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Connection to Charlotte Malkin

  • The daughter of psychic Richard Malkin was also named Charlotte. Mrs. Malkin said her daughter Charlotte Malkin came back to life, after drowning. This foreshadows the possibility that Charlotte Lewis will recover.
    • Having the same first name is not enough evidence to conclude that. The fact that John Locke came back to life via time travel is more likely the reason if she does come back.
    • However both the Charlotte's look very much alike
      • Now that we know more about Locke coming back to life, and Jacob, this makes this theory a little more possible.

Role in Naomi's group

  • Charlotte is "special." She is associated with Abaddon, who found Locke and may be tasked with finding special people. When Abaddon defended his choices of Lapidus, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel to Naomi, he was insistent that these people be part of the mission. Like Locke, these people may have premonitions of their future. Charlotte may have had a premonition of the island, and understands that this is what Miles is referring to when he talks about her trying to find the island. Their premonitions may have made finding the island possible, and this was the reason Abaddon chose them.
    • No "premonitions" ever occurred that helped the Kahana find island; island was found because Swan was discharged once and for all removing the "shield" of electromagnetism that obscured radar and was responsible for the Bermuda-Triangle nature of the island.
    • As for Charlotte we now know for certain that (as I've posted before) there is MORE to it then being a "special person." These people are all originally from the ISLAND. - except Lapidus, his purpose is another story; besides they needed a pilot.
  • Charlotte is wearing a bullet-proof vest when Ben shoots her because Naomi used the secret phase, "Tell my sister I love her" as a precaution.
  • Was the second in command, and now that Naomi is dead, she was the leader of the Freighter Three. However, toward the end of "", Daniel seemed to be in the ascent. Eventually, with Daniel missing and Naomi dead, the Freighter group was no longer an entity.
  • She is the only one to whom a degrading nickname is not assigned by Naomi, showing respect.
  • Has practical field experience. Her flashback sets her up like an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft type scientist.
  • She is clever, as shown by her ability to sound convincing that she's not there to harm them, even when it is obvious that that is what Locke's group thinks.
  • Locke's group may, however, be wrong. Charlotte could be a "good person" caught up in Matthew Abaddon's grand scheme through her own curiosity, and may have genuinely believed that the plan was to rescue the survivors.
  • She is going to be very active in the study of the Island powers
  • Charlotte was chosen by Abaddon to give her expertise on the island ruins and the Temple Inhabitants social structure. The producers have mentioned in podcasts that they did not make a big distinction between archeology and cultural anthropology in terms of the actual discipline divide in academia so we should assume she has expertise in both ancient ruins/languages and modern social organization. She will play a significant role in future episodes that deal with the Temple site on the island and will be able to understand and translate the ruin symbols.
    • Indeed, many universities (like Cambridge, for example) have merged Archeology and Anthropology in the same faculty. Charlotte's conviction that studying and researching in that area would bring her to the Island remains a mystery, however.

Charlotte's Parents

  • Charlotte is the daughter of Ben and Annie
    • Considering Ben is a young teenager when Charlotte is a toddler I think we can assume Ben is not Charlotte's father.
  • Ben spared their lives and sent them away before The Purge.
    • Charlotte and her mother left the Island before the Incindent,which happened a lot prior to the Purge, just as Miles and his mother. For some reason neither of them ever came back.
  • Charlotte is the daughter of Others
  • This is indicated by the fact that she recalled her history on the island in a specific order. DHARMA was mentioned as "then there was this THING, the DHARMA Initiative...and he told me I had to leave and never come back." If she were an Initiative baby her words should have indicated that. Also it would be a bit redundant to have Miles(Chang's baby- that's right I am assuming that) and Charlotte both be children of the Initiative.
    • It isn't's a pattern. It indicates that there are survivors to the purge. She called the DHARMA Initiative a thing because she was born into it and because it was this secret that was forever denied by her mother post island. If she had spent her entire childhood with DHARMA she probably would have spoken with more reverence or venom. As it stands the DHARMA Initiative was this big mysterious thing she can't quite wrap her head around.
    • Okay so it's a redundant pattern, i buy that; however there is just as much evidence/lack of evidence that Charlotte was either DHARMA or Other so I don't see how this point refutes my theory that she was parented by people who weren't DHARMA. The fact that her mother survived calls into question how they (mom and daughter) would have escaped the Purge.
    • Hmmm... she did say "Why can't Daddy come with us ?" in her hallucinations/memories of "This Place Is Death". That would indicate that her father remained on the Island, while Charlotte and someone (presumably her mother) escaped right before the purge.
      • Alright I take it back, looks like she's the little girl in "LaFleur".
  • Charles Widmore is the father and NAMESAKE of Charlotte
  • Charlotte's sister would then inevitably be Penelope Widmore. They were separated and raised by different parents (this assumption would explain why Penny never mentions her). I admit this theory doesn't hold much water on its own but hey, the use of the name or derivatives of the name Charles on the show is widespread and those named Charles (CW, Charlie Pace, little Charlie Hume, Charlotte Malkin, and Charlotte Lewis -did I miss any?) MAY have some kind of connections. Or, there should be some other kind of reasoning behind the all the Chucky's - since this is a TV show and not reality it is therefore constructed consciously and the names are not random. Who knows, maybe Charlie Pace is also named after Widmore down the line (if one ascribes to the theories that Hawking is Pace's grandmother and that she was once romantically involved with CW).
  • This is unlikely. Though plans for characters have changed (Ben was only suppose to be a 3 episode character) the original Charlotte was going to be American (The changed the character to British after liking the actors audition). With that in mind, it's unlikely the a British Widmore would have a daughter grow up in America (as it was originaly intended) so this fact would translate to the "new" British character.
  • Wouldn't Desmond have recognized her?
  • Not necessarily; from what we've seen Desmond has only had 3 interactions with CW; in the car after prison, during Swan flash, and after new memory in "Jughead" and the subject has never come up (maybe between Penny & Des after leaving Island, don't know yet, not enough info). It is entirely possible, now plausible? Could be...
  • Alternately, Charlotte could be CW's neice. The fact that she said she couldn't remember her mother's maiden name, seems like an important hint that the last name might be one we would recognize. Perhaps Charles had a sister on the island. Also -- "Charlotte" is a feminine form of "Charles" -- a loving sister might well name her child after her brother...
  • Charlotte is Daniel's half (or possible full) sister. This would explain why he loves her. Widmore is the father of both of them.
  • Daniel Faraday is Charlotte's Father
  • Daniel Faraday was somehow on the Island during the DHARMA Initiative period, at a date after 1973 (determined by the Willie Nelson record). It is therefore possible that if Charlotte was born on the Island, Daniel could be the father.
  • In "The Little Prince," Daniel keeps asking if Charlotte is all right and Charlotte says, "Quit babying me." Perhaps a hint that Daniel's love may be paternal love?
  • Daniel never kisses Charlotte on the lips, only on the forehead, paternally.
  • Charlotte last saw her father when she a girl, date undetermined. She also was talked to by a "crazy" man, who scared her; he told her that she had to leave the Island and never return, under penalty of death. That man was Daniel. She never saw her father again. Daniel is jumping through time
  • Counter-evidence: They don't look much alike.
  • To say, "I'm in love with the woman sitting next to me," not "I love the..." suggests romance rather than paternity.
  • This doesn't really make any sense... She seemed to remember her father relatively clearly, just that she never saw him after leaving the Island. She also remembered seeing Daniel when she was young... separately from her memory of her father. If they were the same person, I'm pretty sure she would've recalled that bit of information. You don't realize the guy you're talking to was the crazy man who scared you as a child, and NOT realize he's also your father.
  • This is too far fetched. Even if we assume that sometime in the past (due to the time skipping) Daniel get romantically involved with someone else (not likely, given that he just lost his love), and fathered a child, there is still a question addressed above.
  • A responsible time-traveling physicist would recognize that sleeping around in the past (or future) is probably the worst idea ever, due to the hundreds of potential paradoxes created if it resulted in a pregnancy.
  • Ms. Hawking is Charlotte's Mother
  • Ms. Hawking would be the appropriate age, nationality and have the Island connection to be the mother.
  • Keep in mind the "Star Wars" theme. Daniel and Charlotte just might be brother and sister, offspring of Eloise and Charles. Just like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.
  • Like Jack and Claire, Hawking could have given birth to both Charlotte and Daniel, with two different fathers, one on island, one off.
  • I was thinking exactly like Jack and Claire, same father different mother. Only Widmore and Hawking for Faraday and Widmore and unknown for Charlotte.
  • Charlotte's sister is Theresa Spencer, the girl in the time coma. Daniel Faraday being the American, Danny, the fiance´ Charlotte mentions while being struck by the time sickness. Eloise is both of the women's mother, Faraday was trying to say find my mother-in-law to Desmond. Charlotte would not have met her sister's fiance´ because she was busy globetrotting for research.
  • Olivia and Horace Goodspeed are Charlotte's parents
  • Olivia and Charlotte left the Island due to increasing attacks by the Hostiles. Horace stayed behind on the Island but probably intended to rejoin them later. The Purge happened, Horace died and the Island was lost to the outside world. Since there was nothing Olivia could do, she decided to forget about the Island, start over in England and remarry. Charlotte arrived in England at a young enough age to adopt an English accent.
    • Also, when Locke sees Horace cutting wood for the cabin, he starts to bleed, just like Charlotte. By the way, in this scene it looks like Locke or Godspeed is "skiping" trough time.
    • Because Charlotte left the island with her mother, but not her father, if Charlotte's parents are Olivia and Horace, this helps make sense out of some lingering timeline questions. Olivia and Horace appear to be married from the time Ben is born until at least the time Ben first met Richard in "The Man Behind the Curtain." But, four years later, in "LaFleur", Horace and Amy have a child together and Olivia seems to be out of the picture. Assuming she leaves the island with her mother, Olivia, soon after our glimpse of young Charlotte in "LaFleur", we can also assume that something happened that caused Olivia and Horace to end their relationship and Olivia to leave the island, taking Charlotte with her. This explains how Horace appeared to be with Olivia in 1973 and Amy in 1977. It also might explain why Horace got so drunk the night Amy gave birth to Ethan, since having a baby might bring up memories of his daughter, Charlotte, who has not seen in three years.

[[Category:Charlotte and sun have same father Mr Paik. Since Mr Paik knows Charles Widmore, it is possible that they spent some time on the island together. Mr Paik was a member of DI at some point and married an english woman and had a daughter (Charlotte). At sometime after the birth of Charlotte, Mr Paik returned to Korea (Sometime in mid to late 70s), leaving Charlotte and her mother behind. Remember Sun was not born until 1980. ]] [[Category:Her mother (Jeanette) married a korean, that is the reason why Charlotte mentioned "What would my mother say about me marrying an American" meaning not marrying an English. The reason why she doesn't remember her father very much is because he was not around. She knew her father is korean, that is the reason why she learned Korean. ]]

Possible Allusions

  • Charlotte Staples Lewis's name is very close to that of Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia. This is another hint that the island may be located in another dimension. Charlotte made her entry to the island by cutting her parachute cords and landing in a pool. This is similar to a scene in the novel The Magician's Nephew, in which entry to the other world of Narnia is gained by swimming through a magical pool of water.
    • C.S. Lewis wrote the book Prince Caspian, which tells the story of four people coming back to a faraway place they have been before--but is now changed from what it once was because time in that realm goes faster than it does in the 'real world'. They are summoned back by the call of someone in that land, step through time/space to return, and they work with the inhabitants to restore it.
    • Additionally, in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the children travel to an alternate dimension and live for years--only to return to their old world and find that very little time has passed.

Babbling Before Death

"Don't bring her back - this place is Death!" was not a warning to Jin about Sun but a remembrance of what Daniel said to her mother to try to keep Charlotte from returning and dying in the flashes.

  • Charlotte repeated, "You know what my mom would say about me marrying an American." So:
    • She married or considered marrying or rejected the proposal of an American.
    • This went on without her consulting her mother or her mother was dead.
    • Theresa is Charlotte's sister, and Charlotte was recalling Theresa's words about marrying Faraday.
    • The babbling happened because Faraday went back in time after Charlotte died to warn her. The memories flooded into her head because they weren't there before that incident. Much like when Faraday gave Desmond directions to visit his mom while he was in the swan, the memory flooded his head like a dream. But since she was still awake, she reverted to her childhood to recover the memory that Faraday will plant in a couple episodes.
      • it's been said plenty of times that Lost uses a one-dimensional timeline...this means that whatever happened has already happened and cannot be changed...Desmond is the only one this doesn't apply to
  • Charlotte's last words were "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner". She says this with a childish grin on her face. Later Dan will offer the child Charlotte a chocolate bar to get her to listen to him as he warns her to leave the island.
  • When Charlotte says 'Don't let them bring her back!' she's telling Jin not to let them take Sun back in time, rather than to the island.
  • When Charlotte says 'Don't let them bring her back!' she's telling Jin not to let them bring JiYeon back, rather than Sun.

Who Taught Her Korean

  • Charlotte learned Korean from Jin during their time at the DHARMA initiative.
  • Charlotte learned Korean from Jacob after leaving the island. Specific points have now been made that both Jacob and Charlotte speak Korean.
    • Charlotte taught Jacob Korean. She was resurrected after her body was left in the ancient time period and had a son named Jacob. She taught him Korean and about the future and he became the leader of the Island.
  • Pierre Chang is Korean and had all DHARMA Initiative personnel learn Korean as a code language just as the others know Latin.
    • Pierre Chang is ethnically Chinese, not Korean.

Is she dead?

  • When Charlotte "died" she was in ancient times (with the statue), her body is suspiciously left in these ancient times (even though some non-living objects traveled along with them, such as the Ajira boats and the rope), which means she is not dead and we will see her again when we learn more about ancient times on the island. Either she didn't die, or she was brought back to life by the others of that time. Once in ancient times, she defected to the others.
    • Didn't Charlotte die in the unknown time period with the well, just before the ancient period? If so, that was NOT the ancient time period. Her body would not have traveled to the ancient time period, but would have stayed in the well time period. (Remember that Locke fell down to the wheel, and the flash that made him drop transported them all to the ancient time period.)
    • This doesn't mean that she isn't dead. She died in the ancient times, rendering her not-living. Daniel may not have been holding onto her body, so her body was left behind. The boat and the rope stayed through the time travel because they were being touched or held (the survivors were on the boat and Sawyer was holding the rope).
    • Her body did not travel in the last flash that brought the group to 1974. Interestingly, she is seen by Daniel as a little girl there.
  • During one of the flashes, she traveled with the group, including Locke, to the near future. That was when the Ajira water bottle was found in one of the canoes on the beach. Because she was alive to take that canoe ride in the future, she will be alive again.
    • This is false reasoning. To Charlotte's experience, she has already done this, so she doesn't need to come back to life to do it again.
      • Well, IIana's group is very close to the point in the story when they take chase in the canoe. They now have the guns, the canoes are there (Dead is Dead). They will take them from Hydra Island to the beach camp. Then they will see Charlotte and the rest of Locke's group in the canoe, and shoot at them. So from their perspective at least she will be alive again.
  • Theory: her dead or near-dead body is found in Ancient times by Jacob's Nemesis. She's interrogated, either by necromancy, telepathy, or just talking, allowing Jacob's Nemesis to formulate his plan to kill Jacob using knowledge of the future. Then, to hide the evidence she was there from Jacob, he eats her. Hence: "Would you like some fish?" "No thank you, I just ate."Pictish 16:30, 9 July 2009 (UTC)
  • I don't know how she might have been alive, but when her body was left into the ancient times there should be a skeleton in 1977 or she was taken or her body already turned into ash so we can also indicate that the circle of ash surrounding Jacob's cabin is Charlotte who was there because she was very special and protected Jacob as other dead people do just in a different way.

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