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Charge Time, usually abbreviated as CT, is how long certain abilities take to be performed. When Charge Time reaches 100, the ability is performed.



Final Fantasy XII

All actions, including attacking, have a Charge Time. This varies from minor actions, like item use, to very long, like the more powerful spells such as Flare. Charge time can be reduced via the Swiftness Augments.


Final Fantasy Tactics

Most spells and abilities have a Charge Time. Certain spells, such as Haste, have the ability to increase a characters Charge Time, while other spells, like Quick, instantly fill up a character's Charge Time.

The support ability Short Charge cuts down CT significantly.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

CT represents where in the Turn Order the unit is.

Haste and Speed↑ will decrease the time between turns, and Slow and Speed↓ will increase it.

Units with higher Speed will have more frequent turns, while units with lower Speed will have less frequent.

Certain Enemy Abilities such as Illua's Time Blade ability and the Lamia's Slap has the special effect "CT 0" which will completely drain the target's CT thus placing it at the bottom of the turn order.

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