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Charlie's piano


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Formerly Charlie, was sold by Liam
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Was bought by Megan Pace
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Charlie's piano was seen in the episode "Fire + Water", and provided a metaphor for Charlie's feelings of family and his urge to "save" them.

The piano, a Kawai studio upright, was given to Charlie by his mother Megan Pace at Christmas, when Charlie was eight years old (this can be calculated due to Liam's toy present, Voltron, popular in 1984 when Charlie would be eight). In a dream Charlie has of this scene, his mother says that with the piano Charlie will become successful and will "save" them. It remained with Charlie throughout his time in the band Drive Shaft, being used when Charlie composed new songs.

The piano was sold by Liam to pay for plane tickets for he, his wife and daughter to travel to Australia. It later appeared in another dream Charlie had where he plays it, only to discover that Aaron is trapped inside it. The piano is then seen rolling out to sea.


The piano can be seen as a dramatic device to reflect Charlie's family. It was bought so that Charlie could become rich and thereby improve his family's standard of living. This is why the piano houses Aaron in a dream, as Charlie believes Aaron needs saving, and so this belief manifests itself inside an object that, to Charlie, symobolises the concept of saving.

Liam leaving a smoking cigarette on top of the piano with no regard may also symbolise Liam's attitude of not valuing Charlie in his idea of "family". This is reinforced by him selling the piano to help he, his wife and child (what he sees as his family). Abandoning Charlie at the same time, the piano's departure demonstrates Charlie's loss of family.


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