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Chaos druids are druids that have dedicated their life to the worship of both Guthix and Zamorak, unlike most druids that dedicate themselves to the worship of Guthix only. A confusing oddity, however, is that Chaos Druids in the Yanille Agility dungeon appear to be around a symbol of Zaros. They are commonly used as a training monster due to their high drop rate of grimy herbs. They use a magical attack which has the same animation as Snare, however the player can still move after being hit with the spell and has the attack draining effects of Confuse but it will only drain your attack by 3.

Players may bring a Macaw to help improve their herb drops.

Recently, a Chaos Druid has been attempting to rid Gielinor of the order of the White Knights and all their supporters with the aid of a dragon, attacking Sir Vant first and intending to destroy Lumbridge after eliminating him. Luckily, however, he has not succeeded.




100% drops



Note that the chaos druid might drop a combination of herbs, such as ranarr and cadantine, and it may drop 2 of the same herb.




Herb Running

Herb running is a quick source of income for low to high levels, that allows the player to train as they make money. You simply walk to the location of the druids, kill them, take the herbs that they drop, (usually Ranarrs are the primary target) bank, and return. If used wisely, this tactic can make over 150k-200k a trip. If you are keeping all the higher herbs, herb gloves from Fist of Guthix minigame (especially the higher levelled ones, such as Kwuarm gloves) can greatly increase your profits.

Tips to Remember

  • Bring a fast weapon such as a scimitar, whip, and dragon dagger (p++) as there will most likely be multiple players at your location. Ranging is also recommended to ensure that you will attack a chaos druid first over other players. Ice bursting them is one of the few if only way to train Magic and earn a profit.
  • Bring a teleport tab or home teleport to leave quickly for faster banking, or as a quick escape from a revenant attack, although this is unlikely.
  • Wield the mithril bolts that you get to save space.
  • Keep all law runes. These help for a quick escape if you run out of them.
  • Always keep a familiar on hand.
  • Clean the grimy herbs if you want to get some Herblore exp.
  • Mixing some herbs, like Irit, into the vials of water dropped can also increase profits.
  • Bring a Ring of Wealth, it will give you better drops most of the time. Keep in mind, they only drop the listed items above.



  • In the God Letters, Guthix said that Chaos druids believe that by helping Zamorak, they will achieve balance.

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