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Chemist, also known as Item Lore, Med Data, and Alchemy, is a recurring Support ability. It increases the potency of healing items used by the character.




Final Fantasy III

In the DS remake, Scholars have an innate ability that causes any item used by them to be twice as effective (Ex. a Hi-Potion used by a Scholar will heal for 1,000 HP instead of the normal 500). This ability only works in battle.

Final Fantasy IV

Item Lore is a Augment ability in the Nintendo DS version, it can be obtained in Kaipo after healing Rosa.

Final Fantasy V

The Chemist class's ability Pharmacology doubles the effects of Potions and Ethers in battle. It is the first ability learned from the class, requiring 15 AP to master.

Final Fantasy VIII

Med Data is a non-command ability that is learned from the GF Alexander and can be taught to any GF by the item Doc's Code.

Final Fantasy IX

Chemist doubles the effect of healing items and may be learned from the Cotton Robe or Grand Armor.

Final Fantasy X

Alchemy doubles the effect of healing items. It can be customized onto weapons by using 4x Healing Water.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Chemist ability doubles the effect of healing items, and is learnable by the Alchemist Job. An Alchemist can also learn the abilities Elementalist and Physicist, which double the potency of elemental and non-elemental items, respectively.

Final Fantasy XII

In Final Fantasy XII, Item Lore appears as a Augment by the name of Potion Lore, there are three augments in the board and they all increases the effects of Potions. They cost 20, 35, and 70 LP.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Item Lore is learnable by Rangers and Alchemists with the Wizard Hat.

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