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Full Name: Chell
Species: Bolian
Gender: Male
Born: 5 October 2346
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Marital Status: Single
Previous Assignment: Hazard Team Field Technician,
USS Voyager
Assignment: Hazard Team Field Technician,
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E)
Rank: Ensign
Insignia: Image:Yel Ens 2373.png

Chell was a Bolian who came from an upper class family on Boliax, where he was born on Asmira, the primary continent.

Growing up in an upper class family, he came to resent their attitudes about the poor, and gained an aptitude for technical engineering. He applied to Starfleet Academy, but was rejected. He applied two more times, and was finally accepted, however he left the Academy a year later, distraught by the amount of work.

His skills as an engineer and his work with plasma technology earned him a prestigious mention in a publication named the Who's Who of Plasma Technology.

Aboard Voyager

Crewman Chell in 2376.

Drawn by their desire to "right the Federation's wrongs", even if it meant breaking the rules, he joined the Maquis. He served aboard a ship under the command of Chakotay, when he was pulled into the Delta Quadrant. Soon after, he and his fellow rebels were forced to integrate into the crew of the USS Voyager. Often very nervous and quirky, Chell did not make friends very easily. Fortunately, Alexander Munro recognized Chell's inability to approach people and befriended the Bolian, finding similar interests. When the Hazard Team was formed in 2376, Chell was encouraged to try out by Munro and Austin Chang. Passing, he was assigned as the team's field technician, and played significant roles in both establishing communication with the Etherians, as well as the defeat of the Vorsoth.(VOY video game: Elite Force) Not long after this, he was granted a Starfleet commision by Captain Janeway and promoted to the rank of Ensign.

In 2378, Chell was to assume the duties of Neelix in the mess hall of the ship, even going so far as to announce his propositions to the menu. Fortunately (for he, and probably the crew) he was one of the Hazard Team members to board a Borg sphere, and his skills greatly assisted Voyager escape the Delta Quadrant and return home. Upon his return, Chell was assigned to the Guernica system at a research outpost where he served for two years.

Aboard the Enterprise-E

In 2380, after Captain Jean-Luc Picard took notice of Lieutenant Munro and learned of what the Hazard Team was, Chell was reassigned to the Enterprise-E on Munro's request. He played a large role in the Idryll-Attrexian crisis, where he helped translate ancient Idryll artifacts and assisted bravely in the defense of the Enterprise when it was boarded by Idryll invaders. Recently, the botanist aboard the Enterprise has become fascinated with Chell's floral findings in the Delta Quadrant, and has expressed an interest in dating him. (ST video game: Elite Force II)

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Chell was a Bolian who would join the Maquis and later become a Starfleet officer during the 24th century.

Chell joined the Maquis and was on the vessel pulled into the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. He was integrated into the crew of the USS Voyager along with the rest of the surviving Maquis members. (VOY: "Learning Curve")

He was chosen to be a member of Voyager's Hazard Team in 2376. In the team he served as the field technician thanks to his natural ability in engineering. (VOY game: Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force)

Chell survived Voyager's seven year journey back to the Alpha Quadrant. In 2380, Chell was again made a member of the Hazard Team, this time on the USS Enterprise-E. (VOY game: Star Trek: Elite Force II)

In 2387 when the Borg assimilated the Archeopendra, Chell and the rest of the Enterprise's Hazard Team was called to the USS Pioneer when the Enterprise was unable to deal with the situation itself. By now Chell was married to Alison Pearson. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR): "Nanoprobe")

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The Five

Chell was a member of The Five and was romantically involved with Chokla. He was killed by the Force Demon Wutzek.


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