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A Chase Sequence is initiated

Chase Sequences are a gameplay term in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Some attacks cause the enemy to be thrown away if executed correctly, and allow the start of a Chase Sequence by showing the Image:X-button.png button. Pressing the Image:X-button.png button causes the player character to leap into the air, following their opponent in mid-air, initiating the Chase Sequence.

In Chase Sequences, the two players are suspended in the air. The player who initiated the sequence is given a chance to perform one of two attacks on the opponent - a Brave Attack, or an HP Attack. There is a slight lag between pressing the button for an attack and the attack executing, and the lag is longer for HP Attacks. If the opponent presses the Image:X-button.png button at the right time, they can dodge the attack and are then given a chance to execute an attack of their own. Dodges can also be directed horizontally by moving the analog stick to the left or right. Every attack, regardless of if it hits or misses, causes EX Force to appear in a larger quantity.

A Chase Sequence

In terms of gameplay, Chase Sequences prevent players from actively moving or dodging to avoid being struck, and the player must instead time their button presses correctly to avoid damage. If either player lands a Brave Attack, the opponent is knocked back and the player is given a chance to pursue them and attack again. If they miss, the Chase Sequence continues as told above. You can change the direction of which your foe is sent flying by moving the analog stick up, down or stationary. Chase Sequences automatically cancel after three rounds if neither player lands a hit. They also cancel when either player lands an HP Attack, or when they are knocked back and strike an obstacle of some kind, including the arena edge, floors, or ceiling.

Chase Sequences are more notable for Gabranth than most other characters. As Gabranth has no HP Attacks outside of EX Mode, initiating a Chase Sequence is the only way he can inflict HP damage outside of EX Mode. While the problem that he has no abilities to initiate a Chase only in EX Mode. Also, the "Auto-Chase" ability allows the character to automatically initiate a Chase Sequence when the opportunity arises when equipped.


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