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The map of destinations (edited to show all ports)
The Charter ships (often simply called charter) are a fleet of merchant ships which form a fairly extensive shipping transport infrastructure which includes popular docks as well as ports in remote locations. Players must pay a fee ranging from 200-8,000 coins for transportation on the Charter ships. The fee is dependent on the destination - destinations which are further away or more remote than others have a higher cost. As with all nautical travel in RuneScape, the transportation time is only a few seconds, during which a map of Gielinor with the destinations labelled is displayed, and an animation of a ship travelling from the point of embarkment to the destination is played. The short duration of the travel and the variety of destinations - the more remote of which having few alternate methods of transportation - make the Charter ships favourable to other transportation systems, although some Charter ship routes have higher costs than other transportation methods.

An interesting fact is that the map 'reveals' areas of both the Kharidian Desert and Eastern Morytania, while these as of yet don't appear in-game.

Trader crewmembers stand at the docks of each destination in the Charter ships network. They run Trader Stan's Trading Post, a more versatile and exotic form of a general store which sells many items of interest as well as a few commodities which aren't stocked in specialty stores.


  • After completing the Cabin Fever quest, the price between two locations as displayed below, will be halved (50%).
  • The Ring of Charos(a) also lowers the charter costs 50%.
  • These cost reductions can be combined to reduce the costs to one quarter (25%).
Destination Brimhaven Catherby Karamja Mos Le'Harmless Port Khazard Port Phasmatys Port Sarim Shipyard Port Tyras Oo'glog
Brimhaven N/A 480 200 975* 400 2900 1600 400 3200 3800
Catherby 480 N/A 480 1750* 1600 3500 1000 1600 3200 3400
Karamja 200 480 N/A 225* 400 2900 N/A 200 3200 2000
Mos Le'Harmless 725* 625* 1025* N/A 1025* N/A 325* 275* 1600* 500*
Port Khazard 1600 1600 1600 1025* N/A 4100 1280 1600 3200 5000
Port Phasmatys 2900 3500 2900 N/A 4100 N/A 1300 N/A 3200 2800
Port Sarim 1600 1000 N/A 325* 1280 1300 N/A 400 3200 1400
Ship yard 400 1600 200 225* 720 N/A 400 N/A 3200 900
Port Tyras 3200 3200 3200 1600* 3200 3200 3200 3200 N/A 3200
Oo'glog 3800 3400 2000 550* 5000 2800 1400 900 3200 N/A
* Since travel to and from Mos Le'Harmless requires Cabin Fever to be completed anyway, the cost is already halved.

Quest Requirements


  • RuneScape Game Guide
    • Transportation - By Water Charter ships (Members Only)

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