABY

Last appointed

8,996 ABY

Chronological and political information

Chief of State was first appointed in 19 BBY as head of the rebel Alliance. It was also the rank used by the Democratic Government of Free Planets and Systems instead of Supreme Chancellor. The first Chief of State was Corey Hefley, who was the longest Chief of State in the galaxy.

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