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Not to be confused with the Tunnel of Chaos, the non-Wilderness entrance to the Chaos altar.

Chaos Tunnels
Kingdom Wilderness
Members Area Yes
Main Music The Route of All Evil
The Route of the Problem
The Wrong Path
Alternative Root
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Black demon (Bork in its own chamber)
Quests Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok miniquest
Inhabitants/Race Various

The Chaos Tunnels are a large dungeon network located in low-level Wilderness, north of Edgeville. It is in a members-only region of the world. It does not require any quests to access the Chaos Tunnels.

Players can enter the tunnels by climbing down any one of five different rifts. They contain many monsters players may fight in a multi-combat area. The Chaos Tunnels are very dangerous and players should be well-prepared before venturing into the dungeon. It's said to be a great place for training Summoning, since it is all multi-combat and the monsters drop fair amounts of the Charms that are necessary for training the skill. The tunnels can also be a great area for training Slayer, as there are many types of monsters there and the tunnels are easy to reach.

The Chaos Tunnels consist of many different tunnels, or caves (as Jagex calls them [1]), each containing at least one type of monster. You can go to the various chambers by using portals that are in each room. Usually a portal goes to the next chamber. However, the portals are "stained with dark magic" by Surok Magis and do not always work correctly. Occasionally, some portals simply stop working or may teleport to a different cave than normal, so watch out! After the first time you kill Bork, the portals will fix themselves, with a message stating Surok's power over this portal has been removed, allowing it to function properly.

The tunnels are also the main location in Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok, a miniquest. After the miniquest, players may use a portal in the north-west to return to Bork's chamber. Bork can be fought once a day, for a repeatable reward.

Dwarf multicannons are not allowed inside the tunnels.



Chaos Tunnel entrances

There are five rifts that allow players to enter the Chaos Tunnels. All entrances are located below level 20 wilderness, so players unfortunate enough to encounter Revenants can teleport away unless they are teleblocked. If you don't like being teleblocked, you may counter it by using a Forinthry brace.

The Chaos Tunnels themselves are not in the wilderness. Revenants cannot climb down the rifts and do not appear in the caves.

Entrance rifts in low-level wilderness:

Entrance rifts in mid-level wilderness:

There are several convenient ways to get to the entrances.

  • From the area of Edgeville, the Grand Exchange, and northern Varrock. All entrances are in running distance; entrances 1-3 are the closest. An Amulet of glory can teleport to Edgeville, while the Varrock Teleport can teleport to either the centre of Varrock (the standard destination) or to the Grand Exchange (for players who've completed all easy tasks for the Varrock Diary and have chosen to change the teleport's destination).
  • From the Monastery. All entrances are in running distance; entrance 1 is quite close. A Combat bracelet can teleport to the Monastery.
  • From the Wilderness Volcano. All entrances are in running distance; entrances 4 and 5 are the closest. A Games necklace can teleport to the Wilderness Volcano.
  • From the Wilderness Obelisk in level 13 wilderness next to the Mystic's Camp (which is the entrance to the Stealing Creation minigame). All entrances are in running distance; entrance 5 is extremely close. Any of the other wilderness obelisks can teleport to this obelisk. However, the destination obelisk is chosen at random so players may have to try several times before getting to this obelisk.

Suggested Gear & Equipment

Players who are exploring the tunnels are recommended to bring the following in case they meet particular monsters:

  • The best Dragonhide they can wear to protect against magic attacks by Zamorak Mages and Infernal Mages. This could prove useful as many spells can hit the players because of the multicombat nature of the tunnels.
  • Prayer potions in case prayer is drained by Shadow Spiders.
  • Antipoison in case players get poisoned by Poison Spiders.
  • An Anti-dragon or Dragonfire shield to protect against the dragonfire breathe of Green and Bronze dragons. Note that bronze dragons can use their breath from a distance, so be careful!
  • A Face mask, Masked earmuffs, or Slayer helmet is always required to slay Dust devils, because they drain all stats RAPIDLY. However, dust devils are not aggressive so these items are not required if only passing through their chamber.
  • The best escape route and teleport method is the Varrock Teleport tablet, which is highly recommended since Varrock is nearby. The tablet is a one-click teleport for fast escapes from undesirable situations and takes up only one inventory space. Players can then bank in Varrock and quickly return to the tunnels from there.
  • Another method of escaping is using the Amulet of glory's Edgeville teleport
  • Other teleports can also prove useful. For example a Teleport to House tablet is especially handy if the player has an Altar (to recharge prayer) and a mounted Amulet of glory (to teleport to Edgeville) in their house.


There are many monsters in this dungeon, and, due to its chaotic nature, these creatures vary greatly in nature. There are many slayer monsters here that are found in few places elsewhere, often in remote areas.

Many but not all of the monsters are aggressive. Some are always aggressive. Others are aggressive unless your combat level is over twice their level (e.g., level 52s are not aggressive to level 105+ players). Some are not aggressive at all, such as jellies. Many Slayer monsters that require a player to have a slayer level greater than 1 seem not to be aggressive against players who lack the required level.

Monsters inhabiting the tunnels include:

The locations of all monsters in the Chaos Tunnels.

Permanently broken portals

Some portals are reported to be permanently broken, but they have not been tested enough over time to be sure they always are broken.

  • In the north of the map, the portal from the ice giant's cave to the cave of the Zamorak mages, rangers, and warriors has been tested over several days and does not function properly. It typically does not work at all and sometimes mis-teleports. It has never in any test teleported correctly. Note that the portal from the Zamoraks' cave to the ice giants does function correctly, so the pair seems to be a one-way route.
  • The portal from the Gargoyles to the Skeletons (north) mis-teleports some times, and it may send you to the Mummies area (south-west). But it may some times work, just fine.


  • Monsters inside the Chaos Tunnels drop Charms more often than the same monsters located elsewhere. Because of this, players often prefer fighting the creatures in the tunnels instead of choosing other places.
  • Some monsters in the tunnels require players to have medium or high Slayer levels. Watch out for these if you have a low slayer level! While most or all won't be aggressive, if you attack one, it will fight you. Your hits will not hurt it, but it can damage you.
  • In crowded areas, it is recommended to right click a portal and choose to use it. Trying to (left) click on the portal may result in you attacking a monster there instead.
  • The tunnels are a good place for groups of players or clans to treasure hunt or train, since the caves are multicombat. There's only two bronze dragons in a cave in the northeast, so several players working together can dominate them. The occasionally erratic nature of the portals, however, can cause problems for a group of players trying to move from cave to cave. It seems best that all players in the group try to use the portal at about the same time. It also helps if the players have a plan on what to do if they get separated.
  • If you are soloing in the tunnels against tough monsters, look for spots that reduce the number of monster that can attack you all at once.
  • The tunnels are the only place where Green dragons can be hunted without having to worry about Revenants (except on PvP worlds, where some player killers seek dragon hunters). Entrances 3 and 5 are close to caves with these dragons.
  • Entrance 1 opens to the cave with Gargoyles, which can drop Granite mauls. Entrance 1 also seems to be the best way to get to Bronze dragons and Bork.
  • Using the spa at Oo'glog can be very helpful before visiting the tunnels, as the spa lets you charge up your prayer and hit points over normal levels and get unlimited run energy for 10–20 minutes.
  • If slaying dangerous monsters in the Chaos Tunnels, it is recommended to purchase an upgraded gravestone, preferably the 5 or 6 minute graves from Blasidar in Keldagrim. On your way back to retrieve your items, you may be teleported though the incorrect portal, which can cause major delays.


  • The Chaos Tunnels were mentioned long before their release in the What Lies Below quest. During the quest one of the Dagon'hai mentions that they have many more followers in other tunnels hidden beneath the Wilderness. This would suggest that the Zamorakian humans found in the tunnels are all members of the Dagon'hai organisation.
  • Originally, the warning sign info was the same as Tolna's Rift from A Soul's Bane.
  • The Zamorak warriors inside the tunnels have armour that is simply different pieces of armour recoloured to red. If you look closely you can see red rune plate and Guthan's helmet. Some warriors also wield Dragon longswords and Dragon square shields.
  • Sometimes a robed figure known as Dark Squall will appear in the tunnels, randomly teleporting through the portals and shouting. During the While Guthix Sleeps quest, Dark Squall's true identity is revealed.
  • The mummies in the Chaos Tunnels were originally mentioned as being level 138 in the Knowledge Base. This has since been corrected, and the Knowledge Base properly states that the mummies are level 103.
  • The caves with deadly red spiders (near Entrance #4) has several Red spiders' eggs spawns. This is the only cave in the tunnels that spawns items.
  • The boss Bork must be defeated at least once before you can attempt the While Guthix Sleeps quest.
  • Random events seem to be much more common in the chaos tunnels when staying in one part of the tunnel (example:bronze dragon areas) These can be both helpful and hurtful, so be prepared.


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