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Artwork by Testuya Nomura
"At the end of the dream...even chaos tears itself apart!"

Chaos is the main antagonist of Dissidia Final Fantasy. He is the god of destruction that opposes Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, both being equal in power. However, Chaos summons villains from other worlds to seize control of the Crystals, tipping the balance of power in his favor and setting the stage for the events of the game.

Chaos is voiced by Norio Wakamoto in the Japanese release, and Keith David in the English release.



Chaos' appearance is based on his original artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. He appears as a four-arm fiend in dark and red hues, with wings sprouting from his back and a demonic face with large horns. He also has an alternate form that can be changed to in battle, which is a palette swap based on the in-game sprite from the original Final Fantasy. In the opening FMV, he takes the form of a creature made of magma, emerging from the earth, in contrast to the cloudy form of Cosmos in the same cutscene.


Chaos fights the "Warriors of Light"

Shade Impulse

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After the ten Warriors of Cosmos retrieve the crystals, they return to Order's Sanctuary as she takes them the Brink of Madness where Chaos himself appears and incinerates the goddess before the eyes of the heroes. But given tentative time by Cosmos' gambit, the warriors have final chance to strike back at Chaos and end the war for good.

As the heroes journey to Chaos and strike down the other villains who are now acting their own agendas, it is revealed that Chaos, like the other characters, has no memories of the previous cycles of the war. However, he admits to Garland that he had a dream of a world where he suppressed disorder, and ruled this happy world alongside Cosmos, though he cannot understand what this dream means. Garland then reveals to Chaos that he was the one who guided him to begin the war in order to perfect Chaos' power, and that Chaos will send Garland into the past to become Chaos himself. Garland also claims he did this to serve the purposes of the "Great Will", though he does not say why.

After Garland is sent back into time to remain the cycle from his position, Chaos begins to be overwhelmed as he regains the lost memories of the world's inhabitants, giving him true understanding of the cycle of war. Contacted by an unknown entity, Chaos is given the power of Shinryu to end the cycle in his victory, and purge all existence.

Shortly after this, the Warriors of Cosmos arrive at Chaos' throne, having dispatched the villains. In a final battle, Chaos is defeated, and the warriors return to their own worlds as the god is consumed in fire.


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Chaos' Brink of Delusion

In battle, Chaos is described as The Master of Bedlam, and fights with long, powerful fire and earth-themed combos that do massive damage. Due to his sheer size, and the small size of the "Edge of Madness" area, even his melee strikes have considerable range. However, his attacks can still be dodged, and several leave him vulnerable to counter-attack. Chaos has access to the unique summon Shinryu, which can activate one of several random effects and can be summoned multiple times in one battle. He has no EX Mode, but can pick up EX Cores and EX Force. Chaos can also dash, dodge and block like all other characters.


Main article: Chaos (Dissidia Boss)

Chaos is fought as boss twice, as the final boss of both Shade Impulse and Inward Chaos, as well as for a third time in the Time Attack sub-mode in Arcade Mode. In any battle, Chaos must be defeated three times in succession for the player to win; if the player's character loses all HP in any round, he or she must start over from the beginning. During the third phase of the battle, Chaos' attacks augment in power and grow stronger.

Brave Attacks

Type Description
Ground Chaos charges forward slashing twice, whipping his tail around, then slicing once more. In the third phase, walls of fire flare up on the sides of Chaos as he performs this. In any phase, the attack can be blocked to make Chaos stagger.
Ground Chaos backflips in place, sending a plume of fire along the ground. In the third phase, Chaos forms three consecutive plumes of fire. In any phase, often used several times in succession. Causes staggering if a guard against it is attempted; if staggering occurs during third phase, the other two plumes sent out will connect.
Chaos teleports underground, leaps up to attack the player, then teleports and repeats twice more. Only performed from the second phase onward. Fairly easy to avoid, as portals appear on the ground and allow the player to anticipate Chaos' attack.
Aerial Chaos does a diving kick and slams into the ground, unleashing a fissure on impact. Causes staggering if blocked. Chaos cries "Vanish!" before attacking, giving the player a warning.
Aerial Chaos spins around, unleashing waves of energy and flinging the player into the wall. Has good tracking, and in the third phase, Chaos teleports in front of the player before attacking. Can be defended by consecutive blocking.
Aerial Chaos slashes three times in the air. In the third phase, Chaos creates eruptions of flames on the ground that can send the opponent up to the slashing attacks. Can be blocked to make Chaos stagger.
Aerial Chaos spits several fireballs that fly forward in random directions. Can be blocked to deflect them back at Chaos.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Condemn Ground Chaos summons a large pillar of flame around him. Very quick and causes suction on startup; must be dodged out of unless the player uses a move that can negate the attack. Only HP attacks will disrupt the move, but only the HP part of the attack - if an attack is used that inflicts Brave damage leading up to HP damage, it will not work.
Divine Punishment Aerial Chaos summons multiple plumes of fire around the player, then teleports above them and hurtles a flaming sword at them, slamming them to the ground. The initial fire plumes only hit if the player moves while the attack is being used; the final strike can be dodged. Dodging toward Chaos puts the player in the air and gives a clear window of attack against Chaos.
Soul of Oblivion Aerial Chaos charges a massive fireball, then fires a stream of flame at the player. Can be disrupted by attacking Chaos before the attack finishes charging. Or, if Chaos rises high enough into the arena, the plume of fire will not have enough range to reach the player if they are on the ground.
Demonsdance Aerial Used in phase two and three. Chaos teleports around the arena erratically, slashing rapidly when he appears then teleporting to attack again. Can cause consecutive HP damage if individual hits connect. Can be dodged, but not guarded.
Scarlet Rain Ground Only used in phase three. Chaos stands in the middle of the arena and summons a wave of magma on the ground, then flings several guardable fireballs at the player. After a pause, he then throws a larger fireball that cannot be guarded. Chaos is invincible while performing the attack.


Move Type Description
Utter Chaos Ground Only used on the third phase. Chaos grows to massive size and leaps into the magma around the arena. He takes hold of a massive sword, then swings it down onto the arena. Chaos then attacks three more times using any of the following moves:
Stabs the sword into the ground, sending a plume of flame at the player.
Swings the sword across the arena, leaving explosions.
Thrusts the sword across the arena, sending walls of fire along the ground.
Brink of Delusion Ground The final blow of "Utter Chaos". Chaos summons three more swords, then flings all four into the sides of the arena. Fields of energy appear on the ground and explode, dealing HP damage if the player is standing on them when they do. Chaos then teleports back to the arena to continue the battle normally.


Chaos has his own theme, with vocals, included in the game, titled Chaos. The band "Your Favorite Enemies" performs this song for the game.



  • Chaos' eventual madness in Shade Impulse is a reference to the Ivalice summon Chaos. His ultimate attack "Brink of Delusion", involves four swords that stab the arena in a manner similar to the Chaos of Ivalice.
  • The final blow of "Utter Chaos" is called "Brink of Delusion", a synonym for Final Fantasy. The white circles of energy that appear during the attack resemble the portal of energy that consumes Chaos upon his defeat in Final Fantasy.
  • When the Warriors of Cosmos confront Chaos on his throne, he is sitting in the same pose as Yoshitaka Amano's original artwork of Chaos in Final Fantasy.
  • In several instances during the story, Chaos's eyes flash in the same way his eyes flash while using Blaze, Tsunami, Tornado or Earthquake in the later remakes of Final Fantasy. The attack he used to kill Cosmos , as well as the lava-like background from the Edge of Madness stage, is very similar to his Blaze attack from the Dawn of Souls release.
  • Chaos' amnesia of the past cycles of the war is a reference to Garland's words from Final Fantasy before he transforms into Chaos, where he states he will forget his memories after 2000 years.


  • Although Chaos' official artwork depicts him facing to the right, as the artwork of the other villains do, his logo artwork and in-game character icon face to the left, as the artwork of the heroes do.
  • Chaos is the only character to be fought three times in succession.
    • Because of this, Chaos is the only character against which the player can Battlegen two or three of the same Accessory in a single battle.
    • As well, if the player is equipped with any items that give an initial boost to their EX Force, that bonus will be applied at the start of each battle. For example, if the player equips the Zwill Crossblade (initial EX Force +30%), at the start of each battle they will retain their EX Force from the previous battle, plus 30%.
  • When fighting Chaos, the player is not allowed to save replays of the fight.
  • Though he is not a playable character, Chaos can be played using hacks. There are a few problems with this though - Chaos has no victory pose, no EX Mode, while using him the opponent's HP bar will not appear, and when using his "Utter Chaos" attack in an arena other than Edge of Madness the camera angles will swing through and inside the arena floor and walls.
    • If made playable via hacks, the game keeps track of Chaos' records in the Museum, such as the total damage he has inflicted, like any other character.
  • After completing Shade Impulse, the player can purchase Chaos in the PP Catalog to fight him in Quick Battle mode and Arcade mode. However, like the Shade Impulse and Inward Chaos battles, Chaos can only be fought at Edge of Madness and the save replay function is not available.
  • A glitch can occur when fighting the Quick Battle version of Chaos. After beating the first form, the camera will zoom out and the game will act like he is landing on the ground. When the camera zooms back towards Chaos and the player, Chaos will be standing like a statue until the match actually starts and if it occurs,it will happen in the next phase. This does not, however, affect gameplay.

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