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Dofus Wiki

Up to date as of January 31, 2010

From Dofus

Level: 1
Category: Fruit
Weight: 1 pod
Sells to NPC: 1 kama
Official description
This fruit is often mistaken for a space hopper. Remember them!

Cherry is a fruit.


Bought for 1 kama from 


Used in the craft of 

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From The Vault

Fallout 3 NPC overhaul project
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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Dukov
role: Dukov's 'Party Girl'
location: Dukov's Place
Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
Cherry's Freedom
SPECIAL: 6ST, 5PE, 4EN, 4CH, 4IN, 6AG, 4LK
base id: 0002AE21
ref id: 0002AE22

Cherry is a 27-year old[1] woman living at Dukov's Place in the Capital Wasteland in the year 2277.



Cherry was born in the year 2250[2].

Interactions with the player character

Main article: Cherry's Freedom

If the player talks to her about Dukov, you get an opportunity to rescue her by bringing her to Rivet City.

  • After escorting her to Rivet City, Cherry can be successfully mezzed and subsequently sold into slavery.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Sexy Sleepwear
Wasteland Settler Outfit*

* Only after escorting her to Rivet City.


  • Although she denies being a whore she openly admits her trade of sexual favors for Dukov's protection.
  • By default, Cherry carries a knife - she will use it occasionally if an enemy gets too close to her. You will hear her say "That'll teach you to mess with me!".


Cherry only appears in Fallout 3.


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide
  2. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide
Rivet City

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Final Fantasy Wiki

Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ヴァージニティ
Romaji Vājiniti
SNES Name Madam
PS Name Madam
GBA Name Cherry

Cherry is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. It is a major threat, as it can cast Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Flare, Holy, Meteor, Protect, Shell, Haste, Imp, Regen, Esuna, Cura, Curaga, and Reraise. It is also mostly paired off with Outsiders and Ahriman, so be careful.

Related enemies

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Up to date as of February 08, 2010

From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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There is more information available on this subject at Cherry on the English-language Wikipedia.

The word Cherry refers to a fleshy fruit (drupe) that contains a single stony seed. The cherry belongs to the family Rosaceae, genus Prunus, along with almonds, peaches, plums, apricots and bird cherries. The subgenus, Cerasus, is distinguished by having the flowers in small corymbs of several together (not singly, nor in racemes), and by having a smooth fruit with only a weak groove or none along one side. The subgenus is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with two species in America, three in Europe, and the remainder in Asia. The word "cherry" comes from the French word "cerise", which comes in turn from the Latin words cerasum and Cerasus.

Though originating on Earth, they have since been grown on UNSC colony worlds like Harvest.[1]


  1. Halo: Contact Harvest pg. 159

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Up to date as of February 13, 2010

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Cherries are drupes, or stone fruits, related to plums and more distantly to peaches and nectarines. They have been enjoyed since the Stone Age-pits were found in several Stone Age caves in Europe. The Romans carried cherries throughout Europe and England along the routes of conquest.

Cherries are grown in several regions of the United States, but seventy percent of the cherries produced in the United States come from four states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah).

A cherry is both a tree and its fruit belonging to the family Rosaceae, genus Prunus together with plums, peaches, apricots, almonds and bird cherries. The cherries are member of subgenus Cerasus that can be distinguished from the other genus because its flowers are in small corymbs of several together and the fruit is smooth. The cherries that are chosen for eating belong to Wild Cherry and the Sour Cherry or Morello Cherry, that are used in jam making, cooking and not only. Both of these species originate in Europe and western Asia. It is well known that cherries have lots of health benefits as they contain anthocyanins that are the red pigments in berries that reduce inflammation and pain. More than this, cherries have a great amount of melatonin which is extremely important for the function of the immune system. Sweet cherries that are cultivated especially in California are common in the East and some species are cultivated for their flowers. Cherries are extremely popular all over the world and they are used in jams, fruit salads, ice-cream, juices, or eaten fresh.



File:Cherries v01.jpg

There are two main types of cherries: sweet and sour. Sour cherries are lower in calories and higher in vitamin C and beta carotene than sweet cherries.



This variety is the best known sour cherry. It is mostly canned or frozen for use as pie filling or sauce. They are grown mostly in the eastern and Midwestern states



This variety is the best known sweet cherry. It is large, round, extra-sweet and has a purple-red flesh and a deep red skin that is close to black when fully ripe. The Bing is available from the end of May until early August.


This variety is the second most popular sweet cherry. It is smaller than the Bing and is more heart shaped. It has a dark-red skin and a rich flavor. Lamberts are available a bit longer than the Bing, usually until the end of August.


This variety is sweet with a yellow or pinkish skin. It is milder and sweeter than the Bing. However, this variety is grown in limited quantities.

Royal Ann

This variety has a blush-yellow skin and is often canned or made into maraschino cherries.


Buy cherries that have been kept cool and moist, as flavor and texture both suffer at warm temperatures. Cherries have a limited growing season and any fresh cherries grown in the United States sold after August probably came from cold storage. Small quantities of sweet cherries are imported from New Zealand during the winter months, but these may be difficult to find.

At the market, pick a handful of cherries at a time and only select the best fruit. This may be time-consuming, but the reward will be better cherries. Good cherries should be large (one inch or more in diameter), glossy, plump, hard and dark-colored for their variety. Buy cherries with stems on — they should be fresh and green. Reject undersized cherries or those that are soft or flabby. Avoid fruit that is bruised or has cuts on the dark surface.

If you find many damaged fruits at the market, consider buying cherries somewhere else, as a number of spoiled cherries will start the others to decay.


Loosely pack unwashed cherries in plastic bags or pour them into a shallow pan in a single layer and cover with plastic wrap to minimize bruising. Store cherries in the refrigerator and cherries in good condition should last up to a week. Check the fruit occasionally and remove the cherries that have gone bad. Wash the fruit before eating.

You can freeze cherries by rinsing and draining thoroughly, spreading them out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and placing in the freezer overnight. Once the cherries are frozen, transfer them to a heavy plastic bag. The frozen fruit may be kept up to a year.


Most cherries bought at the market are eaten raw, alone or accompanied by other fruits. Simply wash the fruit and serve with the stems.

For cooking, pit cherries either by hand or with a pitter. Poaching is the most common form of preparation. Drop cherries into a small amount of simmering water, or a combination of water and wine, and cook for one to three minutes until soft. Poach using the formula of one cup liquid to two cups cherries.

Cherry Nutrition

  • Cherry Nutrient Charts

Cherry Related Recipes


  • Fruit of the Month: Cherry by the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, public domain government resource—original source of recipe

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From TibiaWiki

This item is in the Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink class
Attributes: Edible, Stackable
Weight: 0.20 oz.
Loot value: 0 gp.
Sounds: Yum.
Dropped by: Bug, Warlock.
Buy from: Brasith (Ab'Dendriel) 1 gp

Imalas (Carlin) 1 gp
Alissa (Meluna) 1 gp
Sherry McRonald (Thais) 1 gp
Rodney (Venore) 1 gp

Serafin (Yalahar) 1 gp
Sell to: Billy (Rookgaard) 1 gp
Notes: Semi-rare item in Rookgaard.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

Can be found at daily spawns in a house south of Thais Trolls.

Spoiler ends here.

Regeneration: One Cherry will regenerate hp/mana for 12 seconds (makes you 1% full).

Total Hp/Mana gain HP Mana
Sorcerer / Druid 1 8
Knight 2 4
Paladin 2 6
Promoted Characters HP Mana
Master Sorcerer / Elder Druid 1 12
Elite Knight 3 4
Royal Paladin 2 8
All Vocations HP Mana
Sleeping 4 4

See also: Items.
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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Yu-Gi-Oh!





Alternate names

Sakura Higuchi

Appears in



Pyramid of Light

Cherry, known as Sakura Higuchi in the Japanese version, is a character from the Tag Force series.


Her Deck focus on the "Pyramid of Light" monsters.

Facts about CherryRDF feed
Gender Female  +

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