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Time Loop: Desmond is his father



  • Penny and Des named their boy after Charlie Pace (the rocker)...but one could theorize that because of the time-traveling-world Lost has created, Penny and Desmond's child grows up to be the Charles Widmore we believe to be Penny's father... This explains a lot regarding his relation/involvement with Desmond. (This type of loop has been shown before: in season 4 would we ever believed Jin taught Charlotte Korean?)--Talkster 03:27, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

Involvement with Main Characters

Theory 1: Widmore was instrumental in getting the passengers of Flight 815 to the Island


  • His employee Abaddon put the walkabout idea in Locke's head


  • Widmore only "helped" Locke get to the Island -- and no one else -- because Locke was the only person Widmore knew would actually live on the Island at one point in his life, since he saw him there in 1954.
  • Widmore had no idea 815 was going to crash.
    • If he knew it was going to crash he would know where the island is, so why not just send a team to extract Linus at that point rather than waiting for a plane to crash there?
      • Just because he knew the plane was going to crash, does not mean he knew where the Island was. He may have needed the crash to help him find the Island.
  • If Widmore could somehow see the future (Which would be required to predict the thousands of variables required to get certain people on the plane) why send the freighter? The two actions of A) sending a military and science team on a specific mission to extract one man using brute force and direct transportation and B) minutely altering people's lives in order to conspire events that they would survive a plane crash onto the island could NOT be the actions of the same person.
  • The various coincidences involving Widmore prior to the crash are no more or less likely than the many other coincidences involving characters on the show.
  • Widmore has no relation with Thomas whatsoever, the painting is not proof, it is reused props. The painting in his office is at least 7-8 years before the painting is in Thomas' apartment. Desmond had the meeting in Widmore's office in 1996 and Claire realizing she was pregnant in early 2004, the time line in which above screen shots were taken.

Theory 2: Widmore was instrumental in getting Desmond to crash on the Island


  • Charles intentionally antagonized Desmond so he would be driven down the path of going to the Island.
  • Widmore continued to intervene in Desmond's life, long after Penny had moved on, giving him the money that he used to finance his training and ultimately sail to the Island, leading to the crash of Flight 815 on the island.
    • In Live Together, Die Alone, Desmond tells Libby that he did not take Widmore's money. It is arguable, however, that offering Desmond money was more of a motivation to enter the sailing race than actually having the means to do so; it insulted Desmond's sense of honor that Widmore thought he could be paid to abandon Penny.
  • When Desmond got sent back in time, it was to the very day he met Charles Widmore. Everything that happens on the island hinged on that day, that meeting.
  • Ms. Hawking may have also worked for Widmore, we saw her picture with the Monk who originally recruited Desmond away from marriage and to the monastery - where on the day he was fired, Widmore had ordered wine from the abbey, Penny went to pick it up, and Penny and Desmond became a couple.
    • If Ms. Hawking is working for Widmore, then he too must know the way things are "supposed" to be; it would take a tremendous amount of foresight to know that sending Penny to pick up wine would lead to Desmond turning the fail-safe key, plus the entire thing hinges on Penny and Desmond falling in love, which is not something Widmore would have even wanted to happen.
    • The producers admitted that Ms. Hawking is a temporal policeman that is there to make sure that Desmond makes it to the island. Brother Campbell is also a temporal policeman in that he makes sure that Desmond meets Penelope at the monastery.
  • Penny is presumably using Widmore (her father's) money to search for Desmond who is on the island.
  • Widmore was holding a race around the world in hopes of someone finding the island for him.
  • We know Widmore sponsored Daniel Farraday and his research. Daniel told Widmore about his encounter with Desmond (in Desmond's mind traveling from The Constant). This prompts Widmore into creating the race itself and hiring someone (Libby) to give Desmond the boat which may or may not have had a gps tracking device in it. Widmore also manipulates Desmond into actually wanting to go on the sailboat race in order to prove himself to Widmore as not a coward. Widmore learns from Daniel that Desmond will spend 3 years in the hatch and cause the crash of 815 and that he will turn the failsafe key which allows Widmore to find the island in the first place.


  • None of Widmore's activities seem to have foresight or omnipotent knowledge. For the most part he has very little idea where the island is.
  • If he knew Desmond would crash on the island, why not travel to the island directly?
  • Why would he want Desmond to crash there? He still could not find the island even once Desmond crashed.
  • The race and the hot air balloon sponsorship are likely sneakier means of trying to find the Island. That is why the race began in LA, to ensure the highest number of boats would still be in the race during the Pacific stretch. Widmore hoped that a boat with a radio would inform the race committee about an Island that was not on their charts.

The Reasons for Widmore's involvement with particular passengers of Flight 815 before the crash

  • Somehow, the Others seemed to have an interest in Locke, as well as an ability to find him, way before he ever came in contact with the island. Widmore, someone familiar with the island and DHARMA, may have access to similar knowledge.
  • Widmore wanted people on Flight 815 because he knew it would crash, and he put particular people on that flight because they had the ability to overthrow Ben - Widmore's enemy, and might help him get closer to reclaiming the island.
  • As we see from above, there is reason to suspect that he is watching Claire, Locke, Desmond, and perhaps Hurley via Libby in Santa Rosa.

Widmore is still working for the island


  • He is still sending people to the island who have a role on there like Desmond and "special" people like Locke (through Abaddon) and perhaps others.
    • He pays for Daniel's research and sends him to the Island in order for Daniel to devise a plan to stop the "incident". Although the incident occurs, the use of the bomb prevents complete destruction of the Island.
    • It's notable that aside from the mercenaries (including Naomi), every member of the Kahana expedition Widmore hired had a connection to the island -- and this can't be a coincidence. Lapidus was the original 815 pilot; Charlotte left the island as a child, as did Miles; and Faraday had to return to complete the Jughead plan.
  • In the "present", Ben also works "for" the Island, though he doesn't live there.
  • By putting the fake Flight 815 on the ocean floor, he is helping to conceal the island.
  • He tells Ben that he is having, presumably island related, nightmares in "The Shape of Things to Come". This implies that he, like Locke and Ben has dreams. In the case of the latter two, these dreams or premonitions often told them what the island wanted them to do next.
  • Widmore is only the "bad guy" according to Ben. He wants to find and reclaim the island because he believes Ben is the bad guy. He thinks the island wants him to reclaim it.

Counter evidence

  • The "Secondary Protocol" that Widmore gave the freighter crew was to torch the entire island once they had captured Ben. It seems unlikely that this would be in the interest of the island.
    • However, it could be argued that he ordered this knowing the island would not allow those it actually needed to die. This way he could count on Ben's loyal followers being killed while Locke and those who were truly Widmore and Locke's people would survive.
    • 'Torching the island would in his eyes cause no damage to the island itself, only to the people on it - who are of little to no consequence. Widmore was still working in the Island's favour here.

Relationship to other characters

  • Employer of Matthew Abaddon, who has had contact pre flight 815 with Locke (encouraging him to go to Australia), and post flight, representing himself as a lawyer from Oceanic Airlines, questions Hurley about whether anyone else "survived."
  • Lied to Gault when he told him Ben put the fake wreckage of 815 on the ocean floor. It was him really.


  • Charles was not born on the Island. The Island has a rule that the leader of the Others, the one who speaks to Jacob, must come from off the Island. This is why Charles, then Ben, and now (apparently) John Locke are leaders while Richard Alpert is not.
    • There is no long lost tribe of natives on the island. No one is indigenous to the island. Some people have simply been there longer than others. Some ancient Egyptians probably crashed there and stayed just like everyone else. Richard isn't native. He has simply been on the island longer than anyone else. He has a covenant with the island. If he follows the leader he can keep his immortality. Richard isn't that special. The island gave him immortality but that's all he got. Charles/Ben/Locke etc can speak to Jacob unlike Richard. They're chosen...Richard isn't.
      • As of the Season 5 finale, we know that Richard Alpert can communicate with Jacob. We have seen Ben with Jacob, but the "Jacob" Ben preached to the others was one he made up and never actually communicated with.
      • If you think of it that way, then no one is indigenous to the island because based on migration patterns and evolution, it would be impossible to have humans there unless they arrived some how through travel (whether time, sea, air, etc.)
  • Charles Widmore was born on the island and will in Season 6 kidnap Aaron (who was also born on the island as were Ethan and Alex) to serve as a proxy for him (Widmore) to return there, by recreating the conditions of his own arrival.

Widmore - working for Jacob's enemy or Jacob ?

  • Ben and Charles have been puppets of Jacob and his enemy. Neither Ben nor Charles is the true champion of Jacob or his enemy. Ben and Charles have each been manipulated by both parties rather than one or the other. Charles originally thought he was working for Jacob but was corrupted by power and unwittingly began servicing "Esau" agenda. The same happened to Ben. When the new leader gets corrupted Jacob picks a new favorite and the cycle begins again. As it stands now neither Ben or Widmore were servicing Jacob's agenda since the plane crash...both were pawns of "Esau"...all the strife and division services his ultimate goal. Locke is the current favorite...he too will (or would have) been corrupted. Walt and Aaron will probably one day be the island's champions. Jacob builds them up and Esau knocks them down...Jacob does this in the hope that he will eventually find the one who can't be knocked down...someone who is incorruptible. Neither Widmore or Ben is conscious of the fact that Jacob has a nemesis.
  • Widmore told Locke that if he didn't return to the Island the wrong side would win the upcoming war. Since Locke's return to the island Jacob's enemy was able to infiltrate The Others and murder Jacob.
    • However Locke died and DIDN'T return to the island, so Jacob's Nemesis was the wrong side. Widmore is on (and always has been on) Jacob's side.
  • The reason Widmore and Ben can't kill each other is the same as the reason Jacob's enemy can't kill Jacob. It probably works both ways, but Jacob is not interested in murder.
  • Widmore may work for, or at least be an ally of, Jacob's main enemy Jacob's Nemesis. The evidence that supports this includes the fact that Bram told Miles that their group is in opposition to Widmore. Since Bram's group supports Jacob, then it makes sense that Widmore would support Jacob's enemy. Also Widmore convinces Locke to go back to the island, which allows Jacob's enemy to kill Jacob. Finally, Widmore's ally Matthew Abaddon seems to be heavilly involved with getting Locke on the island, which of course eventually leads to Jacob's demise.
    • Widmore and Illana both believe they are acting in Jacob's interests, they just have different interpretations of it. Illana, having direct contact with Jacob, is most likely doing Jacob's true wishes, whereas Widmore simply believed that Jacob wanted Ben supplanted as leader.
    • Widmore was manipulated by Jacob's enemy after leaving the island, and has been unwittingly helping him to kill Jacob. He believed all along he was helping Jacob.
  • Widmore was also instrumental in the death of Alex, whom the smoke monster used to get him to follow Locke. The Kahana's purpose was to kill Alex, not Ben.
    • Another possibility is that Widmore ordered Alex's and Rousseau's deaths, so that he could finally follow through on Jacob's orders to kill them in 1989.
  • Jacobs enemy told Widmore to make sure a deceased member of 815 and 316 made it to the Island so He could reanimate their body and infiltrate the others So he could kill Ben and Jacob.
  • Widmore is most assuredly working for Jacob's Nemesis. Like The Smoke Monster, he has been very helpful to the Nemesis' "loophole" plan. "Changing the Rules" and having Alex killed factored hugely into the plan, because not only did it drive Ben into moving the island and causing the time- skips, it provided The Nemesis with a tool to manipulate Ben- Alex's image.

Not to mention that Widmore seems to share the Nemesis' philosophies, and his hatred of outsiders. He was banished for being selfish, and refers to the island as "His" which Ben never does. The Nemesis mostly likely promised him the island would be his again once Jacob and Ben are gone.

How Widmore made his fortune

Since we've seen that Widmore's company manufactures medical supplies, the island has curative properties, and Ben has accused Widmore of wanting to exploit the island, it stands to reason that Widmore made his fortune exploiting some of the medical secrets of the island.--Claudioc 01:42, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Maybe Widmore worked with Howard L. Zuckerman and was a good actor. Maybe in his serie Strike Team Alpha, about two people who are fighting about a Island. He was such a good actor, so he could paid his own company.--Station7 18:06, September 18, 2009 (UTC)

  • I think it has been heavily implied that Widmore owns Oceanic. That's why Sun was detained until Widmore arrived. Maybe he bought it after the company's image took a hit after 815 crashed or maybe he's always owned it.

The Island in the "Alternate" Timeline

Charles Widmore bought an island and sunk it. This is a pattern of behavior for him.

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