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Two different charric models.

The charric was a Chiss ranged weapon. The term was often used specifically to denote personal weapons, including pistols and larger handguns similar in appearance to a two-handed blaster rifle, but it could also be applied to more powerful weapons mounted on vehicle hard points, and the much larger Megamaser artillery.

Charrics fired a blue beam sometimes described as a maser-guided particle discharge. By delivering both kinetic and thermal energy, the charric, like the blaster rendered most ceramic and polymer-based armors ineffective, but unlike the blaster caused an electric shock upon contact with metallic armors. Another useful property of Charrics is that they can't be reflected by lightsabers, and many times the sheer kinetic force of the bolts can rip a lightsaber right out of a user's hands.

Some were equipped with stun settings which shut off the particle beam and replaced the maser with a green EM-charge tuned to neurological patterns, though more damaging burn settings to incapacitate targets seem to have also been available. Charrics, while accurate, had shorter ranges than blasters, especially the handgun models. The charric handgun had a power pack that had to be replaced after 40 shots and had an effective range of eight meters.

Although the Republic did not know of the Chiss until the Imperial Era, the charric could mysteriously be found on Republic worlds as early as 3,951 BBY, such as Onderon.


Charric Blaster/Rifle

  • Type: Energy
  • Weapon Settings: Stun (for some models), Pain, Kill
  • Damage Types:
  • Stun (green beam) - causes possible unconsciousness for short time
  • Pain (blue beam) - causes burning damage
  • Kill (blue beam) - causes destructive damage
  • Armor rating: usually penetrates non-metallic armor, most metallic armors can withstand a shot, but can cause a knock-out/electrocution effect on metallic armor.
  • Multifire/Autofire: M
  • Range Increment: Blaster: 10 m / Rifle: 100 m
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Weight: 1.2 kg / 2.5 kg
  • Group: Blaster pistols, Rifles
  • Availability: Common, licensed (Very Rare, licensed outside of Chiss space)

These effective blaster pistols are used by the Chiss and are different from Republic blaster technology. Similarly to the blaster, they are directed-energy weapons and fire a form of particle beam. The difference is the charric used a maser-guidance system to direct and fire the beam. They are very elegant in appearance (as is befitting of the Chiss), and quite small in size. They almost always puncture nonmetallic armors, and ignore most protection provided by such armors. If the charric deals damage to a being wearing metallic armor, the target can be stunned or knocked out by electrocution. Some charric models can be set to stun normally just like any other blaster weapon, but most use low power settings to deal an incapacitating burn when attempting to stun a target.




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