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Guild Wars

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Lump of Charcoal
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  • Always check the price of charcoal at rare material traders before crafting it at an artisan. Sometimes the trader price is lower than the equivalent cost of 10 wood planks plus 200 gold.
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Marvel Database

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Real Name
Charles Burlingame
Current Alias

Charlie, The Burning Man, Charles Cole, Imperial Army Test Subject 73-E









First appearance
Last appearance

Thunderbolts #19
(October, 1998)
Thunderbolts #56
(November, 2001)



Charles "Charlie" Burlingame's father moved around a great deal and had trouble finding work, until he attended a rally of the Imperial Forces of America. The elder Burlingame joined that organization and took his son with him. Arnim Zola, working for the Imperial Forces, discovered that Charlie possessed the genetic potential to develop superhuman powers and facilitated the youngster's transformation into Charcoal, the Burning Man. As part of a group called the Bruiser Brigade, Charcoal fought the Thunderbolts as an enemy, but joined the team soon after.

Powers and Abilities


Charlie Burlingame can transform into a being seemingly composed of charcoal. He has the ability to manipulate heat and reshape himself into any carbon form, including flaming incendiary or rock-hard diamond.


  • Charcoal was created to be a villain, by means of a Wizard magazine contest. However, Wizard Entertainment failed to establish certain legal specifics in the language of their contest rules, leaving the ownership of the character's copyright in question (Normally in such a situation, steps would be taken to ensure that, unless otherwise stated, such a character's copyright would legally belong to the comic's publisher). Furthermore, Wizard Entertainment reportedly failed to provide the contest winner with other prizes promised along with the winning character's appearance in a Marvel comic. Feeling undercompensated, Charcoal's creator attempted to legally claim the copyright for the character from Marvel, which reacted by asking then Thunderbolts writer Fabian Nicieza to kill Charcoal off and remove the character from contention.
  • It is notable that only the superhuman form, powers, and the name "Charcoal" were created by the contest winner--his "normal" form of an African-American teenager, the name "Charlie Burlingame", and all aspects of his personality and origins were created by Thunderbolts writers Kurt Busiek and Nicieza. Nicieza has stated that he has an idea of how to bring back "Charlie Burlingame" without bringing back "Charcoal".
  • Charcoal is a member of the Thunderbolts who was created by a comic book fan for a "Create-A-Villain" contest sponsored by Marvel and Wizard Magazine.
  • Charcoal appears with cameo in X-Men: The Last Stand
  • He was subsequently killed in battle with Graviton; this was because Marvel had not properly secured the rights to the character.


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Charcoal is an item that is used in some quests. Charcoal can be obtained from:

Charcoal can be ground to ground charcoal with pestle and mortar.

Although this item is tradeable non-member item, it has hardly any uses for free-to-play players. Before the Trade limit update, some players tried to scam and sell this item in free-to-play worlds for a large sum of money. Because it was an unknown kind of item, other players thought it was a rare, and bought it for millions of coins. There is a rumour that it is possible to obtain charcoal by using coal on a range -- this is incorrect. It is uncommon today to see people spreading this rumour.


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