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The Chaos Shrine
The Chaos Shrine of the past

The Chaos Shrine, also known as the Temple of Fiends in the NES and Temple of Chaos in the PlayStation port, is a location in the original Final Fantasy, and is in ruins at the time the game takes place. It is located at the center of the archipelago in which Final Fantasy takes place. The shrine also features a Dark Crystal in Garland's chamber.



The Warriors of Light head towards the Chaos Shrine so as to find Garland, who holds Princess Sarah hostage.

After all four elemental crystals are lit, the Warriors of Light learn they must travel to the past at the Chaos Shrine. The crystals empower the Dark Crystal within the shrine and open a time warp, with which the warriors travel 2000 years back to a point in time when the temple is intact. After traversing it and defeating the Four Fiends for a second time, they locate Garland and defeat the Dark Lord Chaos, ending the time loop.



Present time

Item Location
Potion Northwest Corner
Cottage Northwest Corner
Leather Cap Southwest Corner
Rune Blade Southeast Corner (Requires Mystic Key)
Werebane Northeast Corner (Requires Mystic Key)
Gold Needle Northeast Corner (Requires Mystic Key)

2000 years past

Item Location
Dry Ether Third Floor
Elixir Third Floor
Protect Ring B2
Sasuke's Blade B2
Protect Cloak B2
Megalixir B2
Protect Ring B2
Masamune B4

Enemy Formations

Outside the Chaos Shrine

The Chaos Shrine on the world map

Present time

Battle background of the Chaos Shrine

2000 years past

Battle background of the Chaos Shrine of the Past
Battle background of the Final Battle


"Underwater Temple"
Image:FF - Underwater Temple.ogg
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"Chaos' Shrine" is the background music of this area, while "Underwater Temple" is the background music of the Chaos Shrine of the Past. These tracks have been named incorrectly in the Original Soundtrack, as "Chaos' Shrine" also plays at the Sunken Shrine.

Other Appearances

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Shrine of Chaos

The Shrine of Chaos was mentioned as one of the wonders in Final Fantasy Tactics. It bears the following description:

When the world was young, the primal deities sealed Jaed the Netherlord deep beneath the earth. Its decrepit chambers tainted by a foul and unholy air, the Shrine of Chaos is said to mark the site of his prison.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Old Chaos Shrine
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

The Old Chaos Shrine is the representative arena of Final Fantasy in Dissidia. It is here that Tidus begins his storyline,Terra loses control of her power and attacks Onion Knight, and Bartz spies on several villains. Squall and Zidane confront Ultimecia and Kuja here as well, and the Warrior of Light fights Garland at the end of his storyline. At the end of "Shade Impulse," the heroes gather here to access Chaos' realm. An interesting note is that until the Warrior of Light faces Garland, all storyline sequences that take place at the Chaos Shrine happen on the roof or in the side passages, and not actually inside the shrine itself.

The Chaos Shrine is a straightforward arena with a large central room lined with pillars. Portraits of the Four Fiends can be seen in the corners of the room. In addition to fighting in the shrine itself, players can also fight on the roof, and a portal to Chaos' realm can be seen in the sky. The roof of the shrine is also destructible, eliminating the distinction between the two areas of the temple. The shrine's alternate form causes players to continually lose Brave over time. The amount of brave drained is then added to the brave pool.



  • The Chaos Shrine is one of the few locations in the game to be renamed in the English as well as the Japanese versions. It was originally known as "Kaosu no Shinden" (Temple of Chaos, or Chaos's Temple), whereas the remakes simplify the name to "Kaosushinden" (the Chaos Temple).

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