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The name or term Chase refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Chase (disambiguation).
Chase is an Autobot and a Throttlebots in the Generation One continuity family.
Dreamwave would be proud.

As a warrior, Chase's only outstanding asset is his staunch courage, but it's his attitude that earns him his many friends in the Autobot ranks. Yes, he's a motormouthed braggart and rather full of himself, but his storytelling skills are so fantastic that few mind when he monopolizes the conversation. Combine that ability with the enthusiastic, superficial friendliness and charisma of a talented politician and it's no wonder Chase is well liked, despite his flaws.

Many of Chase's missions are rather routine; radar is his specialty. He can detect objects as small as Toaster on the horizon, and see a tennis ball two miles away -- three, in fact, at the same time, in three different directions. He seldom needs to engage the enemy closely, but even the least dangerous 'milk run' comes alive with purpose and excitement when Chase is telling its story.

Impulsive and quick-thinking, Chase's 240 mph top speed often places him far ahead of his comrades on his scouting missions, and frequently he's the first to roar down a promising byway, heedless of possible ambush or hazards. Sometimes this leads him into trouble. Most often this trouble is mechanical; Chase's body, especially his drivetrain, just isn't engineered to keep up with his mind.

Crackhead RTM Dub Name:Carlo
French name (Canada): Poursuite
Italian name: Scoutbot




Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Everyone thinks he's Searchlight. Final Transformations Or Rollbar. Space Pirates!

Thanks to a Decepticon Titanium-class Destruction Drone, Chase and his fellow Throttlebots were captured and brought to the Chief Decepticon Fuel Auditor Ratbat. An outbreak of Scraplets had begun on Earth, and Ratbat ordered them to travel there and destroy all of the infected -- or he would destroy the planet itself to prevent spread of the deadly disease. Given new Earth-style vehicle forms and canisters of corrosive acid, Chase and the others arrived on Earth. Chase stayed at the primary site of the infection with Freeway and Searchlight, while Rollbar and Wideload went to track another Transformer who'd left the scene. Rollbar and Wideload eventually returned with Goldbug, his human friend Charley Fong, and a cure for Scraplets, the "rare chemical" water. With this knowledge, they managed to destroy all the Scraplets with help from G.B. Blackrock. The Cure!

Chase and the Throttlebots continued to travel on Earth with Goldbug and Blaster, but that only made them targets for virtually everyone -- the Decepticons, the Autobot faction Goldbug had gone AWOL from, and the humans who hated and feared all Cybertronians. After escaping one of the Combaticons, Goldbug suggested they hide in a used car lot (because that worked so well for him before). Astonishingly the owner, "Big Steve" Ludwig, noticed a giant earthmover dump truck magically appearing on his lot, and soon put two-and-two together after receiving a notice from the local RAAT boys. After pouring sugar into the Autobots' gas tanks, he summoned the proper authorities. Chase and the other Throttlebots were carted off and taken prisoner by RAAT's parent organization, III. Used Autobots

Still not recognizing the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, III's bigwigs publically threatened to execute their prisoners if any more robot attacks took place. Guess what -- the Decepticons were willing to call their bluff. After the inevitable raid, Forrest Forsythe ordered the Autobots crushed into cubes. However, a sympathetic (and borderline competent) agent named Walter Barnett realized Chase and his friends were telling the truth about there being two factions of robots, and salvaged their cerebro-circuits before the execution, transferring their brain chips into electronic toy cars. Toy Soldiers! Chase and the rest of the Throttlebots remained in Barnett's possession for some time, but were apparently returned to the Autobots at some point behind the scenes. The Throttlebots were reconstructed into new bodies replicating their old ones...only to be blown to smithereens by Starscream. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2008, Chase was active at Autobot City on Earth when the Quintessons raided the base. He was presumably disabled with the rest of the Autobots present. Space Pirates!

Generation 2

Years later, Chase was part of a detachment sent to Earth to deal with the menace of a revived Megatron. The team was very surprised to find that this Megatron guy was actually pretty powerful, and soon started making mincemeat out of them. Chase got his leg blown off, and told the rest of the team not to wait for him. He kept firing as Megatron approached, only to get blown to smithereens at point blank range for his troubles.

Megatron then examined Chase's snapped-off leg, looking for a soil sample that would let him locate the Autobots' starship. Final Transformations

American animated continuity

Voice actor: Danny Mann (US)

Among other things, Chase was with the Throttlebots when they were ordered to retrieve the body of Optimus Prime. Chase was infected by the Hate Plague, which made him even redder and also prone to attack his comrades. Chase and the Throttlebots were later cured when Optimus unleashed the wisdom of the Matrix of Leadership. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese animated continuity

Voice actor: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japan)

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Generation One

  • Chase (Throttlebot, 1987/1992)
Japanese ID number: C-94
Nice legs
Chase transforms into a Ferrari Testarossa sports car. Like all Throttlebots, Chase's primary gimmick is a pull-back motor that sends him zipping forward in either car or robot modes.
In 1992, Chase and the other Throttlebots were re-released in the European market as part of the "Classics" line. For this release, all of the Throttlebots but Wideload were retooled to have their rubsign indents removed, the decals replaced with normal factory-applied paper faction sigil decals.

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