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  • at least five mutations are known to cause diplopodia in chickens, resulting in the development of extra toes or other structural abnormalities in the hind limbs?

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From Muppet Wiki

Musical chickens from The Muppet Show
Brown chickens from Sesame Street
Muppet chickens in the workshop

Chickens have been a part of the Muppet world since 1972, when the first group of Muppet chickens was created for the Tales From Muppetland special The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. They were precursors to the chickens from The Muppet Show, except they had slightly different eyes. T.R., one of the main characters, would later appear on The Muppet Show as well.

The Bremen chickens were used during the first and second seasons of The Muppet Show. In one episode, guest starring Rich Little, a bunch of real chickens were featured, auditioning for Gonzo's dancing chicken act. It was in this episode that Gonzo developed his obsession with chickens.

During the third season, some new chickens were built with more defined eyes. One of the chickens got the name Camilla and became Gonzo's girlfriend. (Although even Gonzo doesn't know which chicken is Camilla sometimes; they all look alike.)

A black rooster was added to the Muppet Show cast during the second season, and a little chick during the third season. In one of the first episodes, guest starring Harvey Korman, a chicken suit was made for the guest star; it would later be used occasionally whenever a huge full-body chicken character was needed.

The white Muppet chickens made a few rare appearances on Sesame Street; sometime during the 1980's, a group of brown chickens were added to the Sesame cast, as well as a brown/black rooster. The main difference, aside from their color, from their Muppet Show counterparts is their rounded eyes and sharper beaks. Another white chicken made several appearances on Sesame Street, this one had a much smaller head and big, round eyes, but had no eyelids.

Other notable Muppet chickens are the Giant Man-Eating Chicken from John Denver and the Muppets: A Rocky Mountain Holiday, and the Humongous Chicken from The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

The Muppet chickens usually communicate with squawks, although they are known to speak at times.

The Muppetchicken, owened by Telly, got a small part in a 4D movie. After this the chicken moved to The Netherlands and got his own part in Sesamstraat. The chicken listen to the name Stuntkip and is a daredevil. Another international chicken is actually a rooster named Kareem from the Israeli/Palestinian co-production.

The chickens are built without an eye mechanism. Instead, the Muppet builders found an alternative by giving some chickens one wide open eye and one 'relaxed' eye with eyelid; this way, the chicken could change emotions by quickly turning its head.

According to Kermit, "You have to treat the chickens pretty well because they've got a very tough union." [1]


A baby chick that first appeared in episode 321 of The Muppet Show as Robin with "cluck-itis." He made other appearances in the show, including in episode 504, and in the finale of The Muppet Movie.

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  1. The Muppet Show Episode 207: Edgar Bergen

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From Lostpedia

Goodwin when he had just caught the chicken. ("The Other 48 Days")

Chickens have been seen and heard in Lost. Like wild boar, chickens are not native to Pacific islands, but were frequently introduced by Pacific Islanders as a food source when they populated a new island.[1]

In California, chickens are the central food product of the business Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack.


  • Goodwin catches a chicken and breaks its neck. The tailies hunted them for food. ("The Other 48 Days")
  • Chickens can be heard clucking and crowing near the cage Sawyer is trapped in. Ben may have served eggs to Kate for breakfast that were from these chickens. ("A Tale of Two Cities")
  • Locke chows down heartily on chicken from Ben's refrigerator. ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Locke kills a chicken for the group dinner after giving its last eggs to Ben for breakfast. ("Eggtown")
  • Locke claims the blood on his hands is from killing a chicken. ("Eggtown")
  • A young Ben offers Sayid a chicken salad sandwich. ("He's Our You")

Outside the Island

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A type of domestic fowl raised for its flesh, eggs, and feathers. Chickens are slaughtered at different ages to be processed for different purposes and classified according to their use such as broilers, fryers, roasters, and stewers. Broilers and fryers are chickens that weigh 3 to 4 pounds, are 7 to 12 weeks old and are best used for broiling or fry cooking. As the chicken becomes 10 to 12 weeks old, weighs 2 to 5 pounds and gains more fat, they are referred to as roasters since they are most suitable for roasting or cooking on rotisserie grills. Stewing chickens, which weigh up to 7 pounds and are over 10 months old, are typically best for stewing or processing into canned chicken products.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A Chicken is a level 1 monster found in many areas, most notably the chicken coops near Lumbridge and the shack next to the sheep fields.

Chickens drop raw chicken for Cooking and Summoning, bones for Prayer, and 5 to 15 feathers for Fishing or Fletching. Feathers are often bought for these purposes, so it is possible to make profit by selling chickens' feathers. Chickens count as birds for a Slayer assignment.

Many low-level players also kill chickens for combat experience, as they have very low defence and rarely do any damage (and even when they do, they cannot hit over one damage). Even high-level players may find chickens useful for food if they find themselves low on health near a chicken coop, as eating a cooked chicken provides 3 Hitpoints. Chickens will sometimes try to retreat when they have 1 hitpoint left.

In most populated free-to-play worlds, chicken coops are often full of bones and raw chicken left by players training on the chickens. If one chooses to bury the bones and cook the chicken, they will gain a decent amount of Prayer and Cooking experience. Raw chicken can be bought from Canifis and Port Sarim food stores and is required in several quests.



Location Number of Chickens Closest Bank
Farm across from cow field, north-west of Lumbridge Top floor in Lumbridge Castle (run time 53 seconds)
Fred's farm, across from cabbage field north of Lumbridge 4 Lumbridge (run time 48 seconds)
Farm south of Falador and north of Port Sarim 8 (in yard, in house, behind house) Draynor Village (run time 27 seconds)
Terrova's house on Tutorial Island (These are level 3 chickens. Also, they only drop bones)
North-western Entrana No banks on Entrana
Champions' Guild 5 Varrock
Rellekka 4 (1 rooster)
Tai Bwo Wannai
Basement of the Wizard's Tower
Yard of the White Knights' Castle in Falador 1 Falador (run time 17 seconds)
Peninsula between Witchaven and East Ardougne
Hemenster, near the fishing guild
Front yard of the Sinclair Mansion north of Seers' village
Inside the Barbarian Outpost (Bar Crawl) required.
Near the bank on Etceteria


Some chickens attempting to kill TzTok-Jad.
Item Amount Rarity Price in GE 100%?
Bones 1 162 Yes
Raw chicken 1 160 Yes
Feathers 5, 10 or 15 15 No
Egg 1 Occasionally at Fred's farm in Lumbridge and respawn in chicken coops near cow farm. 67 No
Cornucopia 1 Very Rare N/A


  • In the chicken pen at Fred's farm, one chicken will always respawn 2 squares west of the gate, inside the wall.
  • Getting one's Attack, Strength or Defence level from 1 to 99 would require 1,086,203 chickens to be killed.
  • In the Dream Mentor quest, Cyrisus claims to have killed 300 chickens a day for 30 years, due to his fear of combat.
  • There is no way to die from a chicken, as they will always hit 0's when the player's hitpoint is 1.
  • When a chicken drops a Cornucopia, it automatically appears in the player's inventory after the chicken dies.
  • As of 15 December 2009, chickens will randomly lay eggs when not under attack. These can be picked up.

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From TibiaWiki

This creature is in the Misc class.

15 Hit points
0 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: 220/220 (Illusionable)
Abilities: None.
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 0 hp per turn
Immune To:
Strong To:
Neutral To: Physical, Holy, Death, Fire, Energy, Ice, Earth, Drown, Life Drain
Weak To:
Sounds: "Cluck Cluck"; "Gokgoooook".
Behavior: Walks around pecking at the ground.
Field Notes: Appeared in the Summer Update 2005.
Location: Sabrehaven, Rookgaard, The McRonald's Farm in Thais, Northport, Fibula, Carlin (not reachable), Greenshore, Krimhorn and Orc Fortress, also there's one in the farm near Edron.
Strategy: Just attack them. If you're in Rookgaard's Premium Hunting Area, just be careful to don't attract more Creatures while try to kill a Chicken.
Loot: 0-3 Worms, Chicken Feather, Egg (semi-rare), 0-2 Meat (rare), Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday). (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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