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"Hope does not exist."
—Second battle opening
"You cannot surpass me."
—Third battle opening

Encounters: Character Specific

"Light will never purge darkness."
—To Warrior of Light
"Let us close the infinite cycle."
—To Garland
"Your nightmares shall be dark."
—To Firion
"Recognize how insignificant you are."
—To The Emperor
"You are too young to know the abyss."
—To Onion Knight
"Nothingness is but a part of chaos."
—To Cloud of Darkness
"Your bonds will be swallowed in chaos."
—To Cecil
"Your sins will haunt you forever."
—To Golbez
"The mortal desire for power knows no limits."
—To Bartz
"I control the Void you so desire."
—To Exdeath
"Destruction is what you truly long for."
—To Terra
"Sleep in emptiness, crooked clown."
—To Kefka
"I can see the weakness in your heart."
—To Cloud
"Unleash the hatred that seethes within you."
—To Sephiroth
"No lion can crawl out of the abyss."
—To Squall
"Time does not exist in chaos."
—To Ultimecia
"Your arrogance will be your undoing."
—To Zidane
"Only I can end the dissonance."
—To Kuja
"I will put an end to your endless dream."
—To Tidus
"I find comfort in your bestial instincts."
—To Jecht
"Your haughty pride is shameful."
—To Shantotto
"A pathetic dog chained to the past."
—To Gabranth


—Using his ground combo attack
—Using his midair combo attack
"Ready for this?"
—Using his flame attack
—Before smacking into the ground
—When using the plume of fire
"Take this!"
—Using his spinning attack
"Breathe your last!"
—Using his uppercut attack
"You are weak. Cease to exist!"
—Using Divine Punishment
"Know despair! Hollow beings!"
—Using Soul of Oblivion
"Watch in awe! Pathetic Pawn! Drown in your dreams!"
—Using Demonsdance
"Face the ultimate! On your knees! This is the end!"
—Using Scarlet Rain
"Shiver at the power of a God!"
—Beginning Utter Chaos
"You resist in vain."
—Ending Brink of Delusion

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