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Charlie Company was a United Nations Space Command Marine unit stationed on Reach. Their exploits are mentioned in Halo: First Strike. They were ordered by Admiral Whitcomb to get the Nova Bombs, weapons so powerful that they could turn the tides in space battles and had enough explosive energy to destroy whole planets. They used handheld weapons, Warthogs, Scorpion Tanks, and Gun Turrets. They were led by Lieutenant Buckman and Lieutenant Jake Chapman. During the fight, an air-strike was called to bomb the Covenant soldiers, though commanders at HIGHCOM panicked at how close the Covenant were to the Orbital Defense Generator, and ordered the Longsword pilots to bomb everything within a five hundred meter radius, resulting in the deaths of many of the soldiers, including Buckman. Chapman, with help via radio from Admiral Whitcomb, pulled his men together and fought back against the Covenant, killing many of them. The remaining troops eventually defeated the aliens, though at the end of the battle, only a Corporal and three Marines were alive out of two hundred men.[1] They were later found by Spartan-029 (Joshua), Spartan-087 (Kelly), Spartan-104 (Fred), and the remaining Spartans. After telling Fred about their battle, they were ordered to reach a rendezvous point in two warthogs with the six wounded Spartans. This team of Marines and the Wounded Spartans was callsigned Team Delta.

They were separated from the rest of Spartan-043's team and lost contact. Their ultimate fate is unknown, but they are likely dead due to the glassing of Reach.


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