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The region known as Charted Space is hundreds of parsecs across, but it is a mere droplet in the vast ocean of stars that is the galaxy. However, Charted space is unusual for one important reason – it has sentient life. Non-sentient life has been found beyond the little bubble of well-traveled space inhabited by the various major and minor races, but as far as explorers have traveled in any direction they have not found a sentient species that did not originate in Charted Space. The reason for this island of life among a billion barren worlds is unknown.

Of course, scientists concede that there may be sentient life out there, beyond the explored regions, who have not yet been contacted. There are groups of humans living on far-distant worlds at the edge of Charted Space. But they did not originate there; they were transported from Terra long ago for reasons unknown by a group or species known now as the Ancients.

Sector Matrix
Y\X -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
+5 ST Bl Zh Sa Da Ia Zh Rz Li VF Df Ir Fi Zo Sp Na Ha Ex
+4 Vi Bl Dr DJ CB Gh Ks ZKG Kn Kh OV KG An Rf Ta Kt Ko Xe
+3 Br
Sidiadl Sector Zdiedeiant Sector Stiatlchepr Sector Itvikiastaf Sector Knoellighz Sector Dhuerorrg Sector Ngathksirz Sector Fa Dzaets Sector Gzaekfueg Sector Gashikan Sector Trenchans Sector Ligim Sector Gaasher Sector Grikr!ng Sector Ukoarriit!!b Sector Kring Noor Sector Eiaplial Sector Zhodane Sector Tienspevnekr Sector Ziafrplians Sector Gvurrdon Sector Tuglikki Sector Provence Sector Windhorn Sector Meshan Sector Mendan Sector Amdukan Sector Arzul Sector Bariishra Sector Gur Sector Un'k!!k'ng Sector Xaagr Sector Tsadra Sector Yiklerzdanzh Sector Far Frontier Sector Foreven Sector Spinward Marches Sector Deneb Sector Corridor Sector Vland Sector Lishun Sector Antares Sector Empty Quarter Sector Stars End Sector Gh!hken Sector Ruupiin Sector Raakaan Sector Uuk Sector Astron Sector Fulani Sector Vanguard Reaches Sector The Beyond Sector Trojan Reaches Sector Reft Sector Gushemege Sector Dagudashaag Sector Core Sector Fornast Sector Ley Sector Gateway Sector Luretiir!girr Sector X'kug Sector Kilong Sector Bar'kakr Sector Theta Borealis Sector Theron Sector Iphigenaia Sector Touchstone Sector Riftspan Reaches Sector Verge Sector Ilelish Sector Zarushagaar Sector Massilia Sector Delphi Sector Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector Crucis Margin Sector Galiin Sector Gzirr!k'l Sector K'trekreer Sector Nuughe Sector Khaeaw Sector Faoheiroi'iyhao Sector Ftaoiyekyu Sector Afawahisa Sector Hlakhoi Sector Ealiyasiyw Sector Reaver's Deep Sector Daibei Sector Diaspora Sector Old Expanses Sector Hinterworlds Sector Leonidae Sector Extolian Sector Ricenden Sector Blaskon Sector Nooq Sector Hkakhaeaw Sector Esai'yo Sector Waroatahe Sector Karleaya Sector Staihaia'yo Sector Iwahfuah Sector Dark Nebula Sector Magyar Sector Solomani Rim Sector Alpha Crucis Sector Spica Sector Phlask Sector Centrax Sector Wrenton Sector Folgore Sector Avereguar Sector Yahehwe Sector Kefiykhta Sector Heakhafaw Sector Etakhasoa Sector Aktifao Sector Uistilrao Sector Ustral Quadrant Sector Canopus Sector Aldebaran Sector Neworld Sector Langere Sector Drakken Sector Lorspane Sector Porlock Sector Kidunal Sector Treece Sector Sector Map
+2 Pl Ee
+1 TD GI
0 CZ Mi
-1 Ma N!
-2 Ha Gz
-3 Tl Ko
-4 Kh Ge
-5 Af Oh Fa Hf Ir Te SS Ba Ha Ma Ha St Mi Da At Ka Uy Sp
-6 Ta A' Us Oi Ea Ft El Ah Ho Am RR Ph Tr Wr Mu La Te Ap
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– The New Era 1248 Sourcebook 1: Out Of The Darkness

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