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There are no "cheats" in Dofus. There are no codes which give items or kamas, no special key combinations which give experience, or other such cheats.

WARNING: Several times players have offered information about Dofus cheats. Every single such case was a scam designed to steal your account and password. Beware!

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There is a wide array of cheats available for the Grand Theft Auto games on most major platforms. Be advised, due to the nature of cheats, they are to be used at your own risk. It is advisable to keep a back-up save game, due to the risk of a cheat code having adverse effects on your save file. Also be aware that some of the cheats are irrevocable: Most of the cheats will be de-activated if you type in the cheat once more, but certain cheats are not de-activated, no matter how many times you type them in. Also, in certain GTA games, using cheats degrade the player's criminal rating, and prevent a player from fully completing a game.

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The neutrality of this article is disputed
The neutrality of this article is disputed.
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Beneath is a list of cheats and scams commonly found in RuneScape. This is not meant to promote scamming, but rather prevent players from being scammed. Using these scams and/or cheats can result in action taken against the players' account, if reported by another player. Remember do not fall for these tricks. Also, after the trade limit update, some of these scams/cheats no longer work. Players must be warned NOT to use any of the below methods because this is against RuneScape Rules and if caught, may result in banning of the player's account or even subsequent accounts used by the player(s).



Since RuneScape is an MMORPG, it would be unfair to have "cheat codes" in the game. Therefore, none exist in RuneScape. Players who offer so-called "cheats" such as free gold or memberships are usually either scammers or misinformed players.

There are still three main ways to "cheat"; bug abusing, account sharing, and macroing. Please be aware that these are not the only cheats, as bugs and glitches can still be considered cheating, just to a lesser known effect. Most cheats available on other games aren't accessible through Runescape, as it has to do with the unique way in which RuneScape is coded, and vice-versa.

Bug abusing

Bug abusing is the act of using programming errors to one's advantage. Bugs are rare, and are usually quickly reported and patched. Jagex does not offer rewards for reporting bugs, however.

Players who abuse bugs may be subject to action being taken against his/her account, up to or including a permanent ban.

Suggested action: Players who know about bugs should report them to Jagex via the "Submit a Bug Report" option on the main page of RuneScape under 'Help'. If a player sees another player abusing a bug, then they can be reported for knowingly exploiting a bug under the honour section. As long as the player reports the bug to Jagex straight away, without spreading it to anyone else until Jagex fixes it, and does not continue use the bug any more, then the player WON'T get in trouble. If the player doesn't tell Jagex, or deliberately use it again and again, then it would be breaking the rule.

Account sharing

Account sharing is having two or more people controlling the same character. Each account should only be used by ONE person. Account sharing is NOT allowed. You may not sell, transfer or lend your account to anyone else, or permit anyone else to use your account, and you may not accept an account that anybody else offers you.

Suggested action: It is difficult to tell if a player is character sharing, unless the player admits it. In this case, the player should be reported for buying, selling or sharing an account located in the honour section.

There are two methods Jagex uses to stop two or more people from using the same account:

  • Prohibiting the same computer from simultaneously having two or more RuneScape clients running. If you try to open a second RuneScape client (even with a different web browser), a simple message will appear that says the player is violating the "terms of service" and will not let you connect.
  • Simultaneous account usage. This means that two people are not only sharing the account, but are trying to log in at the same time. Since a player can't be in two places at the same time, this will be logged and may be used by Jagex to identify people who are sharing accounts.

Jagex doesn't have a problem with players having multiple character accounts, but players shouldn't share accounts with other people. Sharing your account with anyone, including family members and/or friends, means that you are breaking a game rule and this can lead to your account being banned.

This also includes moving or lending items between a player's own accounts, known as drop-trading (though this is very rare as any item worth over 3000 coins will not appear on the floor to other players when dropped). None of a player's accounts should be interacting with each other in any way.


There are many scams in RuneScape that a player may fall for. These scams may cause the player to lose their money, items, or even accounts.

All usernames used in the examples are hypothetical, and any resemblance to real usernames are coincidental.

Jagex staff impersonation scam

Players who do not have gold crowns File:Jmod crown.png in front of their names are NOT Jagex staff. Instead, Jagex mods are named "Mod _____", except for Andrew, Paul and Ian Gower, the founders of Jagex.
Jagex staff will NEVER ask for your password, bank PIN or personal details. Any player who has a silver crown File:PMod crown.png next to their name are player moderators, and anyone with a green crown File:Fmod crown.png next their name on the forums is a Forum Moderator. Anyone who claims to be a moderator but is not, should be reported for Jagex staff impersonation, under the honour category. For more information see the Moderator guide.

Player 1: Hello, i can upgrade your stats, just give me your password.

Other Example

Player 1: Congratulations, you've won the daily drawing to get free membership..

Player 1: Just give me the pass and Bank Pin and you'll be upgraded.

Other Example

Player 1: We need to check if your account has broken any rules.

Player 1: Give us your pass and account details or you'll be banned.

Another Example is

Player 1: Give Me Your Password and I'll Give you 1mil.

Suggested actions: Report the player immediately for Password, account, bank PIN or item scamming in the honour category. Real Jagex staff will never ask for players' password because they don't need your password to access your account.

Trust scam

Some players might attempt to trick other players into playing "trust games" and such, NEVER PARTICIPATE IN THESE TYPES OF GAMES!

Example 1:

Player 1: Follow me for free rune chain!

Player 1: We're gonna play the trust game
Player 1: Whoever lets me hold the most valuable item wins!

Example 2

Player 1: Wanna join my clan?

Player 1: You'll need to trust me first.
Player 1: Give me your r2h and i'll give it right back.

Example 3

Player 1: Hey, I'm quitting and giving away all of my stuff, but first I need to see if players are trustworthy enough.

Player 1: Give me a few items and I'll give them back along with an "extra" bonus item.

Suggested actions: Immediately after the host provides evidence that he is playing the trust game, the player may report him/her for item scamming in the honour section of the rules. However this is not the case now as item lending has been put into place.

Password censoring scam

Previously, RuneScape did not censor players' passwords (this would give away passwords like "rune axe" for example). Some players would trick others into thinking otherwise, and then look for any text that may resemble a password. As of April 24 2007, Jagex changed the system so that sentences which contain a player's exact password would not show up, although it only blocks the exact text of their password, and would still be visible to scammers if typed incorrectly, but this method is rarely used today. However, password scamming still occurs on RuneScape and RuneScape Classic.


Player 1: Look, jagex censors your pass typed backwards as well! ******

Other Example

Player 1: Jagex also censors your pass if you put a space in it! **** ****

Suggested action: Players should report under password scamming Passwords are NOT blocked on RuneScape Classic, so people just asking for people to post their unchanged passwords can still be reported there.

Note that stating that Jagex does block your password is not reportable as this is true.


Player 1: Look, jagex censors ur pass! ******

Suggested action: Since this is a completely true statement, it is not reportable. It is advised to not try this however and to place the player on your ignore list. Also you may spell the password incorrectly and the player will be able to work out what it is.

Password changing scam

Some players may try to convince another player to change their password. The scammer will then log into the account using the password they ask for.


Player 1: I found a cool code!

Player 1: Change your pass to 234234 to get infinite gp

Suggested action: Do not type your password and ignore the player. Report the player for password scamming in the Honour Section.

Drop scam

Some players will trick other players into dropping their items for them. As of an update to players' drops on 10 December drop, the scammer is unable to get any of the victim's items. Plus, when you try to navigate away from the page while you are still logged in, it will remind you that you are still logged in, so pressing alt-f4 and ctrl-w does not work any more. Example:

Player 1: I found a secret code for rs

Player 1: Drop your gold and press alt-f4 and it'll double

Other Example

Player 1: I found a secret code 4 rs

Player 1: Drop your gold and press ctrl-w and it'll double

Other Example

Player 1: I found a secret code for rs

Player 1:drop your rune(or any other type of armour, runes etc) items and press ctrl-f4 and it'll double

Suggested action: Ctrl-F4, Alt-F4, and Ctrl-W closes your window, and you may not have enough time to log back in before the scammer picks up your items. Report the scammer for item scamming in the honour section.

Prevention tips: Don't press strange key-combinations when asked. Also, remember that there are NO cheats or special codes in RuneScape. In no circumstances, should you try any of these codes. If you are truly curious as to what they do, try using them with a different window when you are not logged on. Even if these did work, it would be in breach of Knowingly exploiting a bug, which prohibits bug abuse, including duping.

You can use a window with a second tab open on the RuneScape login screen for the same world. Ctrl-F4 and Ctrl-W both close the tab, so you will have to use the second tab. Alt-F4 will, when you have multiple tabs, come up with a warning. You can then click "Cancel".

Since the 10 December game update, this scam is no longer possible for large items, as dropped items worth more than 3k (5k after the 1 October 2008) will not show to other people. However, you may still lose your gold or items if you drop them, especially if you log out.

Armour trimming and "upgrading"

Trimmed armour is obtained from treasure trails and normal armour cannot be trimmed by anyone. Scammers would say that they could trim armour via crafting/smithing. No player or NPC can trim armour. Although this scam has fallen out of popularity, it is still a method employed by various scammers, this scam is seen regularly on f2p servers. This scam is outdated.


Player 1: Want me to trim your green dhide?

Player 1: I can make it green dhide (g)

Suggested action: Report the user for item scamming under the honour category.

Similarly, some players will offer to "upgrade" armour. Likewise, this is not possible.


Player 1: I can upgrade ur mith pl8

Player 1: Give it 2 me and I'll change it 2 rune

Suggested actions: Again, report the player for item scamming..

As of 2 January 2008, the trade limit does not allow all armour to be given away, the amount depending on the quest points of the players.

Another armour scam, is to tell another player you can enchant their valuable armour so it will become stronger.


Player 1: Hi, can I enchant your rune armour? It'll make it stronger!

Player 1: Just give it to me.

Suggested actions: Once again, report the player for item scamming. This is because there is no known way to make rune armour stronger.

Trust trades

Some players will offer to turn raw products into finished products for those who cannot do so, such as smithing rune, cutting dragonstones, and enchanting amulets. These are not always scams.


Player1: Free level 88 smithing!

Other Example

Player1: Free gem cutting up to diamonds!

With the Assist System, scams such as this are largely obsolete. Simply ask to be assisted rather than trading the player any items. However, on RuneScape Classic, there is no assist system and no hiscores, so players should be careful when participating in trust trades. Try to trade raw material directly for finished products instead, if possible.

However, players will still lie about their skills. One common example of this is at the world 16 air crafting spot, where a player will lie about their runecrafting level, saying that they can make more air runes per essence than they really can. Use the hiscores to make sure they actually have the level that they say they do. Note that this is not reportable as Jagex has stated that you cannot be scammed out of something that you do not have yet (the extra runes that you would get with a higher level assist).

Account trades and transfers

Not only is transferring accounts against Jagex's rules, it is extremely risky. The player may take the other player's money and never give him/her the password. Even if the player receives the account and change the password, the original owner can take it back using the recovery questions.

Examples: Use never lies!

Player1: Selling lvl 60 pure pker 300k
Player1: Any1 got a good pker 4 sale? I offer 200k

Additionally, some players may give you a high-level account, in hopes that you'll transfer your items to it. The scammer can then recover the account, and take any items that you may have placed on it.

Suggested actions: Report the player for buying, selling or sharing an account. If you see accounts being sold on other web sites, send Jagex a link to that site via a Customer Support query. Accounts being sold on eBay no longer need to be reported, as Jagex is now checking that regularly themselves.

Fake RuneScape websites

"Fake" redirects here. For the RSW policy on 'fake' creations, see RS:NIP.

Some players will make sites that look similar to the real RuneScape site, and offer moderator applications or entry into contests. In reality, these sites would collect your password and may present you with a fake error message when you enter your information.

Suggested actions: You should NEVER enter your RuneScape password into any site other than the official Jagex Ltd. sites, whose domains are or Familiarise yourself with the ways domain names can be faked. You should avoid even visiting fake sites, as some may exploit vulnerabilities and may make your computer run a Worm or Trojan when you visit the site. Finally, you should report the site to Jagex via customer support.

E-mail scam

This usually happens on other websites, such as forums or blogs. The player will make an e-mail address and claim that it is an e-mail address that will send you another members password, make you a free member, give you 99 billion coins, etc. Other times the scammer uses a different code than the one shown below. But the one shown below is just an example.

Player1 (forum post)

Hey everyone, I found a cool glitch that allows you to get anyone's password! I was messing around when I found Jagex's secret password retrieval bot. Send an e-mail to and put in this code:
%#no.3239code"your username"845f#
%#servident6346code%"victims username"153#
%#exhakci0547code"your password"3502#

It really works! Try it!

Aside from membership receipts, Jagex no longer sends e-mail to players. In addition, such e-mails will never have any clickable links.

Suggested actions: Report the e-mail to Jagex via customer support and delete it. When reporting the e-mail to Jagex, try to include the header information. If possible, block the user from sending you any more e-mails. To prevent scammers from harvesting your e-mail address, try to set it to "hidden" on Internet forums.

Cheat program scam

Some scammers will offer programs that claim to make RuneScape easier, but they will actually either steal your password or result in your account getting banned. This is one reason that Jagex discourages use of toolkits.

Suggested action: Do not use toolkits. Sometimes, your computer can get a keylogger just from visiting these sites, so make sure that your computer has an anti-virus program, and that it is up-to-date. Do not report other players for using these unless they openly admit it during chat.

Item-switching scam

Another common trick that scammers use is to switch items at the last minute in a trade, and hope that the other player doesn't notice. Scammers may also remove items before accepting. However, Jagex changed the way trading works, allowing any change in the trade to be marked with a flashing exclamation point, so this type of scam is virtually impossible to pull off now. Since the update on the trade limit by Jagex, this scam is outdated. And there is a scale, on the bottom, which calculates the Grand Exchange values of all of your items, adds them together, and compares the total value to that of the person your trading with. The difference (x) is shown as "Wealth transfer: x coins worth to me" if your opponent's (Player2) offer is worth more than yours, or "Wealth transfer: x coins worth to Player2" will show instead if your offer was of greater value. This text will be in red if the trade is too unbalanced (See Trade limit). If the trade is completely balanced, meaning that the total values of both offers are exactly the same, then "No net wealth transfer" shows on the scale instead.

Examples of such scams include:

The following scams no longer work in any circumstance:

Changes that reduce the effectiveness of this scam:

  • Magic logs now no longer look like any other logs, they are blue/green with sparkles. Scammers used to ask players to trade in a German server, and sell them Oak logs which looked similar at the time and had a similar name in German.
  • The trade system now, when a player reduces or removes displays right before displays an "!" mark where the item was.
  • Balanced trading makes this harder.
  • Scammers will sometimes attempt to bypass the trade warning by offering the item that the victim thinks he will get, wait for the victim to offer coins, click "Decline", pretend to have declined by accident, and offer a new trade with switched items

Suggested actions: Check the second screen carefully. If the other player is trying to scam, cancel the trade and immediately report the player for items scamming in the honour section of the rules. If you do not wish to trade with the player any more, click "Decline" to close the trade window.

As of 2 January 2008, this scam only works for small increments of money/items due to the trade limit.

Advert scams

Some RuneScape fan sites, even the most reputable ones, may display ads that encourage cheating or real-world trading. Often, the administrators of fan sites do not have control over the ads, which are served by an advertising company. Some other ads may offer money-making "guides" that are no different from the ones offered for free on forums.


RuneScape 2 millions!

Only $9.99 each!

Suggested actions: Report the ads to the administrators anyway under the advertising websites in the security section of the rules. The administrator may, in turn, send complaints to the advertising company. Sometimes, the advertised website is found near the advert. In this case, members or qualifying free players can report the website via forums.

RuneScape Classic needle scam

In RuneScape Classic, some scammers have been known to offer 10 million coins for items. Upon trading, the scammer will actually offer 1 million coins and a Needle. On the RuneScape Classic trading screen, this would look like 10,000,001 coins.

Suggested action: Report the player for item scamming.

Item drop telekinetic grab scam

Sometimes players will ask the victim to drop an item across a fence or other obstacle, saying that the player can pick it up if the scammer makes a move to take it. Do not drop your item for any reason; they may use Telekinetic Grab on it. You will also not be able to tell when your item becomes visible to them, allowing them to act like they have not seen the item up to the time they cast their spell.


Player 1: Hey can u plz do me a favour?

Player 1: Could u drop ur whip so i can see what it looks like on the floor
Player 1: I wanna know what to look for at tonight's drop party :)
Player 1: If u don't trust me then drop on the other side of this fence

Suggested action: Report the player for item scamming.

This scam now only works with items of lower value because of the trade limit.

Telekinetic Grab at Level 1 Magic Scam

  • Now outdated

A player may find a relatively new player with black armour, which was relatively expensive at the time, and say


Player 1: Hey! Whats your mage lvl?

Player 2: 14.

  • Here player 1 would pounce as player 2 has less than 33 magic, the requirement for telekinetic grab.

Player 1: I know how to get telekinetic grab at lvl 1 magic and it gives you 300000 xp. :)
Player 1: Just drop your black over there and press alt+F4 to use telekinetic grab.

Player 2 logs off and Player 1 grabs the full black.

Suggested action: Report the player for item scamming.

This scam now only works with items of lower value because of the trade limit.

Player house item drop scam

Scammers will talk the player into dropping an item, because (s)he can pick it up again before it appears to other players. Before the player takes it, they will expel the player from their house, and will take the item once it appears to them. Jagex has implemented an update that now warns the player when dropping items in a house.

Suggested action: Report the player for item scamming .

As of 2 January 2008, this scam only works for low value items because of the trade limit.

Recovery question scams

Scammers may also try to trick players into unknowingly giving their recovery answers. While players are prohibited from asking the default recovery questions in the forums, it is a forum only rule.


Player 1: Congrats on winning the 5m lottery!

Player 1: Before we give you the cash, we'd like you to answer a survey
Player 1: 1. Where were you born?
Player 1: 2. What's your favourite food?
Player 1: 3. What's your favourite vacation spot?
Player 1: 4. Who was your first girlfriend?
Player 1: 5. Who's your favourite actor?

Suggested actions: Report the player for asking for asking for or providing contact information such as full names, ages, postal or email addresses, telephone numbers, or bank details, under the security category.

Trade password for item scam

Some players will claim to give away their password for a certain item they want.


Player 1: I'm giving my pass for dragon plate.

Suggested actions: Simply ignore them and report the player item scamming. Even though they are mentioning their password, they can't be reported for password scamming because they are not scamming for someone else's password, only their items. Since they are offering their account (even though they would probably lie about or not even say their password), they can be reported under rule six, Account sharing/trading.

Money scams

Scammers will try to steal free-players' money by telling them about a coin that allows them to access a members world. This will steal their money and give them one coin in return.


Player 1: Hey, I can give you a special coin so you can get into a members world!

Player 1: All you have to do is give me 1k

Suggested actions: Report the player for item scamming (rule 2).
Note: This scam has lost popularity due to a recent update regarding the Grand Exchange - on free-to-play worlds, pay-to-play items are nontradable (with some exceptions) and labelled as 'Members objects'.

Gem cutting scam

Prior to the introduction of the Grand Exchange and the Assist System, a very legitimate form of attempting to raise the Crafting skill was to stand around and announce that they could craft gemstones of various kinds, usually announcing the most difficult type of gemstone they could cut (such as ruby, diamond, or even dragonstone). As the pre-Grand Exchange NPC gem traders did in fact pay quite a bit more for cut gemstones over the uncut variety, the statement that was found on uncut gemstones when "examined" ("This would be worth more if it were cut") was from a certain point of view to be true. Since gemstones traded in small quantities and required high levels of crafting to make useful items out of them, a great many players simply drop gemstones on the ground if they discover them or sell them to places like the gem traders or even general stores.

With the introduction of the Grand Exchange, access to other players who wish to improve their Crafting skill by using gemstones has improved significantly, and uncut gemstones are worth considerably more than their cut counterparts for all gemstone varieties. Depending on the current market conditions and the gem type, the value of the uncut variety may even be worth double the value as the cut version of the gemstone. The statement from examining uncut gemstones was changed by Jagex several months after the introduction of the Grand Exchange and after it was pointed out in the RuneScape Official Forums to be completely false, and that some scamming based upon this statement was happening.

People involved with this scam try to convince generally new players that the old economics of RuneScape are still in place, and that these players can "earn" huge amounts of money by having their gemstones cut. The worst of the worst kind of scammers will still insist that you "give" the gemstones to be cut, and often just walk away or even teleport to a new location in order to avoid the player they just scammed. If this happens, Jagex does consider this kind of act to be against the rules, and it should be reported as soon as it happens. Unfortunately, the player who gets scammed will not recover their lost gemstones.

A more subtle scam is to offer to "assist" the player in cutting the gemstone without revealing the loss of value that will result from having the gemstone cut. Legitimate players who train crafting by cutting gemstones may power level by purchasing a large number of uncut gemstones from other players, and either offer those cut gemstones on the Grand Exchange or create jewellery and other items from those cut gemstones. What the scammers are trying to accomplish here is to quickly raise their crafting skill without having to spend the coins that more legitimate players would usually spend to accomplish that same task. A legitimate transaction would have players trading cut gemstones for uncut ones, however the new trading interface would quickly let these new players be completely aware of the huge loss they would suffer from such a transaction. Trading limits may even apply and prevent such a transaction with a large number of gemstones at once, as it would exceed the 5k trading limit (for new players and F2P). By only offering the "assist" feature and turning down trade offers, this "fact" of dropping the value of the gemstones is hidden from these newer players.

Unfortunately, Jagex (as of May 2008) doesn't consider this to be a scam and will not apply any black marks or cause any penalty to those players who engage in this practice. This is a "buyer beware" situation and is mainly a warning to those players who may be tempted to engage one of these gem traders for assistance when you can earn more money from uncut gemstones simply by selling them as uncut gemstones.

This is not to suggest that offering assistance for gem cutting is always a scam, and there are legitimate reasons including some quest requirements that may require some gem cutting services. But they are quite rare, and it would be the player who has the uncut gemstones that ought to initiate the request to have the gemstones cut in that situation. Most crowded areas of RuneScape particularly banks and near popular furnaces have several players with high levels of crafting that would more than satisfy any demand for crafting assistance should the legitimate need for such help arise. Crafting is also such a difficult skill to earn experience points in (or expensive to earn experience quickly) that requests for assistance usually have multiple players showing up and eager to offer that assistance for "free" at any time.

Suggested Action: Don't give free uncut gems to another player to cut, this can just be done through the assist system.

Lobster Scam (Old)

Before the trade limit, a popular scam was used that involved an inventory of lobsters. It was almost always done in worlds where there was mass merchanting. For example:

Player 1: Giving away a free inventory of lobsters!

(Player 2 trades)

Player 1: You don't have enough room.
(Player 2, unwittingly, offers the items in his/her inventory and accepts, only realising their mistake until after the trade was complete)
(Player 1 deposits the loot and withdrawals yet another inventory full of lobsters and repeats)

Suggested Action: Always check what you are offering before you press accept.

Dragonstone Scam

Some players will trick other players into buying expensive items, and then selling them, to lose relatively large amounts of money. For example:

Player 1: Wanna see how i make money?

Player 2: Sure!
Player 1: Alright, first off, buy as many uncut dragonstones off of the Grand Exchange as possible.
(Player 2 goes to Grand Exchange and buys lots of uncut dragonstones)
Player 1: Ok, lets go!
(Teleports to karamja and heads to Fight Cave)
Player 1: Sell your dragonstone to him.
(Player 2 Sells dragon stones to NPC, gets tokkul in return)
Player 2: Okay! Whats next?
Player 1: Come with me, to buy items with your tokkul.
(Player 1 Takes player 2 to rune store, and gets him to buy fire runes)
Player 2: Okay, I bought the runes.
Player 1: Player 1 logs off

Player 2 ends up with only a few fire runes, which is worth much less than the uncut dragonstones. This results in Player 2 losing money.

Suggested Action: Check the money making method with Grand Exchange database and other resources before trying the method if you're unsure.

This can no longer be used as you cannot sell items to the shops in Tzhaar.

Zamorak Wine Scam

Some players trick others into trying to steal Zamorak Wine.

When attempted, a few Monks of Zamorak try to kill you, but high levelled players could kill them easily.


Player 1: Hey, wanna earn some cash?

Player 2: Of course!
Player 1: All right, just steal that wine, its 1000 gold each.
Player 2 takes the wine in excitement and is killed by the zamorak monks
Player 1 takes whatever the other player was carrying and wearing.

Suggested Action: Report the player under Rule 2. Note: This scam is obsolete with the addition of gravestones to ensure other players can't steal your items.

Password Change Trick

Some players trick others by changing their password to a "code" that will give them money and a lot of it.

What actually happens: The player ends up changing your password while logged in using another window. When you log off the player then quickly logs in using another trick called Multiple logging in.


Player 1: Wanna know a trick?

Player 2: Sure!
Player 1: All right, stay logged in but change your password to "givememoney"
Player 2 will change his/her password while logged in
Player 1 will wait until they can access Player 2's player management page. then changes the password
Player 1: Alright now log off and on real quick. And you will have 1million gp!
Player 2 logs off can't log in, goes to player management page..too late
Player 1 logged in victims account right after they logged off and trades everything to Player 1's account

Suggested Action: Report the player for password scamming.

Item Lending Trick

Some players who want an item for a long period of time and not paying the correct amount of coins, may try to offer the incorrect amount of coins.


Player 1: Lending whip! 10K an hour!!

Player 2: can i borrow? 10 hours?
Player 1: kk.
Player 2 offers 100K and player 1 offers the whip for 10 hours.
Player 2 removes the 100K, replaces with 1gp, adds the 100K back, and quickly removes 90K and accepts quickly.
Player 1 accepts.
Player 2 teleports or logs out.

Suggest Action: Unfortunately, Jagex doesn't regard this as a scam, because you are not losing any items, and the scammer can give a very good excuse if they are banned.

Money Scam (Old)

When Player 2 would buy something from Player 1 they would put up all the money at first then when Player 1 accepts they add items to the deal to make it seem like it's worth it more to them then at the last second Player 2 would change the money. Example:

Player 1: Selling Full Rune 200k

Player 2: I'll Buy it

The Trade Screen comes up then player 2 puts up the money then at last second changes 200k gp to 200 gp

Suggested actions: Report the player immediately for item scamming. This can't be done as effectively any more due to red exclamation point alert when you remove any item(s).

Tribesmen scam

Player 1 would lure lower levels to Tribesmen found in Karamja and trick them into attacking them, or if they're low enough the tribesmen would attack them regardless. Tribesmen poison very often and can poison up to 6 damage. Player 1 would try and stall them by saying they had antipoisons and was willing to give them one or tell them there was a nearby bank they could deposit their items in. After 1–2 minutes the poisoned player would die and the scammer would take all the items they dropped.

Example of how players were lured

Player 1: Hey do you need some extra money?

Player 2: Yeah.

Player 1: I found some monsters that drop rune scimmies when they die, Follow me.

Player 2: Sure.

(Player 2 follows Player 1 to Karamja where the tribesmen are. Player 2 attacks them,

or they attack him/her, and dies of poison. Player 1 picks up the dropped items.)

Suggested Action: Report the player for item scamming. Note: This scam is obsolete with the addition of gravestones to ensure other players can't steal your items.

Ranging Guild scam

Player 1 would take someone into the Ranging Guild and tell them to attack the level 72 tower guard. They often say "Keep auto retaliate on and if you kill them you get 500k each." Player 2 would then walk to the spot to attack them and get hit by the level 72 rangers. Since there were three rangers that could hit a max of 19, player 2 often died quickly, leaving Player 1 to collect the items.

Example of how it happens

Player 1: Hey i know a great way to make money

Player 2: Cool, what is it?

Player 1: There are some monsters which drop 500k

Player 2: Nice, can you show me?

Player 1: Yeah follow me and ill let you kill them

(Player 1 leads Player 2 to the guild and tells him/her to climb up the ladder. Player 2 does so, steps outside and gets attacked by the rangers and eventually dies. Player 1 collects the items.)

Suggested Action: Again, report the player for item scamming. But note that you are now unable to pick up other's items when they die.

Wilderness Luring

Back in the days of the Wilderness, a group of players, usually no more than 10, would roam deep to the east of the hill giants or above the western castle. They would stand on one square at around level 23 of the Wilderness (beyond the point of teleporting). Most players would have mage, and usually one player would be ready with a bind spell.

While this is getting set up, another person part of the group would be around the giants or castle wearing something of value (like trimmed armour) and attempt to get other players to attack him and skull. Then that player would begin to run up towards the team of mages. Not wanting to lose a valuable kill, the attacker usually followed the lurer. Then, in the deep Wilderness, the player would find himself unable to move and be attacked by a bunch of mages, resulting in a very quick death. This no longer works because there are specific PVP/BH Worlds. And because of gravestones, players cannot pick up your items if you happen to die.

Jagex never considered this a scam, however, as the player was taking the risk in going deeper into the Wilderness.

Another Wilderness Lure would be when a player would announce that they were doing a Player Killing video and encouraged the victim to bring anywhere between 1 to 3 of their most valuable items, telling them that they would never skull. The victim would be led into 23 or so wilderness where they could not teleport with the scammer and a friend of his to help. The scammer would then trade the victim a chinchompa (item), telling them to wield it and put on auto-retaliate and it would make a "cool explosion." Since chinchompas have an area effect, the explosion would hit the nearby friend and the victim would be skulled. At this point the scammers would team the victim, killing them, and causing them to lose their items.

Yet another scam was when a player would claim to be making a Player Killing video and paying for actors. The victim would be convinced to bring a single expensive item with them such as an abyssal whip or dark bow. After being led into deep wilderness, the scammer will weaken the victim first down to half HP. At this point the scammer would claim to be "opening Windows Movie Maker" or "lagging" and will drop 4 noted Dragon battleaxes or blue Mystic robe tops. The victim would eventually see the items and pick them up, where they would then be killed. The noted items would protect over their expensive items due to a difference in alchemy values. This no longer works, as you cannot drop items over the value of 1k in PVP or BH Worlds. Also, you cannot see other players items on the ground over a certain value.

Lend Until Logout Scam

One player will offer to lend an item for about 24 hours for a decent amount of money. Then, he will quickly change it to "Until Logout" and, after the trade is over, log out, giving them the item back. Example:

Player 1: Lending Dragon Claws 20K for 24 Hours
Player 2: Sweet! I'll borrow!
Player 2 Puts in 20K, Player 1 puts in item for 24 hours
Player 1 changes it to "Until Logout" and clicks "Accept"
Player 2 Agrees
Player 1 Logs Out and Logs back in, giving them the item back.

This article uses material from the "Cheats and scams" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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