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This article is about the temple near the Goblin Village. For other uses, see Chaos Temple.
The statue of Zamorak found at the temple.
Location on World map
Heroes' Guild Chaos Temple Goblin Village
Druids' Circle

The Chaos Temple is a temple of Zamorak located below the Wilderness, north of Falador, west of Goblin Village. It contains a prayer altar, six level 17 and two level 22 Monks of Zamorak, and one Wine of Zamorak on a table.

The carpets of the temple have black Saradomin stars on them, which is ironic considering the temple is devoted to Zamorak. This could mean that it used to be a Saradominist temple that was over run by Zamorakians.


Stealing Wine of Zamorak

Main article: Wine of Zamorak

Stealing wine does not give thieving experience. The wine is used to make Ranging potion.

To get the Wine of Zamorak, players may...

  • Kill all the monks in the temple
  • Steal it when monks are out of range (likely to fail resulting in the player taking damage)
  • Steal it with Zamorak monk robes equipped.
  • Use Telekinetic Grab on it.

Stealing the wine manually causes up to 4 damage and stat drain of around 3 points to all combat stats. Also, if players attempt to steal the wine when the monks are not out of range, players will still take the drain and all the monks will attack, and say you are a thief.


  • Before the gravestone update, some advanced players would lure some new players into the temple, and tell them to grab the wine. They would keep the door shut then wait for the monks to kill the new player and take their items.
  • Some clan leaders get some of their followers to meet them at the Chaos Temple, then the clan leader gets the followers to kill the Monks of Zamorak, when the clan leader's followers have killed all the monks the leader steals the Wine of Zamorak.
  • The temple is seen in a cutscene during The Temple at Senntisten quest, where Zaros tests his power over Gielinor. He causes an earthquake that destroys a statue of Zamorak. The Monks are infuriated, and blame followers of Saradomin for it.


There is a glitch in the temple, where part of the rooftop appears to be floating.

There was a glitch where players in Bounty worlds could run around the edge (where the statue is) and be instantly teleported to edgeville bank this was fixed when the statue was added to spot the glitch.


Music tracks unlocked:

  • Splendour

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