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Was Desmond telling the truth about Charlie's death leading to Claire's rescue?


Theory 1: Yes, Charlie's sacrifice was supposed to end up with Claire stepping onto a helicopter and being rescued

  • The Kahana did have a helicopter that she surely would have escaped on as Desmond described. She and Kate would have met in the forest where she, Jack and Sawyer met, and surely Claire, accompanied by Kate or Sawyer, would been a priority to get on to the helicopter or the boat.
  • This would have happened if Christian hadn't intervened. If Jacob can see the future (as the Others seem to rely on him to do), then Christian's intervention counteracted Desmond's and made sure that Aaron was taken off the island, Claire stayed, and maybe by extension that Kate would also be put in charge of Aaron for the day, and then for at least the next several years. This intervention has big consequences.
  • Desmond's interference in Charlie's inevitable death caused severe ripples in time changing things that were "meant to be". This is evidenced by Jack telling Kate that "they weren't supposed to leave the island", and by John Locke telling Jack that he "wasn't supposed to do this" after stabbing Naomi. The island began trying to kill Charlie after Jack brought him back to life due to Ethan hanging him.
  • Desmond saw separate things (the helicopter, everyone including Claire celebrating that they were going to be rescued, Jack/Kate/other O6 getting on the helicopter, etc), this is, separate images, and incorrectly concluded that Claire was going to be among the saved.
  • Kate came back to the Island to bring Claire off the Island, and to Aaron. Desmond DID see Claire getting into a Helicopter, just, not at the time Charlie thought she would.

Theory 2: No, Desmond had to get Charlie to complete the mission for other reasons and used the story of Claire to motivate him

  • At least once before (to retrieve Naomi and be back with Penny) Desmond risked Charlie's life. In the end, he was reunited with Penny and Charlie dies, and Claire wasn't rescued like he said.
  • Charlie was resigned to the idea that somehow his death was required for Claire's escape outcome to happen.
  • Charlie didn't necessarily have to die (meaning he could have survived and Claire still might be rescued), but his death was the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Desmond's visions are choppy flashes of the future, often in pieces and out of any context that he understands, and his assumption of a chain of events which needs to happen a certain way is incorrect. This means that the parachutist would have ended up being Naomi regardless of whether Desmond saved Charlie's life that day. However, because Charlie was working under this assumption and believed that he had to die in order to save Claire, he chose not to swim out of the room.
  • Desmond saw that he would be reunited with Penny and that Aaron would make it off the island as a result of Charlies sacrifice and tells him Claire will be rescued as well in order to sell this to Charlie. In "Catch-22" we see that Desmond could risk the life of a friend at the prospect of reuniting with Penny.

Theory 3: Yes, Charlie's sacrifice will (eventually) end up with Claire stepping onto a helicopter being rescued

  • It ain't over yet.
  • Notice he said "Claire and her baby getting on a helicopter" - nothing specifically about Aaron. Since Aaron is with Kate now and at least some of the O6 are anxious to return, Claire may get on a helicopter and off the island someday after all, perhaps with another baby.
  • Perhaps, in an ironic twist of fate, the baby Desmond is referring to is Kate's baby?

Theory 4: Yes, but Desmond misinterpreted his flash

  • He's done it before.
  • Aaron did get in the helicopter in the arms of a woman, which Desmond naturally assumed was Claire.
  • Desmond is a lousy liar yet there doesn't seem to be another helicopter coming for Claire.

Was it really Charlie that appeared to Hurley at the mental hospital?

Theory 1: No, Hurley is crazy

  • Hurley has a history of seeing people that aren't actually there. When he saw Charlie, it was much like when he saw Dave. He has deep-rooted connections with these characters, and therefore they appear to him when he is in distress.
    • Except Hurley was completely comfortable at the time that Charlie popped up - if anything Charlie was the cause of distress.

and except that one of the other patients also so Charlie, speaking to Hurley about the man he saw.

Theory 2: Hurley actually saw Charlie

  • Another patient at the hospital saw Charlie first and pointed him out to Hurley.
    • The other patient may have not been pointing out Charlie, but one of Widmore's men that was staking out Hurley.
    • The other patient could have been another hallucination, similar to Hurley's first imaginary friend, or another spirit from the island.
  • If you follow the Christ imagery to conclusion (knowing of his death, walking into it willingly) then there is likely to be a "resurrection" of a sort, though not of the literal type. It might just be possible that Charlie never actually died, and so sets him up for a "resurrection"..
    • And, note, an "ascension" meaning he would leave again before the end of the series.
      • They essentially did that exact same thing already with Locke, and even in a sense with Christian. So they may not do it for fear of repetition, or they may to continue the pattern.
  • The island can manifest itself into forms of people off the island as well as on the island. Hurley has a close connection to Charlie and that is why the island chose to appear in that form. As for why Hurley is playing chess with Eko that may simply be because he has lost his grip on reality because of his visions of Charlie.
  • Charlie didn't die. He swam through the porthole after the communication room filled with water.
    • It really appeared as though the port hole was too small for even the small build of Charlie to swim through.
    • Considering he performed a benediction on himself and sank to the bottom of the room (namely, he had no oxygen left in his system, and was no longer buoyant), this is next to impossible. Also, if he'd swam to the surface, he'd have reappeared on the raft along with Desmond.
  • If Jacob's rival was able to take the form of Locke, it could be that Jacob appeared to Hurley as Charlie (and Eko, Libby etc.) as part of events leading up to O6's return to the island. Both Jacob and his rival may have appeared in other forms to the rest of the O6 to either prevent them or aid them in returning. (e.g. Claire "appeared" to Kate and told her not to bring Aaron back, Christian appeared to Jack which helped (amongst other factors) him become so unstable that he decided to return.

Other Theories

  • Charlie might be the son of Desmond and Penny. The son of Desmond and Penny is named Charlie. There are no coincidences in LOST. A bit far fetched, but who knows.
    • On the other hand it might just be showing Desmond and Penny's respect for Charlie, who was raised by very different parents after all.
    • Charlie the baby was named after Charlie Pace, as confirmed by Damon and Carlton. He is also Charlie Pace, through a strange, almost paradoxical time-travel effect.
      • The musical cue played when Desmond states the child's name was more of a sympathetic tone; A composer would play this tune during a touching moment. I think it can be confirmed that the child was named in honor of Charlie.
      • As touching as the final respect of naming his son after his dear friend would be, Desmond probably named his Charles after Charles Dickens more than anyone else. It was, however, confirmed by Damon and Carlton that he was named after Charlie Pace. Damon and Carlton said in a podcast that there was almost a scene in the episode in which Desmond explained it.
      • The son could also be named Charlie after Penny's father Charles Widmore. This would seem strange because of the tension between Desmond and Mr. Widmore, but it is possible.
        • Charlie Hume is Charlie Pace. In Catch 22 when Charlie Pace is questioning why Desmond was willing to sacrifice him, Des spoke of Abraham in the Bible being tested ( God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac ) and Des said that it was a test he failed ex. Des does not sacrifice his son Charlie.
          • because of this he cannot rescue Penny (she "turns into" Naomi - since Desmond, the variable can alter the timeline) He only contacts Penny after and as a result of Charlie's death.
  • When Desmond turned the fail-safe key Charlie went time traveling, but forgot all about it afterward, which is why he forgot everything that happened. Perhaps if he did go traveling he visited Hurley in the future, but that's even more far fetched.
  • Or alternatively, when Desmond turned the fail-safe key Charlie encountered a time traveler, and when that time traveler vanished Charlie's memory of the encounter did too. Perhaps in a future Lost episode we'll see this encounter, and it might explain some things.
  • When the Hatch imploded, Charlie also traveled back in time to the DHARMA age where he programmed the Looking Glass jammer. When DHARMA began experimenting with Time, Charlie was pulled back to the Hatch implosion with only vague memories of his life with DHARMA. This would account for why Charlie was so intent on finding out about Desmond; he wanted to know if Desmond had similar experiences. It also accounts for why he seemed so happy to see Claire on the beach after escaping the Hatch because from his perspective it had been much longer.
  • After Desmond left for the boat, an unknown person swam and took Charlie out of the window and then resurrected him using CPR
    • Charlie was too big to fit through that window.
  • The Ajira Flight 316 survivors will end up going to the Looking Glass and when they look through the window in the door to the radio room it will be flooded but Charlie won't be there
    • There doesn't seem to really be a reason for anyone to go back to the Looking Glass, except to maybe retrieve Charlie's remains for a proper burial.
      • I don't think there'd be much there after three years...
  • Charlie was made immortal by Jacob in the same way as Richard and thus survived the drowning. He miraculously survived being hanged by Ethan. He will return in season 6 as Jacob's protege/successor as has hinted with Jacob giving Hurley the guitar case.
    • Jacob hasn't made Richard immortal, only stopping him from age.
  • Not sure how many people are aware, but ABC are running those 'ABC House' Commercials these days and Charlie is actually featured in one of them. In that commercial he's told 'You're dead' (playing fuesball) to which he replies either 'I was,' or 'I wasn't' (I can't tell). Watch at YouTube under ABC House' Promo with Charlie Pace'.
      • He said "I was."
  • Charlie did not die. Somehow he escapes the flooding room in the looking glass. He too gets moved to the 1970s and at some point starts a new band called Geronimo Jackson. Geronimo Jackson is subtly mentioned in multiple episodes of Lost and seems to be a popular band in the Dharma community (Album in the Swan, a poster in the Barracks). On the cover of Geronimo Jackson's album, there is a man with a blond beard and a bass...looks a lot like Charlie. Geronimo Jackson has some mysterious relationship to the Dharma Initiative that is unexplained. Charlie, like Sawyer and the gang, works with the Dharma Initiative, in hix case in the Looking Glass and will program the code to "Good Vibrations." In the final season of Lost, Charlie will be discovered in the looking glass station. Geronimo Jackson will also some how be included.
    • it is unlikely that Charlie is the guy on the Geronimo Jackson cover because that man is leaning on an American flag and Charlie is British
      • Could this be Charlie?
        When you blow up the picture, it's not the guy in front with the bass who looks like Charlie -- it's the guy sitting down, second from left in the picture. In fact, it looks a lot like Charlie!
    • Geronimo Jackson, may have been a real band as Damon and Carlton stated. There is, however, no other record outside of the LOST community of the band ever really exsisting. It would be strange if Damon and Carlton happened to be the only two people in the world who ever heard of this band. If Dominic Monaghan decides to come back in series 6, it is possible that he would become the musician that programmed "Good Vibrations" as the code.
    • He said he'd never heard of Geronimo Jackson.
      • Yes, what he said was true at the time he said it. But if he happened to be in a band in the 70s, he actually had not experienced himself going back in time to the 70s yet -- just like the other Losties. So for him it had not happened yet, according to the rules of time travel as presented on Lost.
  • Actually he can't have a key role in season 6 due to the fact that he's busy with another series "Flash Forward" with a completely different style.
  • Will appear in a alternate timeline where 815 never crashed
  • Another weak theory is he's actually Charls widmore
  • Charlie died in 1st season episode All_the_Best_Cowboys_Have_Daddy_Issues when he got his neck stretched by Ethan/others, jack tried to save him, and failed. there was a good minute after he "died". before he got "resurrected/possessed" by perhaps jacob's nemesis.. All charlie afterwards was the nemesis/smokey.. seriously, watch the scene, it is almost identical to sayid's resurrection in the premiere episode 6th season.
  • in LA X part 1, we see that Charlie wants to die. Maybe in this timeline Charlie wants to die the whole time, but he can't. At the island he didn't want to die, but he had to. It's like Hurley who's now lucky insteade of unlucky.

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