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The Chaos Elemental is the game's 15th most powerful monster (14th highest level attackable monster), with a combat level of 305 and 250 hitpoints. It was released on 20 February 2006. It bears resemblance to a dark cloud with six tentacles and has a lavender tint. It dwells in the members-only section of the Wilderness, just west of the Rogue's Castle. It was the strongest monster in the Wilderness, overtaking the King Black Dragon, which held the title for 4 years. The Chaos Elemental held the title for another 2 years and 7 months before the introduction of the Corporeal Beast.



The different attack types.

The Chaos Elemental's primary attack, thought to be magic-based, is a series of different colours fired at the target. They hit a maximum of 28 through prayer, but it is still suggested that you use Protection from Magic to reduce the chance of being hit. It also has two special attacks. The first teleports players a short space or several spaces away from itself. The second unequips items that players are wielding, forcing them to take time to re-equip their armour and weapons before continuing the battle. However if a player was to bring Curry to the Chaos Elemental, it will not be able to unequip the players items, because when you eat Curry the Bowl will remain in the players inventory, giving the Chaos Elemental no room to remove your items. This does however give the Chaos Elemental a chance to use a teleportation or offensive attack in turn, so you could leave just a single empty spot in your inventory for the Chaos Elemental to unequip one of your items instead of every single one and so the Chaos Elemental does not focus on offensive spells.

The Chaos Elemental was introduced along with the Dragon two-handed sword, which it also drops.





Ranged Equipment





The Chaos Elemental is almost always hunted in groups, and it is coveted for the dragon two handed sword it drops, which sells at around 1,800,000 coins. However, it is possible for a player to kill the Chaos Elemental by him or herself if that player has a reasonably high combat level.


A useful tactic which can be used against the Chaos Elemental is to fill up your inventory with bowls of curry or stew. The curry and stew are not only useful as food, but they leave an empty bowl in your inventory when consumed, preventing the Chaos Elemental from unequipping your items (as long as your inventory is full). This tactic also works with potions, which leave empty vials when all the doses are taken. Another tip is to put auto retaliate on and always keep a menu up with the option to attack the chaos elemental, so when you get teleported, you can just click to attack the Chaos Elemental and quickly rejoin the fight. Or a cheap version of this is using sack of vegetables.

A common belief is that the Chaos Elemental will make the player drop their weapon if their inventory is full, but this is not true.

Unlike some other boss monsters, surrounding the monster only has a moderate use because it can teleport players around. However, it still has to take time to turn and attack or teleport each individual player. When 2 players stand beside each other facing it, it fires 2 magic attacks at the same time. Therefore, surrounding the monster can be useful.

Anti-poison should be brought even though the chaos elemental does not poison. Revenants may appear and they do poison. Revenants do not appear on PvP worlds, which can be good or bad, since players can attack and betray each other.

A Crystal bow is preferred when ranging. Not only does it prevent you from losing arrows upon death, but it allows you to attack from a great distance. It's especially useful after being teleported because it can shoot from long range, even on rapid fire. This nullifies the Chaos Elemental's melee attack and makes dragonhide armour the best choice, since dragonhide is useful against Revenants as well.

Another tip is that if you are meleeing or maging, having one or more arrows in your equipment menu can be useful; unequip them to take up a space in your inventory to counter the Chaos Elemental's unequipping attack.

A very good idea is to get several sacks of Cabbages, Potatoes, Onions, baskets of Strawberries or Tomatoes, and empty them to keep your inventory full as well as providing you with a small amount of food.

A other idea that is useful to counter the elementals unequipping attack, is to bring the best Runecrafting Pouch you can use and make sure the pouch is full,right click and select empty pouch whenever you lose a slot.

Recommended items for the fight

With this set the player will keep the Abyssal whip, Dragon dagger, and the Dragonhide body, and eventually dragonhide chaps if the Protect item is activated, losing dragonhide chaps and vambraces, potions and food on death.

Going in a team is advisable (although it can be easily soloed), especially since the Chaos Elemental can teleport or disarm a single opponent multiple times if it only has one target, distracting the player from the fight. It can be soloed by poisoning it and waiting inside the castle wall while running out to refresh the poison every few minutes, although this takes around fifteen minutes and works best on PvP worlds where Revenant clans will not hassle the player. A powerful summoning familiar having a ranged or magic attack is helpful.

The Chaos Elemental being ice barraged



  • Moderately easy to access from the deep wilderness teleport lever in Ardougne.
  • Chance of getting valuable drops.


  • The ability for the Chaos Elemental to unequip all that you are wearing, and its ability to hit hard through prayer is somewhat intimidating.
  • Since it's in the high level wilderness, players can be attacked by very dangerous revenants, which could easily kill a player weakened by the Chaos Elemental. It is also very common for "revenant packs" (i.e. A group of 2 or more revenants roaming together) to appear in this area and attack any nearby players, and the fact that the area is multicombat allows multiple revenants to gang up on a player.
  • It takes 4 minutes and 30 seconds to respawn.


Main article: Letters to the Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental's letters in Postbag from the hedge hint at forthcoming updates, in a rather cryptic manner.


  • It is the only major "boss" monster that does not exist in its own secluded area (Dagannoth Kings live in their cave, Kalphite Queen lives in her lair, etc.).
  • The examine information of the Chaos Elemental, pUre A cHaOs of cReatuRe!, reflects its chaotic nature. A grammatically correct examine would be: A creature of pure chaos. The chaotic nature of the examine text is also symbolized by the random variation between upper- and lower-case letters
  • In Postbag from the Hedge #39, Reldo states that the Chaos Elemental is related to the Balance Elemental by some means.
  • As with all bosses a Ring of life can be used,but being so far in the wilderness it cannot take effect.
  • When a player kills a Chaos Elemental, their Adventurer's log will say "I cHaOs EleMeNTal tHe kIlLed." A grammatically correct message would be "I killed the Chaos Elemental."

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