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Charybdis IX is a planet in the Charybdis System.

The planet was a UNSC outer colony prior to the Human-Covenant War with Scyllion being its capital. As the war escalated martial law was declared in 2533 and led to Insurrectionist rioting in the capital two years later. The colony was destroyed shortly after by the Covenant.[1]

A joint ONI and UNSC Navy operation to the colony in 2535 was one of then-Lieutenant (J.G.) Jacob Keyes' first assignments. He killed his first human, an Insurrectionist leader, during the riots.[2] He eventually recalled and lost this memory while infected by the Proto-Gravemind Flood entity.[3]


  • Charybdis was the daughter of the god Poseidon in Greek mythology. She was a nymph that was turned into a sea monster resembling a gigantic whirlpool by Zeus. Charybdis' companion sea monster was Scylla.
  • On the Halo 3 multiplayer map Orbital, there is an illuminated sign regarding an apparent transport from Charybdis IX that appears to have been 'delayed.' This is most likely an Easter Egg, as there would still not be transports going to Charybdis IX, seeing as it has been glassed for seventeen years.
The planet being referenced in Halo 3.


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