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Charge! as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Charge is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. The ability has no recurring effect.




Final Fantasy IX

Steiner has the ability Charge! which causes all player characters in Critical status to attack the enemy simultaneously. It costs 10 MP to use, and can be learned for 30 AP through the Coral Sword and Aegis Gloves.

Some enemies can use an ability called Charge, in which they charge towards the enemy for moderate non-elemental damage. These enemies are Blazer Beetle, Bomb, Dragonfly, Gargoyle, and Shell Dragon.

Final Fantasy XII

Charge is a Technick. The Technick can be bought for 1,700 gil and is Licensed for 30 License Points. Charge enables the user to restore a small amount of MP. However if the Technick misses, the user's MP will be reduced to 0. This Technick has a higher success rate if the user has low amount of MP.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, the Technick is sold in Bhujerba for 1,500 gil. It can be used by the mage Job classes: White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, and Time Mage.

Charge can be combined with the Arcane Magic Syphon to recharge MP rapidly.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Charge is one of Kytes' abilities. When used, his next magic attack will do double the damage.

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