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Chase was a male Human in Starfleet in the 23rd century. As of 2296, he held the rank of ensign, and was assigned to the Starfleet mission on planet Obsidian, under the command of Captain David Rabin. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Forge)

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DC Comics

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Acro-BatCameron ChaseManhunterVigilante

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Final Fantasy

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A Chase Sequence is initiated

Chase Sequences are a gameplay term in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Some attacks cause the enemy to be thrown away if executed correctly, and allow the start of a Chase Sequence by showing the Image:X-button.png button. Pressing the Image:X-button.png button causes the player character to leap into the air, following their opponent in mid-air, initiating the Chase Sequence.

In Chase Sequences, the two players are suspended in the air. The player who initiated the sequence is given a chance to perform one of two attacks on the opponent - a Brave Attack, or an HP Attack. There is a slight lag between pressing the button for an attack and the attack executing, and the lag is longer for HP Attacks. If the opponent presses the Image:X-button.png button at the right time, they can dodge the attack and are then given a chance to execute an attack of their own. Dodges can also be directed horizontally by moving the analog stick to the left or right. Every attack, regardless of if it hits or misses, causes EX Force to appear in a larger quantity.

A Chase Sequence

In terms of gameplay, Chase Sequences prevent players from actively moving or dodging to avoid being struck, and the player must instead time their button presses correctly to avoid damage. If either player lands a Brave Attack, the opponent is knocked back and the player is given a chance to pursue them and attack again. If they miss, the Chase Sequence continues as told above. You can change the direction of which your foe is sent flying by moving the analog stick up, down or stationary. Chase Sequences automatically cancel after three rounds if neither player lands a hit. They also cancel when either player lands an HP Attack, or when they are knocked back and strike an obstacle of some kind, including the arena edge, floors, or ceiling.

Chase Sequences are more notable for Gabranth than most other characters. As Gabranth has no HP Attacks outside of EX Mode, initiating a Chase Sequence is the only way he can inflict HP damage outside of EX Mode. While the problem that he has no abilities to initiate a Chase only in EX Mode. Also, the "Auto-Chase" ability allows the character to automatically initiate a Chase Sequence when the opportunity arises when equipped.


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[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Chase]]
Billing information
Ring name(s) {{{names}}}
Height 6'0
Weight 205lbs.
Born {{{born}}}
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Affiliation(s) {{{affiliation}}}
Federation(s) Full Metal Wrestling
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The lack of any family or, more to the point, anyone even acknowledging any former aquaintance with Chase makes his initial whereabouts and details of upbringing almost impossible to uncover. Chase himself simply refuses to divulge any information about his background which he blames on the need for security in relation to his previous profession. Having practised martial arts for the majority of his life Chase found himself in the personal bodyguard business. Although his knowledge of martial arts was endless his need for something more brutal and hands on started to surface. Thus Chase began to train in a form of ultraviolent wrestling: sacrificing alot of his agility for power and a wider build while still maintaining the grasp and grace of martial arts to form a deadly combination of brute force grapples and mind dazzling kick and punch attacks. Driven by the need to find one man and one man only, Chase found himself in the car park of the NEW Arena and two words running through his head: Cactus Sam.



Primary Finisher:

The Bodyguard” – Chase lifts the oppenent exactly like the initial lift of a suplex, letting the oppenent hang for a short few seconds he begins to drop them forward back the way they came flipping their legs behind him and catching them into a rock bottom.

Secondary Finisher:

Mercy Killing” - Chase Backflips, pushing with his right foot allowing the left to swing into the air and begin the flip. After the right foot leaves the ground Chase uses his heel to kick back off the opponents chin.

Signature Moves: Spear

Running DDT (Undertaker)

Moves: Range of martial art style kicks/punches

Generic quick moves (snapmares, arm takedowns...etc)


Triple H Leg Attack

German Suplex

Snap Suplex


The Rock Spinebuster

Asai Moonsault to outside of the ring


Double back braker to fall away slam



Figure Four Leg Lock

Full Nelson

Triple Suplex

FMW Titles Held:


Match History

} }
Result Partner(s) Opponent(s) Event Promo Score (Out of 10) Notes



Pure Talent & Troy Danes

NEW 3.3

Total: 8.4

Debut Match in Full Metal Wrestling.

Second Place


All NEW Stars

KON Round 1

Total: N/A

Cactus Sam did not enter this due to internet difficulties



El Presidente

KON Round 2

Total: N/A

Proceded to KON Round 3



Various FMW Stars

Hayabusa Birthday Cup


Score will be out of five.


Cactus Sam

The British Lions

New 3.4




Skyler Striker Or Pure Talent

KON Round 3


Chase will face the winner of Striker and Talent's match.

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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

Chase is a town of about 2500 people in south-central British Columbia.


Chase Chiefs

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Marvel Database

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Chase Stein (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias





Victor Stein (father, deceased), Janet Stein (mother, deceased), Hunter Stein (paternal uncle)


Base Of Operations
The Hostel II, a former base of operations for the group of super villains called The Pride, located under the La Brea Tar Pits at Los Angeles Natural History Museum


5' 11"

188 lbs (85 kg)




Marital Status

Adventurer; former student

High school drop-out

Chase Stein is the athletic son of scientists Victor and Janet Stein.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Runaways #1
(July, 2003)



Runaways Volume I

Chase Stein is the son of mad scientists Victor and Janet Stein. The two supposedly made a fortune from inventing a tool that removes stickers from CDs, but were actually members of the secret group of super villains called The Pride. Chase often comes across as being a dumb, obnoxious jock, but he is surprisingly street smart. Before learning that his parents were members of The Pride, Chase wanted to be an announcer for ESPN, but after his experiences with the Runaways he decides that he wants to join the FBI to help other troubled teens like themselves (with the added perk of carrying a gun all the time.)

He receives his codename "Talkback" from Gertrude's sarcastic remark for his habit of talking back. The only Runaway with a driver's license, Chase transports the team in his unmarked white van (very inconspicuous, commonplace, and difficult to track. Furthermore, it has a stolen licence plate.) He uses equipment taken from his parents' secret underground lab: Fistigons and X-ray goggles, but the both are destroyed in the final battle with the Pride. Chase was the one who originally found the Runaways' first hideout, a "missing mansion" which was swallowed up during an earthquake in the 1920s or 1930s that he nicknamed "The Hostel."

When the Runaways sneak into the under-sea lair of The Pride in an effort to stop their parents from presenting an offering to the Gibborim, the teens are attacked by the hideout's security system: a giant stone golem. During the ensuing battle, Chase saves Gertrude Yorkes and her pet dinosaur Old Lace from the creature by luring it into a water channel. Although the plan works, the golem knocks him underwater and he nearly drowns. He comes back to life when he is given CPR by Gertrude. He shows his gratitude by kissing her, and calls her "the hottest chick [he's] ever seen." As he is too weak to continue on to face The Pride, Chase offers the Fistigons and goggles to Alex Wilder, who later betrays them all. Chase saves the team from certain death by hot-wiring the transport ship his parents designed, the Leapfrog, and getting them out of the Gibborim's lair before it explodes.

When the Runaways are split up by Social Services, Chase tells the authorities that he is going to go and live with an Aunt in Anaheim, but instead gives them a false address and runs away again. Later, when the rest of the Runaways leave their foster homes to meet each other, Chase turns up by surprise and leads the teens off to release Gert's raptor from an Avengers storage complex. After successfully rescuing Old Lace, the kids decide to stay together rather than return to their foster homes and move off to their new lives in the Leapfrog.

Runaways Volume II

With the Fistigons now gone, Chase helps the team by piloting the Leapfrog, which serves as their getaway vehicle. As opposed to most vessels, which are designated "she," Chase has specifically designated the Leapfrog a male vessel, as the team had "more than enough estrogen". Chase uses the Leapfrog's lasers, which he has only just discovered, to attack Excelsior. Chase now knows how to fix The Leapfrog after it was shot down by a blast from Darkhawk's amulet. He has also recently discovered that the "Frog" can talk, and it calls him "Master," to Chase's delight.

The Runaways have a shocking encounter with Gert's older self, who travels from 20 years in the future to tell the Runaways about Victor Mancha, a boy who will grow up to be a deadly super-villain. Suffering from internal injuries sustained in a battle with "Victorious," the older Gert confesses her love for Chase before dying in his arms. Visibly shaken, Chase vows to "tear [Victor's] damn heart out."

However, the present-day Victor is an innocent young man, and a battle with Ultron leaves him an orphan. He joins the Runaways despite Chase's clear animosity towards him. Chase is also concerned that Gert may be infatuated with Victor, who is more her intellectual equal. Though Gert assured him that she only loves him, Chase remained leery of Victor's place among them long after his teammates accepted him. It wasn't until Victor begged Chase to knock him out while under the influence of the New Pride that Chase finally accepted him as a teammate and brother.

More recently, it has been hinted that Chase himself has a dark-side. In the "East Coast/West Coast" arc, Chase tells the Pusher Man that he once beat a gang member to death when the other teen tried to steal Chase's van. He did not confirm whether it was fact, though he says that his relationship with Gert is what keeps him "good.”

At the end of the Parental Guidance arc, Gert sacrificed herself to save Chase's life. To do so, she had to tell Geoffrey Wilder that Chase was a bad person. In her dying breaths, she told Chase that she lied to protect him, something that he had taught her. She also transferred Old Lace's psychic link to Chase and tried to tell him how much she loved him. After an unseen dispute with Nico about what to do with Gert's body he leaves the team with Old Lace, a copy of the Abstract, and Geoffrey Wilder's decoder ring.

While the other Runaways find methods to deal with their grief, Chase uses Old Lace to hunt down Lotus, the only member of the New Pride who had not attempted to atone for the murder of Gert. Using the Abstract and the decoder ring, Chase opened a portal to the dimension of the Gibborim and was offered the resurrection of Gertrude in exchange for one innocent human soul. Chase glared menacingly at Lotus, but released her, realising that her innocence was stripped during the murder of Gert. As they left the Gibborim's dimension, the old gods told Chase that their offer still stood: One innocent soul for the resurrection of Gert. Chase then ordered Lotus to burn the abstract, but not before he secretly ripped several pages from the tome. Chase then returned to the Hostel and acted as though none of his encounters had happened and returns to the group.

Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaway

During the Civil War event he has become a very angry young man, who is very eager to fight and snaps at his fellow teammates. Sometimes the anger is justified, such as when Xavin (unintentionally) insulted a damaged Victor. Other times, he is out of line; he caused Molly to run away from the Hostel in tears after she made a simple request. His intelligence also seems to have increased, as he was attempting to repair Victor, although he had previously repaired the Leapfrog several times and may just have an aptitude for all things mechanical.

Runaways Volume II (continued)

Chase then puts his plan into action to resurrect Gert, He then tells Nico the truth. That his killing of the carjacker was really a made up story used to explain the beatings Chase received at the hands of his father. He tells Nico that he intends to sacrifice himself on Gert's behalf and shuts down Victor when he tries to intervene. He takes the Staff of One and leaves. Molly hears a voice that tells her to alert the others, and they follow Chase, using a urine trail that Old Lace leaves for them.

The team finds the end of the trail behind a donut shop and leaves Molly behind with Victor. Using Chase's portal, they enter the realm of the Gibborim, only to find that the giants will not accept Chase as a sacrifice. Apparently, his self-sacrifice has removed him from the category of "innocent" and instead the giants move to consume Nico. As Victor regains consciousness, he and Molly enter the realm of the Gibborim to save Nico, without their sacrifice, the Gibborim fade from reality. As the team returns to the Hostel, Chase is forced to accept Gert's death.


Chase, Nico, Victor and Karolina hold a house prom. A outside source manages to send a UAV flying into the Runaways' Malibu home, in the upstairs living room where Klara and Old Lace lie. Nico, Victor and Karolina rush to save Klara and Old Lace - upon arriving at the top, however, it's revealed that Old Lace had shielded Klara, who ends up alive. Old Lace, however, dies. Chase, feeling her death because of their link, falls into a slump and repeatedly mutters an apology for Gert.[1]

In Runaways #12 Chase encounters a man claiming to be his uncle Hunter Stein. Chase believes the man is lying because he remembers killing his uncle and driving off. He later comes across a girl who has a striking resemblance to Gert. Chase runs after her but gets run over by a truck is rushed to a hospital.

Powers and Abilities


Chase has an empathic bond with Old Lace, meaning that they share both emotions and pain. Chase can also command Old Lace to follow any order he gives.


Has an intimate knowledge of how to pilot the Leapfrog.

Strength level

Chase was an athlete in high school and has the strength, speed and endurance of a typical adolescent male who engages in regular exercise.



Formerly X-Ray Goggles


The Leapfrog.


A new pair of Fistigons after his first pair were destroyed. This new version can shoot electricity, missiles as well as fire. He occasionally uses switchblade to defend himself as well.


  • In Brian K. Vaughn's original pitch for the series, Chase was originally called John. The relationship Chase has with Molly in the comics was also originally given to Gert.
  • Terry Romita has stated that Chase could have a future as the next-gen Captain America


Discover and Discuss

  1. Runaways #11

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The name or term Chase refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Chase (disambiguation).
Chase is an Autobot and a Throttlebots in the Generation One continuity family.
Dreamwave would be proud.

As a warrior, Chase's only outstanding asset is his staunch courage, but it's his attitude that earns him his many friends in the Autobot ranks. Yes, he's a motormouthed braggart and rather full of himself, but his storytelling skills are so fantastic that few mind when he monopolizes the conversation. Combine that ability with the enthusiastic, superficial friendliness and charisma of a talented politician and it's no wonder Chase is well liked, despite his flaws.

Many of Chase's missions are rather routine; radar is his specialty. He can detect objects as small as Toaster on the horizon, and see a tennis ball two miles away -- three, in fact, at the same time, in three different directions. He seldom needs to engage the enemy closely, but even the least dangerous 'milk run' comes alive with purpose and excitement when Chase is telling its story.

Impulsive and quick-thinking, Chase's 240 mph top speed often places him far ahead of his comrades on his scouting missions, and frequently he's the first to roar down a promising byway, heedless of possible ambush or hazards. Sometimes this leads him into trouble. Most often this trouble is mechanical; Chase's body, especially his drivetrain, just isn't engineered to keep up with his mind.

Crackhead RTM Dub Name:Carlo
French name (Canada): Poursuite
Italian name: Scoutbot



Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Everyone thinks he's Searchlight. Final Transformations Or Rollbar. Space Pirates!

Thanks to a Decepticon Titanium-class Destruction Drone, Chase and his fellow Throttlebots were captured and brought to the Chief Decepticon Fuel Auditor Ratbat. An outbreak of Scraplets had begun on Earth, and Ratbat ordered them to travel there and destroy all of the infected -- or he would destroy the planet itself to prevent spread of the deadly disease. Given new Earth-style vehicle forms and canisters of corrosive acid, Chase and the others arrived on Earth. Chase stayed at the primary site of the infection with Freeway and Searchlight, while Rollbar and Wideload went to track another Transformer who'd left the scene. Rollbar and Wideload eventually returned with Goldbug, his human friend Charley Fong, and a cure for Scraplets, the "rare chemical" water. With this knowledge, they managed to destroy all the Scraplets with help from G.B. Blackrock. The Cure!

Chase and the Throttlebots continued to travel on Earth with Goldbug and Blaster, but that only made them targets for virtually everyone -- the Decepticons, the Autobot faction Goldbug had gone AWOL from, and the humans who hated and feared all Cybertronians. After escaping one of the Combaticons, Goldbug suggested they hide in a used car lot (because that worked so well for him before). Astonishingly the owner, "Big Steve" Ludwig, noticed a giant earthmover dump truck magically appearing on his lot, and soon put two-and-two together after receiving a notice from the local RAAT boys. After pouring sugar into the Autobots' gas tanks, he summoned the proper authorities. Chase and the other Throttlebots were carted off and taken prisoner by RAAT's parent organization, III. Used Autobots

Still not recognizing the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, III's bigwigs publically threatened to execute their prisoners if any more robot attacks took place. Guess what -- the Decepticons were willing to call their bluff. After the inevitable raid, Forrest Forsythe ordered the Autobots crushed into cubes. However, a sympathetic (and borderline competent) agent named Walter Barnett realized Chase and his friends were telling the truth about there being two factions of robots, and salvaged their cerebro-circuits before the execution, transferring their brain chips into electronic toy cars. Toy Soldiers! Chase and the rest of the Throttlebots remained in Barnett's possession for some time, but were apparently returned to the Autobots at some point behind the scenes. The Throttlebots were reconstructed into new bodies replicating their old ones...only to be blown to smithereens by Starscream. Dark Star

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2008, Chase was active at Autobot City on Earth when the Quintessons raided the base. He was presumably disabled with the rest of the Autobots present. Space Pirates!

Generation 2

Years later, Chase was part of a detachment sent to Earth to deal with the menace of a revived Megatron. The team was very surprised to find that this Megatron guy was actually pretty powerful, and soon started making mincemeat out of them. Chase got his leg blown off, and told the rest of the team not to wait for him. He kept firing as Megatron approached, only to get blown to smithereens at point blank range for his troubles.

Megatron then examined Chase's snapped-off leg, looking for a soil sample that would let him locate the Autobots' starship. Final Transformations

American animated continuity

Voice actor: Danny Mann (US)

Among other things, Chase was with the Throttlebots when they were ordered to retrieve the body of Optimus Prime. Chase was infected by the Hate Plague, which made him even redder and also prone to attack his comrades. Chase and the Throttlebots were later cured when Optimus unleashed the wisdom of the Matrix of Leadership. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese animated continuity

Voice actor: Tomomichi Nishimura (Japan)

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Generation One

  • Chase (Throttlebot, 1987/1992)
Japanese ID number: C-94
Nice legs
Chase transforms into a Ferrari Testarossa sports car. Like all Throttlebots, Chase's primary gimmick is a pull-back motor that sends him zipping forward in either car or robot modes.
In 1992, Chase and the other Throttlebots were re-released in the European market as part of the "Classics" line. For this release, all of the Throttlebots but Wideload were retooled to have their rubsign indents removed, the decals replaced with normal factory-applied paper faction sigil decals.

External Links

  • Chase on
  • Chase's Universe profile at
  • Chase Must Die - A scholarly look at the Throttlebots.

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